Bruha Eve – Portrait Of An Artist

Post by Mark

A short documentary by TJC Films on Bruha Eve, a talented artist from the Philippines living in Kuwait. I found it a bit slow but I’m not into art myself so I’ll let you be the judge. [YouTube]

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  1. Burhan says:

    She Definitely has got a ton of talent in painting i mean i cant even draw a Horse properly.

  2. Hottie says:

    Shes a bomb waiting to explode! great feature 248am.Obviously shes amazing in what she does.Thanks for sharing :)

  3. TJC Films says:

    Thanks for the feature! It’s also a good cause as half of everything she makes goes to a charity that builds day cares and women’s livelihood centers in the Phillippines. Plus I’m pretty proud of this one. Thanks again!!!

  4. ariston LED says:

    a very talented lady… and btw, I like the way how she fingered the canvas… :)

  5. Longhorn in Kuwait says:

    And what is the definition of bruha in tagalog?

  6. ahmed says:

    Beauty,Brain and Talent can never go wrong.Wow this chic has got it all.Mashallah xxx

  7. HR says:

    I think bruha means witch.

  8. Gilbert says:

    She’s got talent

  9. BruhaEve says:

    Thank you Everyone for believing in my art.
    Please check my page

  10. ryan says:

    nice one miss bruha…

  11. Gilbert says:

    I would love to interact with you sometime, Eve. ‘pag may time, let’s paint :-)

  12. Truly talented indeed. Best of luck to her :)

  13. utang mo says:

    hello, please bruha (magbayad ka nag utang mo)pay your debt im being banned in kuwait because of you, i helped you to be your guarantor and now you keep me hanging…u know who iam..

    • Longhorn in Kuwait says:

      Ouch! going from living in a villa to renting a room! She should beable to pay you back if she can afford the things she has now!

  14. utang mo says:

    sikat ka! well kami ang uusig sau mga pinagkakautangan mo

  15. Gilbert says:

    Uh Oh… what’s going on here? lmfao

  16. tjcfilms says:

    Take it offline people. This is about Kuwait and the people in it with talent not your history, beef or whatever. Crabs in a barrel.

  17. utang mo says:

    you know what your name really match your personality BRUHA WITCH…anyway i already did my move i report to police so wag ka kakalat kalat dahil papadampot kita JANET EVE MIMMINGER….

  18. Danah Faustino says:

    really amazing…im glad i met u in person..

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