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Post by Mark

I use my In Focus posts to highlight some great businesses here in Kuwait and today’s post is no different. As I mentioned previously, I’m lifting my FJ Cruiser and installing large tires just like I did with my Wrangler. The previous place I had installed my Wranglers lift had shut down so I asked a friend from the FJ Club for a recommendation and he pointed me towards ORP.

ORP is short for Off Road Performance and that’s exactly what they specialize in. If you’ve got a 4×4 and want to install a heavy duty bumper, or get a suspension lift, larger tires and wheels, maybe a light bar etc.. then they’re the place to go. Personally I would love to install everything myself and if I had my own little house with an indoor garage I would attempt to do that but since I don’t, I have to get stuff installed at specialized places which I usually don’t like doing. With ORP I felt comfortable getting my lift installed there because the guys are 4×4 affectionados. I met two guys, both Kuwaitis. Yousef is the one I first spoke to over the phone while Saud I didn’t communicate much with since he was always busy working on a car. They’re both passionate about what they do and to me that’s extremely important.

First time I passed by ORP was to check out the location and see how much they would charge for my suspension lift install. Then I just set up an appointment, dropped my FJ in late at night and picked it up again the next evening. I needed to get the FJ aligned and they recommended I take it to a guy called John at Auto1 on Canada Dry street who also turned out to be really great. So overall I had a very good experience and their prices are very competitive. Now I have to go back and buy a shorter antenna since with the lift kit installed my FJ’s antenna is hitting every pipe in my underground parking. I haven’t even installed my large tires yet so I am starting to worry my FJ is going to be too big to take underground. Hopefully I should be ok.

If you need anything for your 4×4 I highly recommend them. They’re very easy to find in Shuwaikh. If you’re on Canada Dry street with McDonalds on your right keep going straight past the bridge and then do a u-turn at the round-about so you’re heading the same way you came from, then take your first right and drive maybe 100 or 200 meters and you will find them on your left. (see map above). Their website address is and you could also call Yousef on 99422254.

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  1. B_G_T_R says:

    Nice Man! let me if you need some speed parts for that beast too :)

  2. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    I can’t view the website here at work so Iwill check it out when I get home. Does ORP carry wheels also? I am going to put after market wheels on my H3! I agree with what you said in a previous story of yours, you might as well just buy it locally even though I can have it shipped APO, but I really won’t save anything since some places around here will give you money for your stock rims. Post your pics as soon as possible. I get a kick out of 4X4’s on steroids!

  3. The Stallion says:

    Mark : You have to point out that ORP mainly specializes in American trucks and SUV! The only acception s the FJ due to the fact alot of the accessories are easily found at ORP’s providers in the US! In my case I can only go for a few things from Yousef from my Land Cruiser!

    Longhorn : They do have some wheels and tires but you’d have to check for availability.

    Personal note : I would ALWAYS recommend ORP to anyone who has an American truck and SUV. Yousef really knows his stuff and is a person who can be trusted!

  4. Maged says:

    do they sell 08 pajero towing kits

  5. Zack says:

    video tape it and youtube it ;)

  6. J says:

    FJ club, seriously ? :p

  7. Marzouq says:

    Its always good to find companies with great work and its great that these two guys are working on the trucks! My hat goes off to them!!

  8. rashoya says:

    wow 3jjjjjjjjjjjjjeeb nice FJ

  9. Bu Yousef says:

    FJ Club! Don’t these people have jobs? :)
    Nice result. Mabrook.

  10. Evorevo says:

    Hey Mark, when you gonna post some updates on your FJ mods?

  11. Bu turki says:

    Hi guys do u have 18s rims and 33 tires am looking set of 5 for Fj cruiser and 6ich procome suspentione email me if you guys have anything the pic with the price

  12. bader says:

    Mark is this place still open these days? how come its been forever, and their website is still under construction?

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