Burger Review: Gaucho Grill

Post by Mark

Gaucho Burger
The Best Burger in Kuwait Challenge
Houston we have a problem! When I first started this burger challenge I thought it was going to be a pretty easy task but now that I am approaching the end I’ve realized I am going to have a difficult situation on my hands.. who to crown the winner. Originally at the start of the challenge I anticipated either Fuddruckers or Burger Boutique would win but as it stands both of them are out of the picture and its Burger Hub and Slider Station that are currently rated the highest. So I had my hopes in the Gaucho Grill burger to make my decision easier and it didn’t.

Gaucho Menu

I’ve only been to Gaucho Grill during the evening but for the burger challenge I’ve been trying to have the burgers during the day so that I could have decent pictures to attach to the reviews. Gaucho Grill during the day is a completely different experience, its quieter, emptier and of course much more brighter. There was only another table occupied so finding a place near the window wasn’t a problem.

Once I got the menu I flipped through it till I got to the burger section and decided I would order the Gaucho Burger with Roasted Mushrooms and Cheese (medium well). I ordered a side order of baked potato but no appetizers since I have yet to try any appetizer at Gaucho Grill that I liked. The burger arrived soon after and my first impression was whats up with the bread? The bread didn’t look very appetizing and actually looked a bit burnt so that put me off. But, once I took a bite I realized the bread in fact wasn’t as bad as it looked and the beef patty was actually really good. The burger was very juicy and the thickness of the patty was perfect. The burger came with lettuce, tomatoes etc.. on the side and thats where I kept them because the burger really didn’t need them. The bread although as you can see in the picture was slightly burnt on the edges really didn’t bother me much and it was crunchy or anything of the sort. I do think though that if they had used a better kind of bread this burger could have been the winner.

While thinking of what to score this burger I considered the fact if I’ve been too hard with my ratings. I tried some incredible burgers and so far the highest score has been a 4 out of 5. I was actually starting to believe that I’ve been too hard until I realized there was one burger I had that I would have given a 4.5 but that burger isn’t in Kuwait sadly. While I was in Jordan back in April I had the most amazing burger at the Four Seasons hotel. I think it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I truthfully don’t think I could give a burger a perfect 5 out of 5 but at least I know I could give a 4.5 rating if needed be. The Gaucho Burger although a great burger was let down by the bread and if it wasn’t for that I do think it could have gotten a higher score. The final score is another 4 out of 5. There are only two or three more places I still need to try out so there is still hope that a burger in Kuwait will get higher than a 4.

Gaucho Grill is located at The Palms
The cost of the Gaucho Burger with Roasted Mushrooms
and Cheese is KD6.750

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39 comments, add your own...

  1. moose says:

    looks really nice and juicy :D

  2. Mark says:

    it was, its actually the best thing i’ve had a gaucho. i usually dont like their food.

  3. Moey says:

    I love their steak, but the burger looks appealing too, would probably try it next time.


  4. vampire says:

    i have tried many many burgers and still my favorite is the mushroom burger at applebee’s

    i love burger boutique but after my last visit i swore i will never eat there again!!!

    but isn’t johnny rockets my fav!!! or maybe gourmet burger!!!

    i think i’m just hungry and hallucinating

    keep the review coming (^_^) “

  5. MiYaFuSHi says:


  6. Mark says:

    Whats up with sushi places and hair in the sushi? So far i’ve found hair at Kei (twice!), Edo and Maki! Its super gross, hair in cooked food is one thing but hair in raw food is urgh..

  7. holla says:

    looks good. I love the bread over-toasted like that so i will probably like this burger.

  8. A says:

    I guess the table that was occupied was my friends..soon after u left I got a call from him saying I saw Mark and you will be getting a burger review soon :D I waited for 2 days and here its is…I definitely got to try it!

  9. lfc-q8 says:

    mark the 4 seasons is known for thier burgers all over the world not only jordan… btw burger hub has a burger called the 4 seasons based on them

  10. Jam3iiya(L) says:

    I’m not a big fan of Gaucho Grill.. but if i don happen to go I will definitely try it out. You should try the Bredz burger… atleast it will have good bread! ; )

  11. Daddy's Girl says:

    mark u still need to try black and white burger and ninos burger. plz dont wrap up this competition without trying them first…

    i always thought gaucho was famouse for its steaks but for burgers? must recommend that for next time…

  12. fahed says:

    Mark you’re 100% right. The Four Seasons is known for their burgers and I tried the one in Amman. I wonder if one will open in Kuwait?? I heard rumors that its opening next year in kuwait city along w intercontinental.

  13. guessed says:

    Off topic but I’ve just found the perfect soap dispenser for Mark!


  14. Mark says:

    sadly thats true and i would probably buy it lol

  15. q8soul says:

    I feel really proud when local owner shops like The burger hub owned by two brothers & one of them dedicated for this job and graduated from French Culinary Institute dedicated him self to cooking out of love to this job ; plus B+F owend by 3 friends now in Gulf states; competing with international brands; i feel sad on the other hand asking why Alshaye3 group or Aghunaim group only focusing on international brands and pay high royalties while they can do the same thing with theses young kuwiaties and expand with them not in the middle east but all over the world..those young guys should be supported and I assure you one day they will be internationally recognized. Iraise my hat to them.

  16. Oz says:

    Mark try the burger at Julia’s resturant in Beirut – Achrafia

  17. Mark says:

    already tried it. I would give it a 2. When it comes to food Lebanon is crap…

  18. zaydoun says:

    I was at Gaucho last night and I was dying to get the burger but I try not to pig out at night so I didn’t

    But I’ve had it before and it is awesome, especially the Sirloin burger

  19. Realist says:

    Man the Four Seasons burger at Jordan sucked big time, I had it a month ago and it is nothing near the real Four Seasons burger you get elsewhere. If you rated that a 4.5, I wonder how you’re rating these burgers. As I see it its very subjective with no clear criteria.

  20. Mark says:

    well it works both ways. I look at what you said and think to myself this guy has no clue about burgers and wouldn’t be able to know the difference between a good burger or bad one if he thinks the four seasons burger in jordan sucked. then again maybe the chef was having a bad day when you ordered your burger?

  21. Random Dude says:

    I seriously think you have a problem with your taste buds buddy.

    oh ya… I really doubt that they make good burgers in jordan too. The best think to come out of jordan is “fatta,” which is more palestinian i think? whatever, dont matter.

  22. pearls says:

    I think I’ll order that next time I go there. I’ll be sure to tell them not burn the bun

  23. zed says:

    4 seasons jordan, damn yo uguys been talking like its heaven on earth

    do they deliver

  24. Les says:

    Mark – “The Gaucho Burger although a great burger was let down by the bread and if it wasnt for that I do think it could have gotten a higher score. The final score is another 4 out of 5.”

    So you’re saying that if the bread was more to your liking, this one would have gotten a 4.5! That would make it the best burger in Kuwait so far!

  25. Bujasim says:

    If that the case Realist; then all the scores under 4 or 3 maybe were done during a bad day and all should be re evaluated because maybe the cook in Fuddruckers or Gourmet Burger Kitchen were in a bad mood or maybe the reviwer in a bad mood? in the end its a personal choice and the review should be taken as an opnion not fact.

  26. Mark says:

    Les: yes thats basically what i am saying, if they had used a better kind of bread it could have gotten a 4.5

    Imagine Johnny Rockets burgers served with normal sesame seed dry super market bread… thats how important bread can be.

  27. He says:

    You need to start taking pictures for menus. That looks really good.

  28. sm1 says:

    mark, i found a hair in my plate at kei too !!! the one in marina mall .. its gross , i`ll never go there again

  29. punky says:

    Gaucho’s burger is the best in Kuwait, not the best in the world, but the best in Kuwait. (and i am talking gourmet burgers).

  30. jayson says:

    nice review mark :)

    how about this

  31. XPC8TOR says:

    5.750KD to 6.25 KD???!!! in what planet do we live! Am I buying the cow or just a burger??!! U should go around and check on overly priced food too. Is anybody actually monitoring these restaurants with their over-the-board-absurd prices????!!!Poof!….nothing compares to MY burger! I should open a restaurant!!! looks good but nothing beats my home made burgers…and I’m being modest!
    Are people so desperate to go out and stuff their faces in Kuwait because of the social dilema?!.., that restaurants are actually taking advantage of US,the consumer! We need a price patrol!!!! lol

  32. XPC8TOR says:

    By the way Mark….you r giving awsome reviews, thank you ;)

  33. Josh at Fahaheel says:

    LOL, at almost 7 KD ($25.00 US Dollars) it better taste REAL good! LOL My company manager has real limited tastes and always takes us to Gauchos for company deals. After 4 years it is getting really old, sigh. Free food so why should I complain right? I actually might get the burger! Last time I almost got the ostrich to try something different because I make a great marinated steak at home all the time, still not sure if I want to just stick with a tried and true ribeye along with some lobster tail (I’m hoping they still have lobster!). I dont go out at all in Kuwait because I’m cheap and not satisfied with food tastes to justify paying so much. BBQ grilled chicken and beef for a couple KD is the extent of my splurging here!

  34. Sunshine B says:

    i loved it

  35. Zee says:

    So the post got me curious about the controversial Gaucho burger, THAT and the curiosity about the benchamrks you use, no offence.

    Last night, 10 of us got a table upstairs. Guess we missed out on the ambience on the bottom floor, all we got were glimpses of white crystal lights and water reflecting off a black wall….Not that the ambience on the top was any less impressive.

    The service was great, with the Maitre’d, giving us an introduction to every kind of steak. After we got acquainted with our dinner, we placed the orders.

    For a person with taste buds sculpted for spice and depth of flavour, I found the burger quite bland actually, juicy nonetheless. It was a Gaucho Burger – Sirloin – Plain. Didn’t opt for the mushrooms and cheese, cuz I’m trying to switch to healthy food habits, and I have a thing about mushrooms and fungus. :) Most of everyone else ordered beef steaks, with side orders of mashed potatoes which were also apparently yum

    We’ve done dinners before, but to hear soo many people chiming “oh-my-god” in semi-chorus is paramount of our collective dining experience

    The desserts were to die for, with something as exotic as chocolate chilli pudding (or something) being my favourite. I was in the minority. The pancakes with ice cream and cheesecake were very popular.

    The main course was really filling and had some guys, loosening their belts, but the desserts were too great to let the opportunity pass.

    The cow hide seats are a quite freaky to sit in cuz it has real fur. Apparently each seat costs 650 KD.

    Apologies, if I’ve gone off on a rant, but this place really had me absorbed in its own little world for a while.

  36. LebBurg says:

    The best burger I’ve ever had in my life (and a few times) is the burger in a small restaurant in Sin El Fil, Beirut in Lebanon. The restaurant is called Regina. If you ever go to Lebanon, make sure to find and eat that burger.

  37. Wello says:

    Man I like the way you are doing this  keep it up also you have to try caffe royal (@ JW)

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