I won the lawsuit!!!

Post by Mark

I’m really not a good writer neither am I great in speeches which is what I believe this verdict deserves. I was extremely nervous today waiting to find out the outcome as you can imagine and it was such an incredible relief to find out I won.

I’m really not sure what to say other than the fact this ruling goes to show how much freedom of speech is highly respected in Kuwait. I love living here and I love having the right to state my personal opinion on this blog. I really want to thank EVERYONE for all the support that you gave me. Seriously what you guys did was just incredible and really gave me the courage to fight this out till the end. I also want to thank my lawyer Khaled Al Shamali from The Group Law Firm for taking this case and doing an amazing job. And most importantly I want to thank the judge and the court for their ruling.

I hope no other blogger will have to go through what I did and I hope the result of this case will serve as an example that you can’t stop people from stating their personal opinions.

Thanks again everyone!

PS: If you have no idea what lawsuit I am talking about click [Here]

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  1. pearls says:

    1000 mabrooooooooooooooooooooooooooook!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!:D

    I am so happy for you Mark!!!!!

  3. Na9er says:

    Congrats Mark! But what they tell you exactly man? What did the judge say?

  4. Ramez says:

    Congratulations dude :)

  5. Abdulmohsen says:

    Great news! Congrats! That is a win for all bloggers :)

  6. Les says:

    This is amazing! What happens to the company now? Do they have to compensate you?

  7. Bu Yousif says:

    Congrats Mark you really didn’t do anything wrong but express your point of view which is respected in Kuwait : ‘D

  8. His says:

    Congratulations :)

    I told everyone that you should be winning the case as you did not do anything wrong.

  9. Congratulations! Celebrating with you. Keep up the good job!

  10. Yay! Man that incredible. Says a lot of freedom of speech in the country. Now this makes me feel so good, I would think the whole drama was worth it. At least now we know such companies can’t scare bloggers like us!

  11. Mr. Pink says:

    it seems as though we have our own O.J. Simpson in Kuwait…!

  12. Mubarak says:

    I was looking forward to trying Benihana, but this childish behavior on their behalf is just downgrading, i will not even set foot in that place.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is a shame! A free-meal, or even a kind invitation to Mark could have solved the review negativity.

      You know all restaurants under soft or new opening suck for someone. Too bad it happened to Mark in Benihana, so he wrote a not so favorable review.

      Although I had a pleasant food-experience, the reaction of the owners representative lawsuit stopped me until now from going. Probably I would avoid dealing with the onwers for life. Their action makes me vote with my money and keep it away from them in everything I want to buy and sell.

  13. Snake-87 says:

    1000 mbrook mark ^_^

  14. Bee says:

    Supeeeer :D congrats what a relief!

  15. Apparently freedom of speech is respected in Kuwait.

    Do they have to compensate you by the way? Personally I think they should.

  16. AmonA says:

    Mabrooooooooooooook, all the best :)

  17. Meshari says:

    I am very happy for you… :)

  18. Mansour says:

    congrats Mark, sue them back!
    i want to see the face of that Servo guy

  19. Teko says:


    I think, but am not sure, that you can make them pay for the lawyer fees.

    You should have asked! If it was really final, that means you won’t have to worry about Benihana’s apeal, or it might be final enough for them not to consider it.

    Congrats again!

  20. A1 says:

    Q8RedFlag.com would like to congratulate
    your efforts in fighting this Benihana Lawsuit which took
    2-4 months now. We admire the struggles that you’ve been
    through…. Q8redflag.com wishes 248am.com all the best inshAllah… Enjoy the rest of the evening eating frozen yoghurt;)

  21. Kuwaitiful says:

    They rightfully deserved their loss. But what was the verdict exactly?

  22. K says:

    Brilliant news!

  23. ims85 says:

    Alf alf mabrook

    R u Lebanese LOL! – I always remember that and laugh.

    Bless u. :)

  24. razzag says:

    Mabroooooooooooooook Mark and the rest of the online community

  25. Saud says:

    you have done a great service for this country and its people. thank you.

  26. Ronman says:

    Congrats Mark, it’s truly inspiring when the law works in tandem to common sense and general rights, more so when it comes to freedom of speech, as a journalist in the region, it gives me great pride and a bit of an emotional boost knowing that you stuck it to the corps doing the right thing….

    Now, tell me, are they paying your Law suit costs and other things? and if you will get a pay out… what will you spend it on..i bet you ain’t going to that place any more…LOL

  27. JiMMaR says:

    woot XD

  28. emmas says:


  29. Mark says:

    No payout yet or anything of the sort. THey have 30 days to appeal the court decision. if they dont then the case gets closed and I can then seek compensation for my lawyer fees.

    • Zorbon says:

      You should seek more…as they have caused you grief and hardship.

    • rick says:

      First of all congratulation mark,
      this is my first post n a long one too.
      i m no expert on law but may i suggest few things, dont just seek compensation for my lawyer fees.
      sue them back i know its gonna b expensive but if blog community come up together with followers its possible to raise a fund,i m sure its not just benihana that sued you it was backed up by more food co. to send a message( my opinion) to blog community.
      now you can sue them for stress they have caused, Defamation of you and your blog( which is worth $ 38,949, https://www.248am.com/mark/kuwait/im-being-sued-by-benihana/)if you add all this accusations in a lawsuit it will all be individually heard.

      P.S. Law experts please light us up accordingly.

  30. Joe Akkawi says:

    Good for you man. Mabrook!

  31. mm says:

    now, how about we celebrate at benihana :D ?

  32. Syed says:

    Alf Mabrook Mark. This is indeed a great country to live in.

  33. zaydoun says:

    Great news indeed! I expect Benihana is hoping this whole thing will go away as the amount of negative publicity they’ve gotten is unbelievable… I hope they fire the fool who brought the lawsuit in the first place!

  34. Hash says:

    Wonderful news Mark.. congratulations!

  35. hassan mikail says:

    Congrats Mark! Kuwait always had the ‘freedom of speech’ edge over its neighbors and so happy the judicial system delivered justice on this case.

  36. Saji says:

    Congrats dear

  37. Dudette says:

    Mark !! Congrats man ! ;)

    Good news and you deserve it and we told u so;)

  38. faisal says:


  39. Cant think of a name says:


  40. spydistrict says:

    Congratulations. Kudos to democratic rulings!

  41. Awartany says:


  42. Hessa says:

    ظهر الحق وزهق الباطل !
    مبروك .. What an experience

  43. cajie says:

    It’s nice to know that we do have freedom of personal expression in Kuwait – regardless of what the general view would otherwise convey.

  44. Saju says:

    Wow! Great news… Congrats!

  45. Desert Girl says:

    (Dancing in circles) Mabroooooooook! Way to go, Mark!

    On behalf of bloggers like me, who write about our every day experiences (good or bad) in Kuwait: You took up the sword for us against those who would test the extent of freedom of speech in blogsphere; and you had the courage and conviction to continue to write about your legal ordeal throughout.

    As a fellow blogger, I sincerely thank you for establishing this prescedent. Congratulations!

  46. Hussain says:

    Great news , u deserve the best Mark , keep on going

  47. Frankom says:

    مبروك خيووووو

  48. Koko says:

    Hey Mark!
    Congratulations for winning your case. I’m glad that we can still rely on a fair judicial system even in the Middle East. This only comes to show how far the Arab world has gotten but still have a long way to go. Besides winning the case, you also got a bit of fame. I mean we ALL know who 248am is :) So yea everything happens for a reason

  49. Eve says:


  50. N says:

    Congats Man :)

  51. Lexsus says:

    Congratulations Mark….Didnt I mention..truth always wins!!!

  52. soulinq8 says:

    Really happy for you. it’s interesting to see how kuwait law deal with that case.

  53. Q8Path says:

    Mubrook for winning the lawsuit.

  54. Ma6foog says:

    … omg mark congrats man
    hope they dont appeal as you say …. it sux to go on nervous again :/

  55. soulinq8 says:

    Another thing : you will get the 5001 KD now ?


  56. Coffers says:

    Mabrouk dude, justice in the end. They have given themselves a bad name, lost customers and in the end got nothing out of it. Not only will i never visit Benihana, I even stopped having subways, they started using inferior product, and ruined their sandwiches. Plus i couldn’t stand their attitude. Again Mabrouk, serves that little man that started this whole thing, bet he loses his job. Shame that still wont save their tarnished image.

  57. dlc says:

    wow.. its the best news of the day

    Congrats Mark :)

  58. Hussain says:

    Mabrook! Wish you the best!

  59. Spartan says:

    alf mabroook mark…great news!!

  60. Kuweight 64 says:

    Congratulations for winning the lawsuit!

  61. Prateek says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!! Congrats Mark.You can go out and party tonight. :)

  62. Strider says:

    Congrats Mark…. I bed the look on the faces of their lawyer and Benihana people worth a million Dinar!!! now its your turn to serve them with a court order!!! loool

  63. Mathai says:

    Congratulations Mark! You and your lawyer Mr. Al Shamali have done a great job for all bloggers.

  64. rosy says:

    Mabrook Mark. That’s fantastic news.

  65. FAMAJAH says:

    !!!عاش خالي خالد

  66. Congrats Mark! This is great news!

  67. Narain says:

    Congratulations! A victory for the internet, freedom of speech and common sense.

  68. bazaar says:

    Ishta ya wad :)

  69. Kal says:

    congrats man!
    Mike Servo you did say this: “everybody knows the law of kuwait is 100 % fair” you were right man!…. IN YOUR FACE!

  70. Alex says:


  71. Rainy says:

    Congratulation ,, alf mabrook el7amdalah you deserve it

  72. Danderma says:

    Congratulations! You must feel like an enormous weight have been lifted off your chest! Phew!

    I knew it! I had no doubt whatsoever that you were going to win this lawsuit

    Lets just hope that the owner will not appeal, though I am certain that nothing in the verdict will change :D

    You deserve compensation for the ordeal you’ve been put through, just saying.

  73. Zorbon says:

    Gratz Gratz Gratz….Btistahal kil khair :)

  74. mentabolism says:

    Congrats. Will they compensate you for the legal fees and stuff? you should sue them for that..

  75. Sahar says:

    Wow!!! I didn’t imagine I would be THIS happy! Mabrouk!! Wow justice rules, I’m impressed with the law in Kuwait, we should have a twitter celebration:)

  76. مبروك يالزميل
    all what you’ve done is writing a review based on a bad experience and nothing was personal
    دربك خضر انشالله

  77. j3k2 says:

    Congratz Mark!

  78. nomaddia says:

    Congratulation Mark, I’m sooo happy for you. Alf Mabroooooooooooooooooooook.

  79. Kuwait says:

    Heartiest congratulations Mark!

  80. Haitham says:

    That’s fantastic! You, the bloggers of Kuwait, the public and The Group Law Firm are the winners in this case and the “other party” can limp away and eat their humble pie.

  81. Sharon says:

    Congrats !

  82. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy for you.

  83. AbdulRahman says:

    Congratulations my friend and You have won a lot of people while they have lost more than the case …

  84. alice says:

    Congratulations Mark. I am really proud of you

  85. Daniel says:

    Congrats… This show that we are in a great country!!!

  86. AbdulRahman says:

    You know Mark , if i was the owner of that restaurant , i wouldn’t have made that lawsuit and i would have asked you to come again and i will serve you for free and ask you to write a new review; so that i can gain your trust and the people who follow your blog but unfortunately they were stupid enough to make that lawsuit and they lost it … so Congratulations Benihana you have lost your customers and your reputation …

  87. alice says:

    Congratulations Mark. I am very proud of you

  88. deQor8 says:

    it was a baseless, frivolous lawsuit … would’ve been a travesty had the decision gone the other direction.

  89. Lucky_boy says:


    Now time to revenge

  90. Bash says:

    Congrats! This is just right! Now, it’s your turn to file a lawsuit against them and earn the KD5001!!!!

    I wonder how their PR manager feels right now!!!!

  91. Mahmoud says:

    Congrats Mark!!!

  92. 360Dewan says:

    Gr8 news, congratulations :)

  93. Chaoticposha says:

    Congrats mark! Real happy for u and all the bloggers. That should give all resturants and all companies out there a lesson. We have the right to write whatever we believe in. Am really glad u won this and am proud that we have bloggers like you to represent Kuwait in such a beautiful way. keep going sir your doing an extraordinary job!

  94. Art Kuwait says:

    Dear Mark!

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!

    We are very happy for you !!!!!!!

  95. Amy says:

    this really made my day. congrats mark :)

  96. 7amood says:

    i dont know why you were nervous. damn tadry innek baree2.. w masawayt shay ghala6..

  97. cyrographics says:

    Congratulations!..you are an inspiration to all bloggers and aspiring writers out there..

    Here’s to freedom of speech and expression!

  98. q8i says:

    I am no poet
    But I can’t remain quiet

    Wondering how can I convey my happiness
    Here is my poem throuhgh which I want to express

    Because you won the law suit
    It really makes us fellow bloggers go in pursuit

    For the thing which you have in abundant
    which we wish we had it in the present

    And then we realise the thing is courage
    The realisation that it is the conqest of fear at such a young age

    We cannot more than express our elation
    All we can say is ‘CONGRATULATION’.

    We wish you all success and elevation
    In this black golden nation


  99. iamthestig says:

    100000000000000 mabrooooooook :)

  100. Amu says:

    Congrats, thats a great news!!!

  101. sallom says:


  102. Omarker says:

    1678900 mbroook .. I know that gonna happen

  103. Gail Sharratt says:

    Just wanted to add my congratulations on your legal success. Keep up the good work.

  104. eB6ainiya Blog says:

    Congrats! Although it was very likely that the court will rule for you, it’s a huge relief for all bloggers around Kuwait :)

    Always express yourself :)

  105. Jewaira says:

    Congratulations, Mark. Good news

  106. izzyq8 says:

    Alf alf mabrook man testahal
    Would be hillarious if u had dinner there tommorow :p

  107. Reda says:

    Today is a good day for freedom of speech; Congratulations!

  108. Muhannavich says:

    I am willing to make a riot just to fight that benihana place, for your sake mark!!

  109. q8ysurgeon says:

    Congrats mate, time to celebrate!

  110. GWB says:

    Don’t thank the judge, thank the legal system. Kuwait is probably the only Arab country with a properly functioning legal system. Justice was served. God bless Kuwait.

  111. Waleed says:

    This is great news! Really happy for you man. Everyone I know in Kuwait checks 248am regularly, and they were all rooting for you. :)

    P.S. You won on my birthday! awesome ^^

  112. Pookietoo says:

    Well done ! Sanity has prevailed :)

  113. Mad Hatter says:

    Congrats Mark! great news indeed, must be such a relief, and a whole weight lifted off of your shoulders. its a shame that you had to go throw this, but you have done the rest of the bloggers and other residents of this country an eye opener that we can voice our opinion and the law would b supportive of that right. again Many congrats x

  114. SiLeNTGRL says:

    MaBrOOoK Mark Nabii el7elwan ta3zmna 3ala ma63am Benihana :p

  115. Free Speech says:

    Congrats Mark, you deserve this victory and this is also a victory for all bloggers in Kuwait and the Gulf. Woo hoo

  116. Piyush says:

    Congratulations Mark! That’s great news!
    It sets a good precedent for bloggers everywhere.

  117. Fahad says:


  118. Keith says:

    Congrats Mark!

  119. geo4u says:

    WHoooHOOOO..where the party at, Mark?

    Happy for you Mark, cos you were only following what you love to do. Bravo and good luck.

  120. Basil says:

    Congraaaaaaats from the heart :))

  121. Ronman says:

    dang, i shouldn’t have subscribed to this comment thread, never received so many emails in one day LOL….

  122. Blackswan says:

    You have set a precedent.from now on people in Kuwai will think twice before sueing a blogger over his personal opinion.keep up the good work.

  123. qster says:

    One word: COUNTERSUE *evil grin*

    Congratulations btw

  124. Burhan says:

    Cheers ! ;D

  125. BuYousef says:

    Congratulations Mark. Had no doubt – well done.
    Congratulations Kuwait. I hope this win gets some media coverage like the initial lawsuit did…

  126. confashion says:

    Congratulatioooons! :) Celebrate by having a free week!! as opposed to one free day!

  127. DM says:

    Congratulations. Very happy to know that you won the lawsuit. :)

  128. anonz says:

    Bravo mark bravo khaled im happy u won otherwise i dnt knw what i wouldve done but it would be bad

  129. anonz says:

    YES COUNTER SUE for wasting ur time and putting u thru this SH**

  130. Kliffy says:

    Congratulations the truth prevailed…

  131. Congratulation mark ;D

  132. Abdullah says:

    I knew it. I told you, you’ll get through this !


  133. Abdulla says:

    الف الف مبرووك .. لو انا منك ارفع عليهم قضيه رد اعتبار و تعويض عن حالت التوتر الي مريت فيها :) ..


  134. Mohammad says:

    1 – 0 Mark

    Mark please go back to Benihana and make another review!

  135. basim says:

    Congratulation mark

  136. Phoenix says:


  137. gizmoshow says:

    I believe this is a very good step. now in order to set a precedent, we need at least a court of appeal awarding the same and of course, always behaving in a responsible way. Mark proved his true and good intentions and that was the only reason behind winning the case.

  138. Security Adviser says:

    Congratulations Mark.. You truly deserve it…

    Let this ruling be a slap in the face to all the freedom of speech haters…

    As for Servo…hmmm what do ya think the conversation will be behind Benihana Management doors?? Hmmmmmm lets see I think its going to be more like the managing director saying ..Fuck Him …Fire his Ass for doing more bad then good for the brand..talk about creating a mountain out of a mole hill.. all the dumb fuck had to do was invite the blogger and his wife back for a meal on the house so that he could re-review his experience and be done with it ..but NO the great Servo had to drag us into a law suit… get us all this bad publicity and in the end LOSE !! .. great work legal. Whoever advised this course of action is fired too.. dumb asses.. Yeah FIRE Servo’s ASS !!! and be done with it.

  139. Nathan says:

    Oh thats really nice.

  140. fereej says:

    congrats mark :)

  141. Computerchi says:

    Congrats! I had no doubt. The case was ridiculous to begin with. I still have not been to Benihana and don’t plan to after what they did.
    What were the words of the judge. Did he say “Grow up!” to the Benihana manager?

    Blog on Dude!

  142. 3bod says:

    الشعب يريد اسقاط مارك :)

    الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف ال فالف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف ال فالف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف ال فالف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف ال فالف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف ال فالف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف ال فالف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف

    مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروكمبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك مبروك

  143. Jacqui says:

    Congrats dear and I hope you get enough compensation for the damage done to you.

  144. vampire says:

    i was expectig a win ;)
    mabrook,, alf mabrook

  145. Chris says:

    yay! :) Mabrook Mark

  146. Alf Mabruk, dude!

    You must now celebrate at Beni Hana. That would be doing it poetic justice.

  147. sekhar says:

    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

  148. Bader Ramadan says:

    Your victory had restored my faith to our freedom of press,thank you mark and CONGRATS.

  149. usman says:

    Mabrook mark .. .so where is the winning celeberation treat !!!

  150. Cyc says:

    Beinhana FAIL.

  151. Cyc says:

    Benihana* :p

  152. Thomas Devasia says:

    Congrats Mark, and can you tell us excatly what happened in the court, what did the judge ask you if it is ok with you

  153. visakar says:

    Congrats Mark.

    Happy to know the Judge has taken a very Fair decision.

  154. Sita says:


  155. jhonybravo says:

    Congrats Mark…We can’t imagine what you have to go through this period… but your this case will sure serve as mile post for blogging community and also for the businesses to learn something on how to react for a negative review…

    Anyways.. Alf Mabrooook

    PS. I hope as a treat we gota sell n purchase phones here ;-)

  156. Bo_hubash says:

    مبروك ….
    وانشالله يتعلمون غيرهم انه عندنا حرية الراي بالكويت ومايحاولون يطلعون فلوس على ظهر غيرهم
    الف مبروك مارك

  157. Hareesh says:

    Great! congrats!
    Is your compensation on its way?

  158. hahaha says:

    she6666a 3al fathy ! who cares !

  159. Davis says:

    Congrats Mark!!! and great job on setting the precedent for all bloggers in the online community!!!!

    An enterprise should learn to take in constructive criticism and not try to bully people into silencing their opinions. COZ U WILL FACE THE WRATH OF THE BLOGGERS IF U DO!!!!!!!!!


  160. dude says:

    Congrats Mark!!! Great News, wish everyone can learn from this experience we’re all people at the end of it. Expressing one’s opinion or being biased is still just an opinion. I dont know why Benihana acted they way they did, it really turned out bad on their side. Personally i’m a blogger and those who attack bloggers wont be on my friends list anytime soon. So bye bye benihana, would’ve like to try your dining experience but then again i’d rather go eat somewhere else. I wouldn’t recommend you to anyone, and its ok to recommend people places to eat instead of other places. Its like recommending one perfume over another its a matter of taste. I really hope they change the guy that thought of suing mark in the first place. That will at least make me change my mind about going to benihana.. An apology maybe would also make things a lot better hehe.. but then who cares restaurants in kuwait are the only things we have so much of we can donate food to the whole world :D

  161. Gilbert says:

    Benihana just learned the lesson. Respect one’s opinion!

  162. Steven says:

    Congrats Mark, common sense won.

  163. Sumi says:

    Yay!! Alf Mabrook! I say you countersue for a couple million dinars..whaddya think? Slander IS libel.

  164. Johnny says:

    This is great news, I really wish you the best and keep those comments coming! Banihana you will never see me in any of your restaurants anymore, not only in Kuwait, but wherever you may have a branch (Dubai, Beirut, Europe, wherever….) I highly respect the juridical system in Kuwait…

  165. Hans30 says:

    Congrats. Its good to know that Freedom of speech and expression is respected ATLEAST in courts in this country!

  166. Qaiss says:

    Hey mark mabroook man:) thats nice to know.

  167. Syed says:

    Mark, how do i stop receiving notifications. I’m mad, I clicked on Manage your subscriptions and removed all subscriptions, still i was receiving emails then I clicked to block receiving emails, got the confirmation email and clicked on it but still i’m receiving emails.
    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Yousef says:

    Congratulation buddy =D I’m happy for you

  169. Thats awesome news Yo. Definitely a victory for freedom of speech, and blogger independence.

    Keep it up!

    Kuwait Music

  170. o0o says:

    congrats bro! :)

  171. iBlooogle says:

    lol, hats off to you Mark

    altho, unintentionally, you did give them publicity, i dont think u will find anyone in kuwait who doesnt know the name benihana now, right?

    and as they say in marketing, theres no such thing as bad publicity.

    a double-edged sword,,

    but seriously, congrats :)

  172. Dina says:

    Mabroook ya Mark…so happy for you :)

  173. PedroDashT says:

    Congratulations Dude!

  174. mocman says:

    Congrats dude…. Great news

  175. Phil says:

    Dear Mark, Havent been here for a long time. But happy to find the news that you won. Good work. Must have been hell but glad you pulled through. Enjoy.

  176. Radly says:

    Mabrouk Mark! Justice has been served!

  177. sabah says:

    Congrats! Good to see things turned out as they really should have.

  178. buttoye says:

    congrats. i enjoyed this roller coaster ride. but tell me something. are u lebanese????

  179. Meso says:

    Congrats Mark. Best of Luck

  180. Vibin John says:

    Wohooooh ..i knew it ..congrats man!!

  181. Rummy says:

    Congratulations Mark…!!

    How about you go celebrate at Benihana?! =p

  182. K says:

    MAARK !!

    WHERE IS OUR KHAROOF lol… thibee7a…

    hey nice job !

    P.S…. just dont go around bashing other businesses (not aggressively tho lol ).. :)

  183. Ashraf says:

    Congrats Mark!!!

    you deserved to win this case… the victory was always gonna be yours….

    now upload a pic of champagne in the blog… lets celebrate your victory ;)

  184. iphoneguy says:

    Congratulations! Buddy

  185. ME says:

    You deserved the win mate. Congratulations !

  186. RJP says:

    Mabrook Mark..So Finally U got it..VVVVV..

  187. athiran says:

    this is more than a personal victory. this is a milestone judgement which upholds several finer aspects about fairness that were in question in a country like kuwait.

    hope this is a good judicial precedence. i also hope that slanderers won’t ruin this.

  188. Bo-Ya3gooob says:

    Congrats Mark, we’re all happy for u… :D:D

  189. Laith says:

    Congrats! This is a victory for all consumers (and businesses) who strive for better customer service.

  190. esz says:

    Mabrook! All the best! Don’t bother wasting your time in suing them. Don’t waste time! Good luck !

  191. Marcel says:

    Hi Mark.

    As a result of your determination and victory in Court you (seem to) have created a precedent which makes ​​it possible for every blogger in Kuwait to write reviews about hamburger-, Chinese-, Japanese- and other restaurants, without them being threathened by a lawsuit.

    It appears to me that this non-conviction by the Court is simply based on the legal protection of the freedom of publication. Because of this excisting right, which is enshrined in your Constitution(art. 36 & 37), I still don’t understand what the arguments have been for the Court to accept this lawsuit.

    Anyhow, Congratulations!

  192. Lara says:

    Congratulations ! Very happy for you !
    Keep blogging FREELY !
    Thanks for all the tips about living in Kuwait, I have just moved you and your blog is simply great!

  193. Lara says:

    I meant I just moved here and your blog is simply great :) !!!

  194. Joory says:

    Congratulations Mark :)

    I’m really glad for you

    Everytime I think of Banihana, I remember their stupid lawsuit !

  195. Judy says:

    Congratulations, justice & common sense prevailed. Benihana really shot themselves in the foot, a mixed review would never put me off going to a restaurant but them suing you has crossed them off my list for good.
    Congratulations again.

  196. ~LE~ says:

    Woooot WooooooT!!

    SO where are you taking all your supporters out for dinner? ;P

  197. Maze says:

    Mabrouuuk man, it was obvious that they will lose from the beginning and this proves how much Kuwait has respect for freedom of speech.

  198. ariston says:

    Congrats Mark! :P
    Keep up the good works.. =)

  199. Darine says:

    So happy for you Mark! This creates an amazing precedent and will hopefully teach brands to be more careful in the future.

  200. moe80s says:

    mabrouuuuuuuuuuuk :) man you should now ask for compensate as they depressed you and made you go through all this.. pay back the B**** lol

  201. Hady C says:

    Dear Mark!

    That’s simply awesome! We hope you always freely express your opinion :)

    Keep it up and we always hope to hear your feedback (good or bad, although we’d prefer the good hehe) at Roadster diner

    Hady C
    Rd Team!

  202. Chantal says:

    WAW… that is great news :D

  203. Adil Mhaisker says:

    This is 225th comment….

  204. Aymen says:

    Congratulation on winning the lawsuite, however you should now that this is the first degree court so expect that your opponent may decide to appeal the court decision so be prepared for a long and vicious fight.
    Have a good day

  205. ucf says:

    wooohooooooo!! congrats !!

  206. FourMe says:

    Congrats to u and nat. So glad to hear the news :)

  207. Marion says:

    Congrats Mark! :-)

  208. Troyboy says:

    others have said it more eloquently before me, but congrats!

    My son (11y.o.) is upset I refuse to take him there as a result of their childish behaviour – this has been a great lesson for him as well!

  209. BarryUno says:

    Congratulations dude! This is definitely great news for the blogging community in Kuwait. It’s a good thing you stuck to your guns and kept the faith.

  210. mayhem says:

    congrats Mark!

    it’s a fair world after all! :)

  211. Nancy Farid says:

    I’m really happy for you :)

  212. BeeJay says:

    its party timee..
    Congratsss all the best

  213. miro says:

    i gotta tell ya this i was more stressed then ya on this case !!! 7amdela its all good now congrats ! la9ama7alla anything happens 2 ur blog office time is gone b hard n boaring :P mabrook

  214. Wyn says:

    Congrats Mark!!!

    Sad Benihana have probably lost about a 1000+ customers already. The word will go on & turn to 10,000 soon.

    Anyways this is one of the BEST FAIR JUDGEMENT NEWS coming out from the law system here!

  215. ! says:

    Congratulations Mark, let’s go to Benihana to celebrate it will be my treat ;)

  216. truman says:

    Im glad you won, but it doesnt really say anything about the state of freedom of speech in Kuwait. We already know that people whose names are well imprinted into the local consciousness, or have clout, have a better chance than others. So thats not necessarily free speech, cus i dont think a bengali who nobody knows would stand a chance.

  217. AB says:

    Mabrooookkkkkkkk Mark…..this is indeed a great victory for freedom of speeach…

  218. Lojin says:

    congrats man…

  219. Great news!!! Mabrouk!

  220. chcs says:

    Mark, congrats man ive been following along with the law suit and im really glad to hear it turned out like that! I really like the blog, keep it up!

  221. 79ai9 says:

    Mabrooooook Mark i’m so happy for u! PARTY TIME!

  222. AR says:

    Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy ! Fantastic news !

  223. AbdulRahman says:

    Great news. congrats.
    Wright or say nothing about “Apple” though, cuz Jobs and friends seem to be on a suing spree. ;)

  224. N0FEAR says:

    Congrats Mark! Happy for u.. Freedom of expression/views won in the end!

  225. Bambam says:

    In honor of Mark, Beni-Can-i-Sue-u should change the name it’s crap surf and turf dish to Btw…Are U Lebanese?

    I stil wouldn’t go, but I would smell there grease on the way to the bathroom. Btw Al-shaya nice job on giving them a location, let’s see if u guys are willing to kick them out, I mean come on we need another Starbucks to fill that little gap there. Please please please……I don’t want to walk an extra 20 feet to trip on my Frapachino fix……

  226. katia says:

    mabrouk mark!!!!! this is great news… of course you were going to win coz they had no reason to sue you in the first place :-)

    mabrouk :-)

  227. YOUSUF BHATTI says:


  228. marisa says:

    That’s great…Allah kareem
    Isn’t it wonderful when justice is done

  229. marisa says:

    Allah kareem!

  230. hammad says:

    congrats mark :)
    really happy to hear that

  231. i-FounD says:

    Mabrooook … i wish if we r in states u can get them back to court and let them pay u a milions for westing ur time

  232. TweeZ says:

    I congratulate you Mark for not only winning the case, but for setting a new precedent for the Kuwaiti Blogging Community.

    With your example, I think you’ve made everyone that cares about freedom of speech a lot more confident to state their opinions without fear.

  233. Seriously glad for you! and for all those who won’t have to eat wind because of a precedent! You helped out a lot of people there.

  234. Saad says:

    الجهاز القضائي في الكويت نعمة

  235. noon says:

    alf Mabroooook mark! We are all so happy for you.. YOU are a LandMark here in Kuwait, We all feel
    for you..:-)

  236. DM says:


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