Chihuly at the 360

Post by Mark

Last week I posted about the under appreciated indoor vertical garden at 360 mall. Under appreciated because no one knew about it. Well I was checking a website (lost the link) and found an article talking about this glass artist and they had a picture of one of his works which looked similar to the blue glass sculpture at 360. So a quick google revealed the blue sculpture at 360 was actually done by the same artist in the article.

The artist is called Dale Chihuly and he was commissioned to do two pieces of work for 360 in the theme of the sun and moon. Again interesting but I only found out about it by chance. 360 need to find a way to inform people on this stuff.

Now the cool part is I found a gallery online showing the actual build process. I was always curious on how they put the sculpture together and now I know. Check out the pictures [Here]

Note: If you get an error trying to view the pictures tell me and I will try to host the pictures somewhere else.

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Interesting stuff!

  2. Mathai says:

    It sucks that no one gives work like this much publicity, he is also the one behind the glass work exhibit Atlantis Dubai. I thought he must have also designed the Metro chandeliers but turns out its another design company.

    excuse the bad picture but looks like sperm cells dripping down a column :)

  3. Burhan says:

    Its made of glass?! I thought it was some giant replica of Medusa’s hair. Interesting stuff. Why is 360 not advertising this stuff? Seriously, a place that is more than just ‘shabaab’ running around and we only get to hear about it in pieces.

  4. samtm says:

    it looks like a giant sperm ball ;\.. no offense.. :]

  5. wdwq says:

    Cthulhu? I thought that’s what was written at first, the pictures don’t help lol

  6. Summer says:

    I knew about this from a long time ago, because my sister is an engineer and she works in wizarat al ash’3al so she knows about all the new building projects happening in Kuwait..
    so she told me :)
    plus that thing costs around 2 million KD, so you’re right it should be appreciated!!!

  7. Om Sheikha says:

    Wow 2 million KD is that for one or both? How are they going to clean the sperm one? LOL. I love 360 very cool designs. It’s almost like a gallery/mall. Takes malls to a whole dimension. Bravo!

  8. Om Sheikha says:

    Oops whole NEW dimension that is..

  9. CBA Guy says:

    I thought it was somekind of big fat stuffed toy hanging next to the ceiling :P

  10. Shli7f says:

    Yeah they’re pretty cool..and as Mathai said, its the same guy who’s done the work at Atlantis for the center piece fountain, i stood in front of that thing for half an hour gazing and taking pictures…it even had little sea creatures in it, keeping with the theme of Atlantis….

    I think the blue one here at 360 also has small thingies inside it, but can’t remember what they are…hmm..gonna check it out this week enshallah…

  11. Moey says:

    It is really one of a kind, I love the futuristic lights at the 360, at the entrance’s elevator.

  12. laila says:

    i posted a pic of it on facebook, and someone from Seattle recognized his work and said he’s a local artist. his drawings are just as good.

  13. painkillers says:

    I knew it! When I saw his work in 360, I remembered The Bellagio in Las Vegas. I was certain that it was done by the same artist.
    Thanks for the reassurance.

  14. pinkdress says:

    Thanks mark; I was wondering about the artist & how they got that sculpture up there!

    I suggest that 360 places some information signs next/under/near its “investments”, just like in museums…

  15. Desert Girl says:

    Oh My God – that is a Chihuly?????!!!! It must have cost millions! Is the one at the opposite end (orange colored flowers) also done by Chihuly? His bowls alone sell for thousands and are difficult to obtain from galleries. I’m totally impressed.

    Mohammed Marzouq must have amazing taste. I wonder what his home looks like.

  16. Hala says:

    and hes the same guy who designed the center piece at the atlantes hotel – Dubai

  17. akbar says:

    On a different topic, Dlush @ 360 mall is offering free sameday refill!

    Also, the new ice cream place cremery opposite krispy kreme shop is worth a try. Cant recollect the name -)

  18. Orange says:

    I saw this just yesterday .. an although I usually avoid clicking pictures inside malls in Kuwait ( due so weird stares and silly comments from idiotic dishdasha clad men that pass by; even snigger’s my women actually), i stopped by it an posed.

    It’s beautiful to say the least and colored up my photograph =)

  19. Orange says:

    oops .. !

    – due to*
    – snigger’s by*

  20. Realist says:

    Wow, I wonder why this isint advertised about the mall !!

  21. Mark says:

    I know and I am also wondering what other cool stuff there are that we don’t know about.

  22. HaaMooR says:

    Dear All,

    yes it is done by Dale Chihuly, and the actual cost is around 2.8 Millions USD( for both sculptures). there will be a grand opening for the mall and at that time there will be a statments for all art works in the mall.


  23. S says:

    Mashalla! Hats off for that! Mark, keep on posting bout the wonder’s of 360 and of Kuwait. Makes me appreciate this place more and more. And it gives me hope, some people with taste still exist here, il7amdilla!

  24. sarah says:

    He’s an amazing artist. His work were displayed at the Venice Biennale this year, under the venetian pavilion as they are well known for their Murano glass works.
    check the blog entry + picture
    Kuwait has such interesting surprises. Thanks for telling us

  25. Jassim says:

    This artist is SO BIG! All Kuwaitis should be honored to have his works of art installed in one of Kuwait’s latest Landmarks.

  26. zaydoun says:

    Dale Chihuly is one of the world’s most important artists, and we should be honored to have his work here in Kuwait

    The management at 360 should be promoting this nonstop!

  27. Bu 7mood says:

    I still, very clearly, remember how I was blown away when I first saw Chihuly’s work many years ago.

    It is marvellous that we’ll be able to enjoy 2 Chihuly installations in Kuwait! Thanks Mark, and 360 Mall should have announced this. It would have been wonderful if we were given the chance to witness the installation being put together.

  28. As soon as I saw the pieces, I knew they were Chihuly. It is a shame that there isn’t something about it, I agree. At least they are here and people can enjoy them. You don’t have to know they are Chihuly’s to know they are magnificent and be struck by their glory.

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