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Somebody opened up a Facebook cafe in Salmiya near the American University of Kuwait. Now someone needs to open up a FarmVille mini-market right next door.

Thanks Patrick

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  1. Ansam says:

    Finally a cafe where you can write on walls, poke others, and like them too :-P

  2. HeartBeat says:

    lot of investors have a serious problem coming up with names! all they do is copycat .. use your mind and come up with something .. LBC Taxi, MBC laundry, and the chain of shisha oo manoosha, khyara oo tifa7a, etc.. derived from Zeit wi Zaatar! yesterday I noticed Canary restaurant in Salmia with a tiny size 0.1 font of “Island” and “Canary” in 2000 size font! Shame!

  3. smoothy says:

    Should’ve named it LameBook

  4. alex says:

    one word: lawsuit

  5. SWOS says:

    Ansam LOL

  6. HH says:

    that beats “E-mail Cafe”

  7. Q80 says:


  8. moayad says:

    It’s more like “Fee Cee Book” when looking at the arabic part :)

  9. Nawaf says:

    What a place for you to see your friends in real life and tell them how you really think about them ????

  10. Gilbert says:

    There goes another addition to the famous GOOGLE Laundry!

  11. smoothy says:

    What’s next? YouTube water park?

  12. Ozy says:

    There is a pub in beirut that’s also called Facebook.

  13. G45 M45K says:

    LOL @ YouTube water park

    But hey we might get a twitter mall :D

  14. ims85 says:

    I saw it last week, strange, I hate that plate!! I feel bad that they did that mall and hotel there! they could do something good.

  15. Jack says:

    so lame !

  16. Kuwait says:

    Somebody could use Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Google – all in one and call it:

    YouTwitFaceGoo Skin Clinic

  17. Neoark says:

    Do I need a facebook account to sign-in(enter) there?!

  18. q8travelbud says:

    I bet its a sheesha place !

  19. Adel says:

    what feciii boook in arabic…. :))

  20. Ahmed says:

    only in KUWAIT loooooool

  21. yahsheik says:

    Thats cool, everything is fine in this universe..

  22. Joe Truth says:

    puts bullets in chamber… points to his head

  23. facebook cafe says:

    wow i am really surpriced that my cafe become known that fast :D

    just i wanna answer regard one comment someone wrote it

    (what feciii boook in arabic)

    Unfortunately the arabic name we can’t select the so…

    Explanation: that we are the first pub style in kuwait it’s not a normal cafe plus the size of the cafe and the way we build it


  24. ariston says:

    lol! what’s next, blackberry shawarma? :P

  25. xxSweetxx says:

    what an amazing place to visit…extermly cool
    and for all the comments…the only thing that u guys are doing is making the cafe much famous then it already is and thanks for that bytheway.
    anyhow close mind people cannot accept the change lool
    tepical arabs lool…its just a cafe with a cool name PEOPLE,and befor sayin nythin u should know how famous the cafe is and how much loyal customer it has…visit it nd then comment :D

  26. Gilbert says:

    With this heat, I’d rather go to Youtube Water Park and have a Yahoo! Massage :)

  27. MHz says:

    What do cafe’s have to do with Emails and Facebook????
    what about coffee/sheesha?

  28. Angel says:

    Now we can ignore ppl to their face :D

  29. MHz says:

    Can anyone explain the mean of the name “Face Book” ?

  30. 8ITCH says:

    Cool.. a new place to chill when I start second block courses next week

  31. InKuwait2long says:

    This is as shameful as the Friends cafe in Shuwaikh Port AND the Dior Laundry which I’ve seen in multiple places. If this were to happen in America, the owners would be sued into oblivion and never heard from again.

    When you can’t think of anything original… steal from somebody else! Be sure to do it as blatantly as possible. ;p


  32. facebook cafe says:

    Mr. Sad

    what you are saying is 100% correct

    but i would like to to tell you..that “facebook cafe” in lebanon , kuwait , and the coming one in sharm el shikh it’s Original not steal or any thing

    also i would like to tell you that our style is not like the other cafes style at all…if you visit us and have a look also we can give you more details about it…so you will know why we paid all that money to have the name

  33. facebook cafe egypt says:

    it is stolen from the original facebook cafe franchise in USA & Egypt

    ( u can see the photos from here http://www.facebook.com/pages/facebook-cafe-egypt/119100361459394 )

    and we will send them to the court since we took this franchise exclusive in the middle-east .

    we have now 3 branches in Egypt 2 from them in marina resort ,the third in Alexandria and our new branches in Cairo and sharm al-shiekh under constructions now , shame on u saying that u paid a lot of money to have facebook name not only this but you also want to open in Egypt !!!!!

    do u think that u can cheat your people in Kuwait by your place so u can get their attention ???? it is obvious from your light box and your name by Arabic ( fe ce book ) that you r not original .

    we have all the documents and rights to save our franchise business and soon u will hear from your local court in Kuwait city to save us from people such like u try to hack the original copyrights of the others .

  34. xxSweetxxNANA says:

    Mr. faecbook cafe in egypt

    we know that there’s a facebook cafe in egypt i visit it and it’s really great place but also we know facebook pub and cafe in lebanon before the one in egypt also we know the owner too he’s the same guy also regard the name in arabic we know in kuwait how they think so that’s why…plus ur style how your wrote your name it’s already in lebanon same phone a long time 2 years i think

    so i don’t know why you are saying all that
    kil wa7ad rez2o 3a allah


  35. Manuel says:

    Just another cafe in kuwait!!!!! Facebook seriously guys????? I think the owners could do better than that …. as per the name suggest i guess it only serves face book on its menu …. is that it’s only purpose???? lol matez!!! never the less for all you facebook addicts this is ur zone!!!!

  36. aedee vedder says:

    well,its publicity…think of how fun can it be…so what? FB is in…business….business,busybodies…drop it….

  37. Sarah says:

    I saw pinkberry shop for mobiles in Ebin Khaldon street :/

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