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A week ago I got 2 liters of sorbet from Booza Booza to try out. Booza Booza belongs to the same group of young Kuwaitis that own Choowy Goowy cookies as I mentioned before. I managed to get more details on their sorbet’s from one of the owners yesterday and this is what I got.

Kuwaiti style sorbet is a 100% Natural, Fat free, Cholesterol free and lactose free products made from natural fresh or frozen fruits. We are able to customize any fruits or mixes that you require for any special occasion you have. Feel free to contact us for any order of our special Kuwaiti style sorbet. For customized orders, we offer, Deluxe, Premium, and Super Premium Sorbet.

Sorbet Flavors:
Mango Alfonso: Tasty Cool Mango Alfonso Sorbet
Spanish Strawberries: Made from Wild Spanish Strawberries.
Kuwait Islands: A Summer mix of pineapple Banana
Tropical Paradise: A tropical mix of Mango, Strawberry, Banana and pine apple
Lemon mint: The ultimate summer refresher of fresh zesty lemons and fresh ground mint leaves.

I tried the sorbet and as I told Nat, its as if I am having a fruit salad. The sorbet is very flavored with my favorite being Mango. The Lemon is also since its tastes like lemonade. When I had it with the other the other flavors though the Lemon was too over powering so it might be best to have it alone. You can order the sorbet the same way you order the cookies and using the same number and they will deliver it to you. The price of 1 liter of sorbet costs KD4. If you would like to order some maybe with a jar of cookies you can call them on 2626559.

Damn now I feel like ordering some cookies!

Update: I just got emailed information their regular icecream. Here it is:

Booza Booza is our frozen dessert factory, which provides Kuwaiti style icecream and sorbet products that are made from natural and high quality raw material. All final products are 100% Kuwaiti hand made from scratch by our precise, professional and specialized people. Our aim is not only providing you with satisfaction but consistency is the parallel path we keep in close proximity to keep our products in the highest quality.

Icecream Flavors:
Milk Icecream: Creamy Milk Icecream spiced up with traditional Arabic spices.
Chocolate Icecream: High quality European Chocolate mixed with milk for the creamy chocolaty taste.
Mango Icecream: Spoil yourself with the creamy natural Mango aromatic taste.
Strawberry Icecream: Creamy Smooth Strawberries.
Green Pistachio: Old fashion made green icecream mix with Persian pistachios and Arabic spices.
White Pistachio: Old fashion made creamy icecream with Persian pistachios and Arabic spices.
Lemon Sherbet: Zesty Lemon Frozen dessert with a touch of milk.

1 liter of regular icecream is KD3. You can also order it by calling 2626559 or if thats busy or no one is answer you can call them on 9112221

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Dammit Mark,

If they are as good as the cookies I can imagine how tasty the ice cream is…..I’m sold.

Thanks alot

my cousin says the booza is really nice to the point that he no longer fits into his 32″W fouvrite jeans, lol he gained 4kilos from the cookies and ice cream.

this is what he gains during exams, he looses it fast within 2 weeks after examination.

I don’t know where to start ! but I called the operator as soon as i saw it , but i was shocked to hear from the sleeping indian-guy on the operator i don’t know if he was chowing something while speaking that i had to call it five times just to catch the mobile to order from i hope it’s worth !

There is a huge difference between Ice-cream and sorbet. It would not be fair to compare apples and oranges. Therefore, the comparison of sorbet to any ice-cream product is invalid. Each has its own taste and ingredients. Sorbet has no milk in its ingredients and when it comes in higher qualities it would be Fat Free, Made from Fresh Fruits and obviously cholesterol free.

Sorbet was found so many years before ice-cream and started to be in use by the most elite societies world wide. French high elite cuisines uses sorbet as an after or between meals palate cleaner. For those who do not know the history of elite societies and related Sorbet history please check

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