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Yes I know I already posted at least two different opening dates for Carrefour before but they just kept pushing back the opening dates. Now according to a user (Rocker) in the forum the new launch date is this Tuesday.

update: Here is a picture of their full page teaser ad from the Arab Times. [Pic]

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  1. Frankom says:

    :: There was a big adv. in the newspaper today

  2. Lucky_Boy says:

    Nice to know, and looking forward to visit it :)

    Btw Mark, you haven’t posted anything about LuLu Hypermarket, it has many food products from around the world (Especially British microwave ready meals :-] ) that you don’t usually find in any local supermarket, worth a visit.

  3. Mark says:

    i havent passed by lulu since i was out of the country. will check it out maybe this week.

  4. Marzouq says:

    I don’t think I would be going to carrefour any time soon! It will probably be rediculously packed!

  5. Lolo says:

    Marzouq I agree with you !! It’s going to be like the pampalona’s bull run!! but with humans!

  6. lace_Cami says:

    they told me yesturday Monday is the opening!!

  7. mocman says:

    these are really sad times…. people are actually looking forward to the opening of a “supermarket” which will most prolly have 90% of the stuff already available at any TSC, CC or jamiya…

  8. Amjad says:

    Here in Oman the prices of products in Carrefour are way lesser than the prices of the same products in LuLu Hypermarket and other hypermarkets.

  9. kay says:

    I agree with mocman! TSC will probably have the same products AND they import from all over the world meaning a wider variety of products! I don’t get what the buzz is about..

  10. A E R O says:

    Im only looking forward to Carrefour to kick electronics stores in Q8 in the nuts. KD90 for an iPod? Give me a break !! Welcome Frenchies.

  11. TanGo says:

    not to mention foie gras and pate which is ridiculously high-priced at TSC

  12. Vicky says:

    Was there today. Not too crowded. Not a whole lot of different food products than at TSC, but more of them. Prices were similiar. Fish and meat selections were good. They were really organized and had workers eager to help in every section. It’s a good addition to Kuwait.

  13. What took Carrefour so long to open in Kuwait? Did the local co-ops and TSC lobby have anything to do with it?
    If Carrefour’s here can Walmart be far behind??

  14. TWIXT says:

    Has anybody relaised that C4 Kuwait for the first year has decided on loosing money.Their offices have been in operation from November 06. They have a pay back of 2 months with the local companies.They will have to pay even before selling a single product coz many of the companies have supplied them from January 07 onwards. I am sure these companies would be at their doorstep.

  15. Bobby Senior says:

    Hi friends,

    You’ll have a nice surprise with the new Carrefour store. They are in Brazil and the assortment and price are excellent. Best regards from Brazil

    Bobby Senior

  16. Ansam says:

    Did you know about their parking and carts rule? I wrote about it in my blog!

  17. refaat says:

    What is the official site address for Carrefour Kuwait ?

  18. Rashid says:

    Visited Carrfour with high expectaction but experience was really bad. products are not up the standard. Service is poor. I feel the duty guys are with white colar attitude and they were not helping the customers. Too cheap.. We decided not to visit the place

  19. Mohamed says:

    Now what happenned to me at Carrefour the other day has resulted to the disrespect I have for the place and the management who run such a dirty and low operation in which they don’t really care on what the consumer thinks…It is the last time I ever go to any Carrefour again…..

    Carrefour had an Ad, which had the nintendo Wii for sale…when I had finally went down to the store I did not find the item available at the store but no one had offerred me any assistance… with all the frustration of just going down to the store and not finding the item i was lookin for I felt that I was cheated, but nothing compares to how I really was cheated by the damn store….

    By the end of going around in circles someone finally assists me, the guy that helped me out told me that the store could give me the last piece on display but it was damaged so that wasn’t an option then he goes inside to get me the Wii console, which apparently was hidden and when askin him if the product was damaged or anything I get the full guarantee from the salesman that the item is fine…..

    Now i’m back in Egypt and my neices have opened their alleged gift to only find out that the console had been opened and used before, over and above the fucken console doesn’t work, if there is anything to recommend here it would be for you not to trust a retailer such as Carrefour who falsely advertises items that are not availble in his store, furthermore always be sure to double check items bought from such a store before purchasing them because you might just get ripped off…

    • tinzky says:

      you are absolutely right!!! carrefour is ripping off their customers money!!! just bought a DEFECTIVE iphone4 from them!!! and they wont even change the item even if i returned it to them just 6hours after i purchased said item!!!

      DONT EVER TRUST all their ads for electronics! Now, i dont know whom and what company to trust anymore for any electronic gadgets!!!

  20. nouri says:

    dear mark

    please can provide with customer service number’s or e-mail for carfour ??

  21. reta says:

    chers messieurs,
    un petit mail pour attirer votre attention que vos produits ne sont pas en bon etat.cela a commence depuis qlq mois quand j ai achete un camembert franchement il etait pourri et justement

  22. reta says:

    et justement hier j ai achete fresh chicken drumette-naif fresh drum et une fois rentree chez moi,le paquet avait une tres mauvaise odeur et cela m a vraiment degoutee sachant que Carrefour a une bonne reputation en France.

  23. mariammarie moh'd ali says:

    Oh!! amazing clean and well organize hypermarket.. but the thing is…fruits and vegetables are bit expensive compare to luluhypermarket..
    But when it comes to parking?????????? there!!! so nice…clean and spacious…………..

  24. Qusay says:

    i don’t like to deal with carrefour,becuse i lost my trust with him ! they are not worry about there customers espcially the elctronics dept.

  25. Altamash says:

    what are the locations of Carrefour in Kuwait????
    Same like Dubai in the Malls???

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