Health Club Prices in Kuwait

Post by Mark

marina hotel

Desert Girl sent me a list of nearly all the major health clubs in Kuwait with their prices. JW Marriott looks like its the most expensive while Ramada in Riggae looks like the cheapest. Sea C Club, Marina Hotel and Corniche Club are not on this list so if anyone knows their prices just post them below in the comments. Here is the list of prices as a downloadable pdf.

Download: [Health Club Prices]

Picture above of Marina Hotel

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  1. iRise says:

    Corniche is about 900KD for an entire year. I think health clubs in Kuwait are way over priced… that’s probably why we have so many fat, unhealthy citizens! LOWER THE PRICES.

  2. Rakan says:

    Great but I dont see the Corniche health club. I’ve been there recently and the price for a couple is 900kd a year. I dont know the prices of the singles

  3. AMQ says:

    prices are wack…i payed about a $250 initiation fee and i pay about 30 bucks a month for my gym. which is better than any gym in kuwait. . . or fitness club or whatever and guess what.. ..i can go to any club nationwide for no extra cost. ..
    the way business is run in kuwait is irritating. . .its all expensive for nothing. . ..

  4. MhM says:

    What about “thanks Desert Girl ”

    Huh :p

  5. ilsul6ana says:

    its true they are overpriced!~ The idea of CURVES gym for women was smart! It was 100 kd for 3 months, and ur workout is 20 minutes , 3 times a week. It was effective too! They say that there is a new mens health club called CORE FITNESS with the same concept in Bneid il Gar, also 20 minute sessions and its 2 times a week, Or i think it depends on what you need. If its 2 times a week its 70 Kd. Theres also a waiting list for Core fitness!

  6. Haykal says:

    Sea club is on the list, it is 104KD an individual and it is the cheapest but they do not have a gym. Corniche is the most expensive, I checked with them a couple of months ago and it was KD900 a couple per year.

  7. meshoooo says:

    the C club at the movenpick bida’a is 950 kd/yr for male members

  8. sean says:

    thanks for the info.. wondered why no1 did this b4.. do the same for other stuff like dsl n other subscriptions on a semi regular basis .. wud be a big help..

  9. okgo says:

    C CLUB

  10. dhari says:

    I visited champion male (jabrya) few days back they have some features other clubs don’t have such as electronic chip to be used with all the machine, and indoor walking lap 250 meters in length. their prices are 400KD for 3 months, 750KD/year

  11. buda says:

    700 KD for females 900 KD for guys damn what happened to equality I think the should charge women the same 900 freakin’ Dinnars

  12. Sushi says:

    700 for corniche club (single females) but I heard their prices are up unless you initially started with that price, you get to pay that everytime you renew regardless of raising prices or so I’ve heard.

  13. Shepo says:

    Al Corniche – get 13 months for the price of 12…for a couples price of 900KD. Single male 750. Kids 75. But the ‘premier’ part is 1300 KD per couple per year. Got the best facilities though

  14. Khaled says:

    Ras Asalmiya is 150KD for 15 months, what I liked about it is that they open 24 hours.

    • Dheeraj says:

      Dear Mr. Khaled, even i am looking out for a gym, kindly advise the gym name and telephone if possible.

      thanks & regards,

    • Mona says:

      wat the gym name…n can u please specify the location wer is it?? is it fr women too??

      • Abbas says:

        Ras Al Salmiya is the name of the Gym. It is located between three landmarks i.e. Holiday Inn, Kuwait Sea Sports Club and Scientific Center. I personally love the gym and think its better than the one in Holiday Inn.
        And sorry Mona, its Male Only.

    • Ronak says:

      I’m joining in jym plz how much prize in jym

  15. Zeeez says:

    Mark, the list is missing a lot a lot of men gyms.

  16. fan says:

    Yes, health clubs in Kuwait like the Corniche are expensive, but I’m happy about that. It keeps the riff-raff out. The last thing you want is for the place you go to unwind, work out, and relax by the pool to be full of the types of scuzzy people you see in Marina Mall and the Avenues, which is what would happen if their memberships were priced lower. Spend a day at the Corniche and then a day at the Shaab Sea Club next door and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

    Aahh…how I wish we could return to the days of Nadi Al-Ghazal!

    • Yousef says:

      Trust me a lot of ppl here dont know what you mean by Nadi Al-Ghazail. Trust it was the days in my life. I was young but I wont forget those good times.

  17. skyline says:

    any one could feed us about the mode of payments !

  18. jarrah al-failkawy says:

    i used to be a member of corniche i dont advise any of you to join the staff are very rude and unhelpful i used to go there everyday!
    and what did they do they kicked me out and the didnt even give me a reason why and the members are also rif raff

  19. A&B says:

    A major list wouldn’t be without Platinum and Oxygen. The list has “Done by a woman” written all over it.

  20. Zeeez says:

    A&B you are absolutely right.

  21. very neat! thanks mark and THANK YOU Desert Girl

  22. zed says:

    fan OH MY GOD, you know Nadi Al Ghazal, that was the best place ever, i loved that place.


  23. Zack says:

    I hate men only gyms…They have the feel of a prison with everyone on steroids trying to out-do each other. Far from where I want to be if I want to relax! Give me hotel gyms / mixed gyms any day…

  24. Zack says:

    Platinum Salmiya and the ppl that go there gives me the creaps…Pity, coz its in a prime city location and the nearest one to me.

  25. Mark says:

    when i remember nadi al ghazal i remember 2 things. the trampoline and how this little kid once fell of the water slide and hit his head on the floor. i think he ended up dying.

  26. okra says:

    What is the best gym in Kuwait?

  27. Desert Girl says:

    I wrote the list for work and provided it as a courtesy to our employees. It was researched by my male assistant for your information. If anyone has any other information on gyms – specifically on mens gyms – please forward them to me at

    I used to go to a small place called “Shape” close to my home – until my friend/fellow member got herpes on her STOMACH from laying on the bench in the sauna room. It closed years ago and they have demolished the building.

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere is that anyone considering a gym here should check out their cleaning schedules/policies.

  28. Desert Girl says:

    Oh, THANKS MARK for posting these on your site. I’m sure it even helped the naysayers. :)

  29. Musa'ad Haider says:

    Its such a shame. Nautilus was 225/year a year ago and 275/year three months ago. Gym prices are rising like crazy here for no obvious reason. And BTW Nautilus throw in free four months for new members so its 325/16 months.

    Thanks desert girl. I was looking for such info like crazy a year ago. If someone has pricing info about Oxygen, pls send to the address given above.

  30. Ds says:

    You should try the Shark gym which is located next to Ramada in Riggae..they got an offer of 45kd for 3 n a half pretty neat..go check it out ..

  31. fan says:

    zed, of course I know Nadi Al-Ghazal! :) That was Kuwait back in its glory years. But despite my longing for the Ghazal days, I actually don’t think it should ever reopen because, seeing what Kuwait has turned into, it could NEVER go back to how it used to be and FEEL, and it would just be too depressing.


  32. Haykal says:

    You reminded me of the old days in Nadi Al Ghazal, I miss the parrot at the entrance and miss skiing and jumping of the jetty. I also miss the cinema :) that was the best :) every Friday afternoon when we are done swimming and jumping around and need a break. Those day will never come back.

  33. A&B says:

    Tell your assistant he’s gay.

  34. HG says:

    I agree, gym’s in Kuwait are on the rise! Prices are soaring too! I’ve always had a problem with gyms like Oxygen and Platinum, za7ma, hailag, no captains there for help! Plus, Platinum’s getting kinda dirty and Oxygen is breaking down! I’ve recently joined Core Fitness, thought at first it was a rip-off. 20 minutes twice a week? Pretty skeptical to say the least! Well, I joined, package included 7-weeks of fat-loss training twice a week, a specified diet, body fat measurements and percentages, was assigned a trainer and off I went.

    Long story short, 5 weeks in and I’ve lost 9kg!

  35. okra says:

    HG pardon my ignorance,, where is Core Fitness?

  36. Kapeesh says:

    I go to pilates and its great. Paid KD 450 for 6 days a week of pilates, yoga, tai chi and other cardio machines. The best one i have been to as yet.

  37. Kapeesh says:

    I go to pilates and its great. Paid KD 450 for 6 days a week for a year of pilates, yoga, tai chi and other cardio machines. The best one i have been to as yet.

  38. Kapeesh says:

    Pilates & more is the name of the gym, i am sorry for the above two post i just got up ! Its located on the gulf street, next to the place where they are building the new Hilton. Great location and sweet trainers !

    • Malou E. Gapuz says:

      I am looking for affordable gym in Kuwait, I was attending fitness in Crown Plaza, and it cost me on 250kd a year… Kapeesh do you have tel nos. of Pilates and More



  39. Rashisha says:

    Im looking to join a healthclub…. everyone is saying crown plaza (i have friends that go there which will be fun).. i want Hilton (Close to home)
    what do you suggest?

  40. mo says:

    Corniche is about 900KD for an entire year. I think health clubs in Kuwait are way over priced… that’s probably why we have so many fat, unhealthy citizens! LOWER THE PRICES.

    hey IRISE

    DUDE!!!!! u have no idea how lazy ppl r in kuwait. its not the MONEYYY
    ITS the DALA3!!!!!!

  41. mo says:

    food is the kuwaiti drug of choice.

  42. Z says:

    I’m not sure about the yearly membership prices but Oxygen is 40KD/month and Platinum (Kaifan) is 50KD/month. Biggest problems with Oxygen is that it’s packed since the training areas are smaller than Platinum’s and the parking is annoying, and most of all; you feel like you’re a test subject with all the staring. On the other hand, it does offer better classes and the trainers are just great.

  43. KLD says:

    i think expinsive clubs got nice benifits like the calm and peace atmosphere , parking and nice treatment that you won’t find in clubs like Oxygen and Platinum even if they are better in some equipment !

  44. rocky says:

    Pls does anyone know the membership fees at core fitness health club located at Bneid Al Gar, kuwait. From the feedback it sounds interesting to join.


  45. rocky says:

    Does anyone know the contact telepone for Core Fitness health club located at Bneid Al Gar, kuwait ? Call 9550287


  46. AMK says:

    Hi guys, just reading through your blogs made me feel really nostalgic, I left Kuwait in 1970, I was a child in the 60s and we spent a lot of time at the Gazelle club in the late 60s. I think it was owned by the Al Mulla family? What ever became of it? If any of you have any information it would be great. I’m actually hoping you may be able to help track down a friend of a friend – he would be in his 50s now and his family name is Mubarak. Thank you.

  47. pureorama says:

    Does anyone know of a decent gym located around Maidan Hawally or there about?
    My budget would be around 30-40 KD monthly at the maximum

  48. mischa says:

    for ladies? you can check express fitness a 30mins. circuit workout suitable for busy ladies who dont have enough time in staying longer in a health club… in hawally contact them 22643050

    • Sara says:

      Hello mischa, Thanks for your help. Could you please mention in which street in Hawally and infront of which building is the Express Fitness located?

      Because I have called them a lot and no one respond to my call.

      Your respond is highly appreciated :)

  49. mischa says:

    to add also i think one of the best health club i have ever seen in kuwait is THE CHAMPION in jabriya, they have a complete amenities in one roof, t for men, ladies, boys and girls health club, a state of the art health spa for men and women. and a football field on their rooftop. and soon they will introduce the wellness program were in all their clients will be having a chips that could handle their work out regime…for you guys better check the THE CHAMPION in jabriya, its really a haven for you to discover….

  50. Gus says:

    well i have been to many gyms in kuwait, and i think when selecting a gym, you should make sure they have the facilities you want, like swimming pools and sauna…etc… and most clubs now have that… but i found that the most important feature of any gym/club are the coaches and trainers and staff.. I have been at platinum and i tell you the trainers do not do anything except chatting with their programs or plans or attention is given to others…, most of the gyms are like that, i found a small men gym in salmiya that is located on kuwait diving club simple but good coaches, now i am at the campions for men and thier prices are reasonable 370 for the whole year, the coaches really care and follow up and put plans for you

  51. Mohammed says:

    Champion gym sucks .. the owners suck .. the facility might seem like a nice facility .. but behind all that work, theres a crappy management team. and a crappy boss “King”. right now theyre over pricing cause they spent soo much money on that place for absolutely no reason. you dont need to have LCD tvs in the bathroom. so when u think about it, theres absolutely no reason to join champion. the price you pay at champion is the same price you would pay at a mixed gym.

    • T says:

      There are no lcds in the bathroom..
      It’s an excellent gym.. Stop dissing it cause I can assure you and everyone else here there aren’t any LCDs in the bathrooms.. For anyone who wants to see what the gym offers see it for yourself.. Ask for the full tour..

  52. Russ says:

    Walked by the old club early Feb 09, Gazelle Club looks long time closed/abandoned. Would be interesting to go look inside, but too dangerous/illegal. Has a strange shaped pier tower out into the Gulf; anyone know what its history is?

  53. Sarah says:

    Pls. can anyone guide me to join healthclub for women? it can be in salmiya or Hawally. Shouldn’t be more than 300 – 400KD per year. Anyone has idea about Flex? wht is their yearly package? Does Champion Gym is good for Ladies?

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

  54. Andrew says:

    Can any of you much-more-informed-than-me guys get the contact details for Oxygen, Platinum and Pilates & More?
    The web is horrible when it comes to information on Kuwait. Either that or my connection SUCKS!

    Thanks so much :)

  55. alaa says:


    Im looking for a gym where i can go with my wife to,it should be A class but with acceptable budget and respectful for a couple.
    what are the options!

  56. Fatima says:


    i found a really good gym for women, 2 floors has big pool, jacuzzi, sauna. a whole range of classes like body sculpting, aerobics,steps, taebo etc plus a range of excercise machines. its 3 times a week (sat,mon,wed) for 1 month it cost 45KD. And men can go on sun,tues,thursday.

    Another good gym for men is called plantinum excellent services (3 floors of gym stuff) only 35kd.

    • Bharathy says:

      hi fatima..
      this ladies gym tht youve mentioned,where exactly is it?
      also would anyone be able to guide me to a women;s health club in mahboula/abu halifa or fahaheel area?ive come across pilates and more,but they seem way expensive :(

  57. Fatima says:

    To Rocky
    In bneid al gar i know one place its an ayurverdic center it mostly focuses on yoga,slimming services etc its 60kd a month.

    Here is the website:

  58. Rayomand says:

    Thanks fatima, but the center is for ladies. Thanks anyway as i have recomended to my wife to join. I am member of Platinum gym in salmiya. It is value for money. The best for the price. At the moment they are having special promotion. contact me:


  59. Anoop says:

    Hi Rayomand ,

    What is the promotion in platinum gym.?Please can i have the details.

  60. Rayomand says:

    Hi Anoop,

    R u from India ? which place ? I am from Hyderabad.
    I suppose now the promotion is 10 days free for every 1 month. Monthly it is KD 35. There is different promotion for quartely etc. call them to know the exact details. Tel 1880008. This promotion is for salmiya branch. dont know if they have other branches.
    Take care.

  61. Anoop says:

    hi raymoand thanx am in salmiya cos am looking for a gud gym only near to mine is al mabroor but i learnt that it sucks i will try platinum! ya am from mumbai !

    takecare u 2 thanx again

  62. Rayomand says:

    hi anoop, I was previous member of this club. Only retired and diwaniya crowd can be more found there. It is lousy place specially only 3 days you can use full club rest of the days it is only limited space utilization. if you have car, platinum is best in salmiya. It is jacuzzi, steam, sauna, swimming, squash & tennis courts. wi fi net facility, cafeteria etc. good luck to you.

  63. Anoop says:

    Rayomand thanxs man ! its really helpful ! dont have a car though, but will try to manage !

  64. Rayomand says:

    Hi anoop, if you dont have a car, there r many small gyms in salmiya which will do for core fitness. You dont need fancy clubs to get in shape. I had personally lost >10kgs by doing workouts at home with least equipment. Good luck to you. Keep in touch.

  65. Anoop says:

    sure man thanks ya better walking and jogging in the park ! as an initial step! sure keep in touch

  66. fatima says:

    @ raymond.: Actually raymond the ” mabroor health club” has alternate days for both genders.

    For women its sat, mon, wed
    For men its sunday, tuesday,thursday

  67. Rayomand says:

    Hi Fatima,

    Yeah, that’s true. I used to go there before, but the facilities are limited on the alternated days as the premises is not the same. Plus side is there is not much crowd. I feel daily committment & proximity to the club is more important than anything else.

  68. juju says:

    hi.. i have been reading all your answers and questions re gym in kw. i have just moved back to kw. really want to get in shape and would prefer a womens gym in salmiya … can anyone tell me of one they r using which is good and helpful in the work outs they offer? advice needed. also … anyone looking for work out partners? as i am new to the gyms here. thanx

  69. Rayomand says:

    Flex and Pineapple are purely for womens gym. But there are some good indian certified instructors too. There are quite a few options, depends on time available and your area of residence.

  70. PC says:

    Can anyone suggest how is Curves for women, basically i am looking for a full body workout and can spend more than 30 mins. Will be helpful if a personal trainer is available to manage my sessions. Any suggestions for good reasonable gyms.

  71. Rayomand says:

    Hi PC,

    There is an certified indian instructor in salmiya for your info.

  72. al zain says:

    i need loose around 5 kg and to be in shape ,,what do u suggest ???

  73. Kuwaiti says:

    If the guys in the Platinum gym in Salmiya or Platinum gym in Kaifan-Kuwait city or Oxygen gym in the Audiliya area keeping looking at your body and do eye contact with you don’t worry because you are in gym famous as a Gay Gym ..

  74. Rayomand says:

    To loose approx 1/2kg your calories need to be in deficit of 3,850 calories which would amount to 550 calories per day for 7 days. With these numbers you can work on the maths to arrive at your suggested weight loss.

    Whether you work out at gym or at home, your calories expended should be more than the intake.
    joining a gym would keep you motivated though.
    I am member at Platinum khaifan. Decent place.

  75. Raphael says:

    Hi Rayomand& anoop tipps “It is self determination,dicipline &selfmotivation more importan than to be in shape rather then the Hi fi facilities.

  76. Raphael says:

    Rocky check your need at Hollidayinn Downtown Sharq

  77. naddy says:

    hi guys read through the whole thing…..
    i havent found anything near farwaniya

    please suggest a gym in Farwaniya….. not the hifi type(eg: crown plaza)…… but a proper gym….

    i stay behind crown plaza FYI

  78. eric says:

    hi can anyone tell me is there a nice neighborhood gym in mahaboula area just looking for machines free wieghts and shower dont need anything more then that. ilooked at the larger gyums and they have martial arts and pools massage you name it they have it all i am looking for is the basics


  79. Rockmab says:

    Hi all i have been looking at all of these comments and only have 1 question. i am looking for a place that can male me train for a marital art called kendo. My budget is 400 kd for a year. So can anybody help me out here?? Please

  80. m&M'S says:

    does anyone knows if Hilton offers a monthly package besides annual membership? i would’nt be here for a year…thanks

  81. M says:

    hi rockmab, i was searching the internet for kendo and i found this :
    it is located in salwa and seems nice
    “Cost is 2KD per session for Royal Viking Club members, 4KD for non-members.”

  82. reeya says:

    Khaled says:
    July 15, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    Ras Asalmiya is 150KD for 15 months, what I liked about it is that they open 24 hours.

    @ Khaled is dat a male only gym & is the offer still available

  83. Paul says:

    Cornice is now 1000KD with 150KD signup fee. It’s a nice place, but I lift heavy, and the floor flexes too much, anyone know of a good powerlifting gym? Corniche doesn’t even have a squat rack. SAS Viking Gym has a squat rack, the Muscle Factory in Shaab has one, too. Any others? FYI, I’m not talking about a smith machine, those don’t count LOL.

  84. asiya says:

    do you know if Corniche has Indoorwalking? Just arrived in Kuwait and I miss it!!

  85. chef-bader says:

    hey everyone well i came across this site by chance lol and i am a kuwaiti chef and u know how chefs end up with big tummys so i am confused where its better the c club at movenpick bidaa or champions jabreya or the corniche plz help me out as i have the money saved up lol and i dont wanna go on a shopping spree for kitchen utensils lol i have enough :P

  86. Y a s i r says:

    hi ” Desert Girl ”

    u started this thread & u r not replying for a long time .

    why does a person wants to go a GYM , just have a 11 miles jog every morning :D

  87. anthony says:

    Hi Desert girl,let me wish u a happy new year and all the best from all the gym in Q8.The mix Gym in Holiday inn downtown running promotion is 245.000kd only4 15 mths not crowded.

  88. dana says:

    Hello, does anyone know a gym where my teenage daughter and I can join?
    I have previously been to Pilates & more and quit, I was also a member of Flex Women but did not like it.

  89. nadia says:

    hey guys,
    well am in farwania for only 3 months and am looking for gym .please advise with prices.

  90. Mohd says:

    With these overpriced gyms i rather workout in my room ..u go to a fast food with ur family of 6 and u just pay 12 k.d ..u wanna join the gym u should pay 900 k.d yearly..uve got to be kiddin me..

  91. Mona Islam says:

    im searching fr an affortable gym near sharq…does any1 have any idea?

  92. akram says:

    the champion (JABRIYA) there`s a discount now 35%
    1 year for men is 490 KD
    1 year for ladies is 450KD
    it`s a nice health club

  93. TisMe says:

    i’ve been in this gym Ras al salmiya for a while , its good , nicely located “near the scientific center” ,well priced ( 100kd/6monhts 150kd/1year ), it can get crowded at night but its pretty much peaceful at the morning or the afternoon.

  94. Marina says:

    V. interesting forum.

    Isn’t the Al Corniche swimming pool too crowded and full of children? Thanks. I need help. Thanks.

  95. benish says:

    anybody knows any local gym in hawally area near kaldoon street with lower rate?

  96. Albie says:

    Hello all. I am new to Kuwait and looking for a gym for mainly weightlifting. I do not really care about coaches, sauna, swimming, etc. Im looking to lift, and do some cardio. A boxing/heavy bag area would be nice.The Salwa/Salmiya area would be nice. Thanks so much for the help. Albie.

  97. Salue says:

    Albie are a ah chick or a dude

    • Albie says:

      I already bought everything I need for less than $1000kd and am training at home. Thanks for the response though. Happy New Year.

  98. B-Alrayes says:

    gym which is good doesnt cost more than 50?

  99. Mariam says:

    I need a personal female swimming coach who can teach me how to swim for probably only a month or two. Preferably a female who could visit me at home and teach me.

  100. Ruru says:

    Could anyone please tell me what the current prices are for women’s yearly memberships at nautilus fitness center, crowne plaza and champion and flex and JW marriott… Or any other good gyms (not above and preferably under 30 KD/month)

  101. dareen says:

    stretch jym at salmiya is fine but over priced for pepole who has low income :
    1 month+1 week free= 85
    3moths =150
    1 year=385

  102. mamta kumari says:

    i want to join jim. Please tell e exact location and phone no. Thank you.

    • DaNa says:

      Well champions have an offer till the end of Ramadan, for one year membership u pay only 326kd … If u r a group of three … Me and my sis gonna join and looking for one extra person so your welcome to enjoy the offer ^^

  103. Boxing for Training and Fitness says:

    Anyone knows any gyms or trainers that will train or tutor in boxing – both for fitness and sparring. Used to do it before i came to Kuwait and lost lots of weight doing it, besides being fun. Can’t seem to find anything similar in kuwait, even in gyms as abroad most gyms would have boxing bags and training connected with weight training.

    Any ideas?

  104. Benyameen says:

    At you can find a list of most gyms in Kuwait with their up-to-date prices, amenities, and address/contact info as you compare them side by side. A list of gym promotions is posted as well.

  105. gym says:

    If anyone is a guy and still looking for a gym there is one end challenge fitness in shaab Al bahri price is quite cheap with 6 month membership 70kd and 3 months 55kd I believe
    Quite big and has very new equipment and not many people go there
    Plus they have training sessions that are free and trainers that are more than willing to give a helping hand

  106. Kris says:

    Gym 3:23pm

    What is the name of the gym? :) I would want to go there.. Thanks!

  107. Khaled el Janoudi says:

    Any gym in kuwait that will accept me if im 14 years old

  108. Adnan says: name is Adnan.i find gym in shark

  109. Mariam says:

    Im working in a gym in hawally tunish street we have for men, women and children and we open everyday except friday. And Most especially is not expensive at all.
    You can contact this number. 22612373. The name of the gym is House of strength.

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