Cruise Campus magazine also steals pictures

Post by Mark

cruise campus

Yesterday I posted about how Al-Qabas are stealing pictures from local flickr users. Turns out the university magazine, Cruise Campus stole not 1 picture but 14 pictures for one of their covers!! Someone should tell them that combining 14 pictures into 1 doesn’t make a new copyright free image. Whats funny is when one of the photographers called them to complain, they told him they got the pictures from a CD which they got off Al-Watan newspaper. [Link]

Thanks to Moayad for pointing out the above.

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  1. Zaina says:

    this sucks!

  2. Zabo0o6a says:

    to make things clear ,two pictures from the cover my friend have donated them to campus cruise they have her full approval also my friend has a flicker account so that doesnt count as a stealing u may contact her and check cuz some of flicker member are also member at lothan photography groups

  3. ms-independent says:

    they took 2 of my photos without my premition
    WHAT Do YOu Call THAT!

    here is my link to flickr

    and also Ammar who disscused this issue

  4. Marzouq says:

    Well hopefully they contacted the owners of these pictures before using them!

    I hope Zabo0o6a that its the case for all of them! But I doubt that! I’m happy they asked your friends at least, lets see what they do about the others.

  5. THE[M]CODE says:

    What a shame, copyrights are taken very slightly in Kuwait. Put the pictures issue aside, take a look at the copied CDs being sold in every mall, movies being sold for 1kd. This will never be stopped from inside, it needs to be stopped from outside.

  6. ahlein says:

    campus cruise doesnt have a single original article.All the content is glorified PR that is spread across the pages.Most if not all the pictures are low res and pixilated or stolen. Their distribution is weak and the magazine usually comes out around the 15th of the month even though its supposed to come out on the first. The fact that the magazine is still open is a sad reflection on the advertising world of kuwait whereby companies place ads soley based on wasta and corruption.In any other mature market a magazine of such low calibar would have closed a long time ago.

  7. fadibou says:

    HaHa i saw them use photos from so many times and they never put copyright info under it.
    If you dig their archive for 2004/2005 you will see many of those things.

  8. Mini R. says:

    what copyrights? we don’t even have a proper copyright law in this country. in case no one noticed.

    this country is a joke.

  9. Mini R.
    true.. very good point

  10. Q80 BOY says:

    If ur taking about pirated CDS go check RIHAB, there are no pirated CDS for sale!!!
    AND KUWAIT IS NOT A JOKE MINI R. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. moocherx says:

    you’re right Q80… there’s nothing remotely fun(ny) about Kuwait.

    Anyone thinking a newspaper/company gives a sh*t about copyright infringement in Kuwait is clearly delusional.

  12. Mini R. says:

    Q80 Boy: Jokers in the gov’mint. Jokers running around in Ministries and more little jokers being bred and brainwashed to take their places.

    A very, very sad joke is this country. Only a handful of us people are willing to make a change. While others don’t give a flying fuck about it as long as they have all the ‘free’ money they can get.


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