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Guide to Pools in Kuwait with Day Passes

There are plenty of public beaches in Kuwait but not that many swimming pools you can access without being a member or staying at a hotel. But, some hotels do offer day passes to their pools so I called as many hotels as I could until I had enough to put a list together.

The pools guide list below is singles friendly, and arranged from least expensive to most expensive:

Al Jahra Copthorne Hotel & Resort
Telephone: 24590000
Price: 10KD

Seashell Julaia Hotel & Resort
Telephone: 1844444
Price = 15KD

Crowne Plaza
Telephone: 1848111
Weekday 20KD
Weekend 25KD (Includes meal)

Millennium Hotel
Telephone: 22050505
Weekday: 20KD
Weekend: 25KD

Symphony Style Hotel
Telephone: 25770000
Weekday: 20KD
Weekend: 25KD

Holiday Inn Salmiya
Telephone: 25760000
Weekday: 20KD
Weekend: 29KD

Mövenpick Hotel Resort AlBidaa
Telephone: 22253100
Price: 25KD

Hyatt Regency Al Kout Mall
Telephone: 23931234
Price: 30KD
Ladies only on Monday and Wednesday

Hilton Resort
Telephone: 22256222
Weekday: 30KD
Weekend: 35KD
Weekday/Weekend for Couples: 45KD

Marina Hotel
Telephone: 22230030
Weekday: 35KD
Weekend: 40KD

Waldorf Astoria (pictured at the very top)
Telephone: 24774444
Price 1: 40KD (Inc. 2 Cocktails)
Price 2: 50KD (Inc. Food + Cocktails)

16 replies on “Guide to Pools in Kuwait with Day Passes”

Damn expensive for a single day pool. I think my hotel in Dubai was cheaper and there was 2 fancy pools.

Well 10 and 15 for the day aren’t that bad. The swimming pool complex is 2kd but for 2hours and the guys pool is in door so no tanning.

This list might work for a single expat, but not as a single Kuwaiti guy. I went to Movenpick Bidaa and was not allowed a day pass per MOI regulations. Same goes for the rest.

“What’s the MoI regulations for a single Kuwaiti male regarding pools?”

It’s like everything else here, blanket ban. and it’s not just pools, same goes for hotel rooms. About a year ago at another hotel I tried booking a room with spa as part of a birthday gift for my mother and couldn’t even do that. I spent a week getting hotel management involved thru wasta to explain the situation and give me an exception. On top of that I had to do the booking under my sister’s name and ID. Saddest part is I had to promise them not to sneak in and go up to the room I booked. You know the room where my own mother was staying. Same retarded “MOI regulations” reason of course.

Now anytime I need a day or two off to chill at a pool I book a ticket to UAE or Bahrain where at least I’m treated like a human. Fuck all that noise.

So I called A LOT of hotels, possibly every hotel with a pool in Kuwait and what I realized everyone interprets the rules differently.

Some hotels wouldn’t allow singles or even unmarried couples to use the pool. Why do I need to be married to use a pool?

I randomly asked some hotels if I could book a room and they would say that it wasn’t allowed. Other hotels actually recommend I book a room to use the pool (even though I was a single resident)

So nothing is really set in stone, I wouldn’t be surprised if a hotel told me I could use the pool as a single male but told you no, you weren’t allowed.

It’s kinda corny that Kuwaiti singles face an awkward social apartheid in their own country in being denied pool access 🤷🏻‍♂️
There is also a case to be made for foreign private schools to let members of the public use their swimming pools during the summer recess, at a price.
Mark you may want to follow this post up with a listing of ice skating rinks and skate parks in Kuwait- their locations, charges and other aspects of access for singles etc.

This is the most useful list I have found for Kuwait beaches and pools! Are two foreign women allowed in these places? …and sorry to bother you with this, but we are actually looking for a seaside beach, I just see that there is no such classic one in Kuwait. On most of the beaches, people picnic in clothes, they don’t sunbathe or swim! Do you have any suggestions for such a classic beach?

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