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Post by Mark

A couple of days back I found the image above of Lionel Richie on a website and it cracked me. So, I decided to replicate it and put it up in my office. But, I then decided to print a couple of more copies and paste them around town (check an example below) since I figured it would put a smile on the face of a stranger when they saw it.

Now I’m sharing the PDF of the flyer I did in case you want to print and paste it somewhere as well. It’s a silly little thing but it’s fun. [PDF]

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  1. Bu Yousef says:

    It may put a smile on some people’s face but not mine. Stickers, ads and wedding invitations around town, on my house gate, on car windscreens, enrage me. We already have enough ad hoc signage in Kuwait to cover Australia. Sorry but I’m tutting at this one…

    • EDI says:

      lol why so serious??

    • Mark says:

      Relax I didn’t stick any on your house gate or car windscreen. I also used household scotch tape so they are easily removable without causing any damage to any property

    • Mubarak says:

      The only thing missing from your post is the ol’ ‘Get off my lawn you damn kids!’ line. But yeah I have to agree, such things get on my nerves to no end.

  2. Bu Yousef says:

    I think I need another coffee.

  3. NJ says:

    Well actually I prefer to look for Wentoworth Miller ;p

  4. Rania says:

    lool That’s really funny

  5. MoeYourBro says:

    I am so posting this around school..

  6. mm hmm says:

    ahahaahah that’s hilarious!!! I really wish I would of seen it around town before I saw it here! I would of been on the floor!..

  7. TweeZ says:

    that’s classic right there Mark

  8. Sheikh Rehab says:

    Lol, that sounds Fun.
    It will Surely Bring a Smile on my face when i see it.
    And my Would Say my Friends,
    Heiy Look Mark did this :P !

  9. Rob says:

    Sorry, but still don’t get it….

  10. Abdul-Aziz says:

    looool hilarious
    am gonna stick it in my office

  11. meh says:

    a few more of those and the maba7eth will be hauling your ass to the nearest station for distributing unauthorized fliers.

  12. Sal says:

    LOL!! I’ll be looking around for it!! :p Such a simple & positive idea! This would definitely put a smile on my face

  13. blablabla says:

    LOOL! i saw it too on some website but never thought of doing the same… im so printing it off now and spreading it at schooL!

  14. J says:

    lol so win

  15. esz says:

    N1ce one Mark! It really put a smile on my face :-D

  16. lonetraveller says:

    It reminded me the old days.
    Nice post Mark.

  17. Yeni says:

    Good one Bart Simpson. It’s quite funny, but no one will get it.

  18. Yaso says:

    LOL, its really funny,,

  19. Zaitsev says:

    Lionel Richie – WIN

  20. ariston says:

    very funny Mark! :D
    though i’d downloaded the pdf and printed a copy, but had no plans of posting it outside… :)

  21. Mark says:

    someone stole the poster i put up at the bus stop :(

  22. Chelle says:

    though i am quite partial to lionels jheri curl mullet phase this pic is pretty awesome too and is currently gracing prime office wall space real estate…like by the water cooler. Good chuckles.

  23. meme says:

    damn, didn’t know mark’s readers remembered any singer before Usher.

    Barry Manilow, Barry White, Karen Carpenter anyone?

  24. Melody says:

    The same pix is popping up in the USA, probably circling the globe? Smiled and remembered the smooooth music.

  25. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    OMG – I literally burst out laughing when I saw this post, Mark! Thanks for the laugh – I really needed one lately!

  26. Nael says:

    Where can I find this exact picture?! I went through google images, but none of them fit as well as this one, can you post a link please?

  27. this SO just made my day (possibly many days in a row). i swiftly printed and forwarded to my brother who swiftly printed and posted in his break room. i then forwarded your link to a ton of friends and encouraged them to post one somewhere. absolutely in love with this. a day brightener to be certain.

    three cheers for your fun idea!

    love me some LR i do.

    ~ :)

  28. Elle says:

    hahaha I love this! Nice one!

  29. Hunaidi says:

    Hahaha I read this post yesterday night and saw the a poster of it on a notice board in my uni! Great one mark! Made me smile :)

  30. Zigayer says:


    What a brilliant idea

    We love you mark

  31. moe80s says:

    we really have to get a life :S lol

  32. deka says:

    LOVE this. absolutely hilarious!

  33. july says:

    You are an amazing person!!!!

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