Donuts in broad daylight

Post by Mark

His license plate number clearly shows in the video so maybe by posting it he might end up getting fined or arrested. [YouTube]

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  1. shiznit says:

    4 – 54471
    license plate

  2. Marzouq says:

    I’m sorry thats not drifting, thats just an idiot burning out on the road, drifting is smooth and controlled! Thats insulting to drifting when you call that Drifting!

  3. Mark says:

    lol don’t shoot the messenger I didn’t shoot the video.

  4. moka says:

    mark! (or anyone who reads this)

    do you happen to know where the best place to buy rayban sunglasses is?

    i was at avenues and i checked two optics places and they are selling for 50+ KD.. i understand that’s the usual price but i’m sure there are other places for cheaper!

    thanks in advance!

  5. Ahmed says:

    anybody the number of the police station in mangaf, cause he was burning tires over there

  6. Mathai says:

    Once I almost got sideswiped by one of these idiots X(

  7. Frankom says:

    this is the best Donuts in the world


  8. Jack says:

    too much Sun for this guy.. needs h2O .!

  9. lendmeurear says:

    i don’t think he cares if the license plate numbers are visible coz the car prolly isn’t his

  10. Louka says:

    Agree with Marzouq, Drifting is a sport as respectable as F1 in some ways, and requires skill, dedication, the right equipment, and lots of time to get it perfect.

    As for this video, he’s only got time. LOTS of free time

  11. Explorer says:


  12. yousef says:

    Nice skyline.

  13. Bu Yousef says:

    Just asked for a fine to be arranged :)

  14. Summer says:

    that’s crazy and dangerous!!

  15. Lizq8 says:

    These guys need to grow up. There is a group of annoying guys that do this in the morning around schools as kids are coming to school. They are near GBS Salwa and BSK area. I mean do they really think they are cool???

  16. Kuwait says:

    I know the location in the video. Its the street just behind the Cambridge School in Mangaf, and leads to the English School Fahaheel. Its just parallel to the street Sultan Center Mangaf is on.

  17. lazem says:

    you need proper roads to drift, what do we have here?? we have a shitty hole we call a circuit. and who gives a rat ass about the retarded police?? let him do this shit all day long……

  18. mocman says:

    ahh mangaf… good times

  19. Damien says:

    these are prime examples of retarded by birth.

  20. iAbdulaziz says:

    will .. there’s no place’s to make this hobby .. so we use our streets to make it fun ( sometimes ) but not in public streets like this idiot ..

    and i think he is a kid

  21. dino says:

    HEs got good wassstaaaa!!!! simpleeee:))

  22. Martin says:

    With all of my respect for u all , “ish3ly Ana min il nas wish3la il nas miny” in taw ish3lykom min il rayel……? Ba3dain Our police in q8 almost all of them doesn’t care and doesn’t give a shit of what that guy is doing… U take care of ur own bussnies and let him take care of his!

  23. 8ITCH says:

    Wow that guy is messed up.. If I were to pass him.. I’d shoot his tires to prevent him from annoying other people.. and wow like that car.. so shitty he thinks it’s cool?

  24. Haterhaute says:

    He SOLD the windshield! I love fig newtons too brah..

  25. Robert says:

    Mangaf ? block 3 just off street 7 beside the gas works i believe

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