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The Free Kuwait Campaign documentary website just went live a couple of hours ago with a ton of photos along with detailed information regarding the events that took place. They also have a small collection of audio and video footage which you can watch and listen to.

The campaign to free Kuwait was a worldwide movement orchestrated officially by the government of Kuwait and unofficially by its residents-in-exile to rid their nation of occupying Iraqi troops during August 1990 to February 1991.

The Free Kuwait Campaign website was put together by the same team behind the The Evidence website, led and financed by businessman and photographer Adel Al-Yousifi. I’m a really huge fan of what he’s doing and I really hope he doesn’t stop these projects.

Check out the website by visiting

Photos above by Adel Al-Yousifi

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  1. cali87 says:

    This is a great way to remind ourselves of what seems to have been a lifetime ago. I’ll try to contribute as well with some fliers I saved from the US based campaign. Thank you Mark for bringing this to our attention!

  2. TweeZ says:

    amazing. theses pictures really showcased and defined unity.

  3. Danderma says:

    The great thing about Mr. Al-Yousifi’s website is that it gave credit to people when it was due. Especially in the case of my father who designed many of the posters used back then and last year his work was showcased in an exhibition in the avenues without a single mention of him. As if these things materialized from thin air.

    Thank you Mr. Al-Yousifi. I spent the afternoon looking at my family members and old school friends and remembering those days in London. This is a great website! We shall not forget!

  4. Abdulaziz Al-Yousifi says:

    Thanks Mark.

  5. Pakistani says:

    Aug 2nd 1990. Iraq not only Invaded Kuwait, But Iraqi invaded our ways of lives, our homes. I was 12 years back then. I remember everything, every tiny details of Iraqi aggression. Palestinian to Iraqi to Jordan and yemen all stood by Iraq and looted Kuwait morally, financially, abused every child, and woman they could possibly find.

    I was taken prisoner with my brothers in a truck where we were kept in Ahmadi for number of donkey days. While escaping Kuwait, We were nearly killed by Iraq.

    In a way me and my brother fought for a Kuwaiti Land that is never ours.

    I will never forget 2 Aug 1990. Don’t take Kuwait for granted.

    Anwar Al Pakistani

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