Fire at Souk Mubarkiya

Post by Mark

A fire took place late last night at Souk Mubarkiya. I don’t have any info on it just the pictures I was sent which I’ve attached to this post. Judging by these two photos the fire damage looks pretty extensive.

Update: Kuwait Times have published more details on the fire. It started around 9AM yesterday (Tuesday 1/1/2013) and it engulfed around 35 shops. [Link]

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  1. Randy says:

    Sadly … One less place on Kuwait’s ‘must visit’ list

  2. Akbar says:

    Looks like it wont be of wood anymore…A horrible loss to the heritage lovers. Hope they bring it back ASAP.

  3. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    My goodness, i am so sad!

  4. Oh No!!!!! I haven’t visited there in a long time and now it’s gone. Another historical spot gone, just like those historical houses that were accidently bulldozed even though they were on the “save” list. I bet there were no rules set in place in case of fire. *heartbroken*

  5. Azz says:

    I was there on Saturday…roamed around and bought a few things as well. Its a bustling place and has a very traditional feel ( Which I love). I hope it gets back in shape soon.

  6. HayaAlT says:

    I was there yesterday, oh my God. Inshallah it returns back to how it looked.

  7. tjcfilms says:

    What is up with the response times and pumper capabilities here. Then again it is probably hard to get to the scene when people won’t get out of the way of first responders. Of course the cops and ambulances who abuse going code (lights and sirens) are to blame for that as they use it at every red light and traffic slow down so people then do not take them serious. Does anyone know if the fire houses use the three minute rule here? In the states most fire houses have the rule of in your gear and on the rig in a minute and to the scene in two. Alas they have much better coverage than the districts do here. Too bad for the place and all those with business in it. Hope insurance helps them.

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