Digumz at P2BK

Post by Mark

I posted about Digumz a few weeks back on the blog. It’s a new business started by a blogger called Qaiss which allows you to rent video games for a fixed monthly fee. Well Qaiss decided to participate at the P2BK event and has posted on his blog a very insightful behind the scenes look into his experience so far. I love his transparency and I’m looking forward for his next post once the event is completed to see if his experience changed for the better or not. [Link]

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  1. Danderma says:

    He is such a good fellow with a great sense of humour… i stopped with my husband who for some reason thought you rented game consoles instead of games and the Digumz guys couldn’t stop laughing and when i said i want to exchange the games we had at home my husband was strangely so sad and they couldn’t stop laughing as well… even though i don’t see us parting with any useless games because of my husbands unfortunate tendency to cling to useless things but i can tell you that they are great guys and i am sure their service is as great as it sounds!

  2. FAMAJAH says:

    If Digumz starts renting out DS, DSi, and 3DS games in the near future, He’ll make millions off me :P

  3. DeQor8 says:

    stopped by P2BK this afternoon and found their booth was not yet open … sad that these “proud” Kuwaitis found it not necessary to occupy their booths at least an hour after the doors officially opened. there were so many vendors that were not present. left me feeling really disappointed in the whole event. my wife (a Kuwaiti) wrote:


  4. superfailz says:

    Reason being for not opening up the booths at 2:00pm was the sudden change of opening hours,

    The previous schedule had 5PM on it. yesterday they announced on the microphone the change then updated their facebook websites which left most of us unaware of this change.

  5. Qaiss says:

    Thanks mark for your post and the guys for the comments, Danderma: now i can put a face to your blog:P

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