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Post by Mark

Since I’m planning to get the Nikon D800 when it gets released this month I decided to get rid of some things that I haven’t used in years. So below are all the things I’m current selling in the forum, kinda like a digital garage sale.

Nikon D90 with 18-105mm Lens SOLD
NeoGeo with 20 Games SOLD
11 Xbox360 and 1 PS3 Game SOLD
Muji CD Player SOLD
Ethernet over power adapters + routers bundle SOLD
Sakhr MSX2 with 20 Games SOLD
12 Game Gear Games SOLD
Panasonic 3DO with 20 Games SOLD
Game Cube with 2 Games SOLD
Coleco Vision with 17 Games and Racing Wheel SOLD
Sega Dreamcast + 4 joypads + fishing rod + keyboard + mouse SOLD
Apple TV 40GB SOLD
Wifi Extenders and Routers bundle SOLD
Holga Medium Format camera + 35mm waterpoof camera SOLD
Nine Eagles Solo Helicopter SOLD

If you’re interested in any of the items and don’t want to sign up to the forum then [Email Me]

Update: A lot of the items have now been sold so I’ve updated the list above.

Update2: All the items have now been sold!

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  1. Danderma says:

    You shouldn’t be selling your old game consoles! They are treasures! Nothing on earth will compensate them! When my mother threw away ours later on I was devastated and now I hold on to my Dreamcast like I am hanging on to a leaf in the sea!

    Erm, now is your Dreamcast PAL or NTSC?

  2. Hossam says:

    it should be in sell and buy section , being moderator does not give wright to sell in front page

  3. Nasser says:

    Are you gonna sell your Game and Watches Mark?

  4. Samer says:

    GODDAMMIT!! I’m kicking my own ass for not seeing that MSX2 thread sooner. DAMMIT

  5. TweeZ says:

    maaaan, that neo-geo is looking sexy right about now….

    • aaa says:

      NEO-GEOs cost a lot more than I thought they did :I

      • Mark says:

        do you know how much each game used to sell for back in the day? 100KD+!

        That’s for each game not the console.

        • Samer says:

          It’s true! I once went into Shanakel Games in Jabriya shopping for MegaDrive games, that’s when I saw a Neo-Geo for the first time there. The guy talked my ear off about it but when he got to the price I did an instant 180 and GTFO’d.

          • Mark says:

            I live in Anjari Complex in Salmiya and right next door were two very cool gaming stores. the one on the main road called toy world i think had a 3do on display in the window playing night trap and other games. then there was another store inside that same complex that had the neogeo and other rare consoles. i used to pass by and drool all the time. computer world was on the first floor in the same building.

        • aaa says:

          What the hell? No wonder they went bankrupt

          • Mark says:

            that’s not why they went bankrupt. The majority of their business was from arcades and as you know when console graphics started equaling the arcade machines less people went to arcades and their business model collapsed.

  6. Longhorn in Kuwait says:

    Coleco was da bomb back in the early 80’s! Zaxxon, Donkey Kong, the car racing game(can’t remember the name), Q-Bert. I had the Attari attachment for it which included about 20 games!

  7. Longhorn in Kuwait says:

    I thought it was Turbo but wasn’t really sure!!!! Man that was a long time ago! Say, 1981/82! Around the time that MTV first premiered and it was only music videos!

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