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Post by Mark

I received the below from K’S PATH and thought was important to share:

K’S PATHS’ animal shelter and sanctuary houses around 200 animals from over 10 species. The effort that goes into the daily care of these animals is great and the finances needed exceed 6,000KD per month. With summer approaching fast, experience tells us that our income is going to decrease greatly while the number of animals needing our care will grow. For K’S PATH to be able to survive through the summer months, we need to raise 10,000KD. We ask our community to rise up to the challenge and help us insure our work for the next few months. Our goal is to raise 10,000KD by the end of April. Remember every little bit helps, so please donate today to this worthy cause.

Options for donations:

1. Transfer money directly into our bank account.
Bank Name: Ahli Bank of Kuwait
Branch: Galleria 2000
Name:Ayeshah Waleed Al-Humaidhi
Account: 0626-468911-001
IBAN:KW42ABKK00000000006264689110 01

2. Drop off donation at:
a. Our shelter in Wafra
b. Animal Care Office in Mangaf
c. Animal Care Kennels at Royal Animal Hospital

3. Call 6700 1622 or e-mail to arrange pick up

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions

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  1. Longhorn in Kuwait says:

    Saw some jackasses this morning out a little past Arifjan throwing rocks at a dog while trying to bargain with a taxi driver. The dog was just minding his business of course! Wish I had time to pull over or drive by and throw rocks at them, but I had to get to work.

  2. Graf says:

    i disagree with this. its really great that they have rescued alot of different type of species. But they shouldnt become a ZOO and keep this animals in Kuwait. The maintainence of a Zoo type of setup is extremely high and without government support … its crazy.

    I feel they should put more efforts into shipping them out of the country. Donations drives for shipping them out of here would be right for their cause.

  3. Yeni says:

    Very worthy cause.

  4. GeorgeCarlin says:

    I knew I should have created a blog years ago. Damn it!

  5. Khalid Abdulrahman says:

    A very worthy cause, BUT:

    I think what K’s path Is doing is honorable and I have been keeping my eye on them for awhile now but I have long since thought that the shelter and it’s whole “Business model” if you will, is flawed (I know it’s a charity but even charities have business models). They go to great lengths to find and help these animals but it seems things stop there. Aisha (the owner of K’s Path) hasn’t figured out how to find homes for a lot of these animals turning her organization into a Zoo instead of a shelter. Shelters are supposed to temporary locations and not homes. Shelters around the world have time limits on the length of stay for there residents and then they are usually uthenised after a few months. a better end then poisoning to death in excruciating pain.

    I’m sure she doesn’t want to do that and hence the problem she finds herself in. K’s Path is turning into an Old lady that Howard’s hundreds of cats etc like you see on Animal planet (although in much better conditions).
    So what is she going to do when the shelter reaches capacity? They need to come to some painful decisions to be able to sustain the organization and help all the other animals who haven’t been so lucky to be found by them.

    On another note:
    I know the Laws in Kuwait are arcane and dealing with the Government on these issues such as licensing (for an animal shelter) can be a nightmare and I bet those laws don’t even exist!. That being said, I saw on Mark’s post that one of the ways they are taking donations is by transfer/deposit into Aisha’s personal Bank account. I don’t think that is professional and doesn’t instill any confidence in how and where said donations will be used. I’m SURE Aisha would never misuse any donated funds. But still with the amount of money they are asking for, these issues must be addressed. especially since the last political fiasco involving some MP’s taking money from an unknown person. They said they were “gifts” and under Kuwaiti law, they are allowed to accept these “Monetary Gifts” and keep them. Hence my reservations on that asspect of the donation process.

    Keep up the good work K’s Path!

    • Volunteer says:

      I’m sorry Khalid, but you have obviously never been to the shelter! It is far from a zoo! While they never turn away an animal in need, they do not “go looking for them” They also go to great lengths to match as many of their wonderful companion animals with new forever homes, in fact only this week 3 animals were sent to the US to find their new homes & at least 3 have been adopted here in Kuwait. They are constantly trying new things to raise the profiles of the animals in their care in order to do their very best to make sure that their time at the shelter IS a temporary stay!

      They do have to make many difficult decisions but euthanasia based on the amount of time spent there is an archaic practice and progressive shelters euthanize based on adoptability which is decided from a well researched behavioral assessment and a daily assessment of an animal’s ability to cope with living at the shelter

      As for hoarding hundreds of cats?! I am not sure you are talking about the same place!! There are approximately 50 cats on the website up for adoption at the moment & if you were a fan on their facebook page you would see how many get adopted out each week.

      I have known Ayeshah for 2 years & she is well known in the animal welfare community for being an expert on humane sheltering and has been flown to conferences to present on the issue and she was recently hired by HSI as the regional coordinator because of that knowledge and implementation

      There is an open day at the shelter this weekend, may be you should come along & see for yourself! (I am sure you could also request to see a copy of the accounts! They are very open with the figures & I am sure that everyone who has met & worked with Ayeshah would also agree that to suggest that there could ever be anything remotely dodgy with this process is just preposterous!)

    • C'est la vie says:

      Objectively well said

  6. meme248 says:

    The Humane thing to do is put them out of their misery .

  7. Areej says:


    I have personally flown more than 15 dogs from K’S PATH to the US in a period of 3 years. These were dogs who have been at the shelter for a long time and have minimal chance of finding homes in Kuwait. K’S PATH networks with several shelters in the US, and those dogs get adopted within a week- which is awesome news. 2 years ago when the shelter burned down, dozens of dogs were flown to D.C because the shelter had to be rebuild and there was no place to home the dogs. This actually got media coverage in the US. K’S PATH have successfully re-homed a Hyena at Al-Ain Wildlife sanctuary, and whenever they can, they actively seek homes for all the animals. Some animals, like baboons, are considered pests. No one wants them, and for that reason, K’S PATH built a baboon enclosure rather than put them down.

    There also is a very good reason why donations go to Ayeshah’s personal bank account- and it all boils down to bureaucracy. If K’S PATH were allowed to have their own bank account, that would have been the case a long time ago.

    Drop by at the shelter on one of their open days…. you might be pleasantly surprised :) x

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