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The Salmiya Project

So the old Salmiya building which housed some of our childhood memories like Family Bookshop and Alamiah got demolished recently and according to the developer Saud Sahoud, the picture above is what they’re building in it’s place. I honestly don’t have an idea what it is. I’ve actually named the picture above “something.jpg” since I’m not sure if it’s a mall, an entertainment park or some futuristic arena from TRON. Since I will be living down the block from this structure if someone can enlighten me to what it is that would be helpful. You can see a larger picture [Here]

I hope it’s going to be something cool because the area does need a big boost.

Update: I managed to find a better picture, the small one is above but the larger version of it is [Here]. Turns out it’s a mall which will contain 8 cinemas, a snow city, ice skating rink, thrilling rides, family entertainment and “things that will be the first in the world” [Source]

So I’m going to have a snow park and movie theaters in a building that wouldn’t like out of place on Blade Runner all just down the street from my house. That’s cool.

I was wondering how Salmiya would cope with this sudden influx of traffic but looks like a company has already been awarded a contract to sort it out. [Source]

Completion date for this mall is set for 2014.

Thanks Ahmad

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it’s called Sahoud Mall which will consist of an ice rink, entertainment, shops, and theaters. Will be officially open in 2014, google it in Arabic as صاهود مول

This will perfectly blend into the neighborhood..? I too wonder how the traffic situation is going to be like…

How are they going to fit all of this in an already tightly cramped spot. And like someone was saying, what will happen to traffic (especially on the 4th Ring) ?

Thats why they say ” Friends don’t let friends do drugs.”

Well like I mentioned it seems they’ve hired a firm to solve the traffic problems before the mall launches. The streets surrounding that block are mostly 1 lane streets and will not be able to handle the traffic. BUT, there are two primary ways of getting to the mall, one is via gulf road the other via 5th ring road. my guess is they would focus on improving the flow of traffic in and out of the area via those two roads. Then i’m guessing the streets around the mall, the whole block is going to get expanded as well.

2014.. I will give KD 200 to the first person that replies to my post if it actually is half way done through 2013..

or maybe not…

interesting project tho’

Why on earth would someone establish a new massive-sized mall in Salmiya.

Aren’t the dozen million ones that are already there, quite enough?

Also, unless Sahood builds an underground station that takes you directly to this new mall, there is no way people can even make it to his mall.

I hope they change the name of the mall. Would be weird if I told people that I went in Saoud Sahood…

Seriously what a design!!!!!
am guessing that the lane after the Old Family Book Shop is going to vanish once this thing comes up….and you have another mall(Al Salaam Mall)coming bang opposite to this one, they need to do some serious rethink about the traffic situation once these two malls open!!

isn’t al-salam mall owned by the same guy?

also al-salam mall is supposedly going to have a hyper market (geant) in the basement, which should make the traffic and parking interesting around there.

The Thing in the middle looks like a giant Ferris Wheel,It would be awsome If they build some crazy Roller Coaste inside, a real Roller Coaster with high drops and loops and corcscrews.

how about the other project at the opposite end of pharmacy street across from the NBK and old Salmiya cinema(I don’t know if it really exists anymore). I noticed the pic of a bowling ally on the border walls of the construction area, and what it looks like a movie theater too! the new Salmiya theater being built looks pretty cool!

I passed by the old Salmiya souk yesterday and noticed that the construction work on the supposed to be ‘Sahoud Mall’ has progressed, but the structure looks nothing like the pictures in this post. Does anyone know if the design has been changed and if some other building is being built instead of the Sahoud Mall?

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