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Post by Mark

Recently I noticed that when I sleep for over 9 hours I wake up with neck cramps and a sore ear. It turned out my pillow had become too hard and with the way I sleep was causing me neck pains. Nat suggested I get Tempur pillows so I did a quick google to find a local dealer and landed on Some Contrast’s blog. He had found and gotten Tempur pillows from a place called The Bed Boutique in Tilal Complex. Since I was planning to pass by the Tamiya dealer there anyway, I decided to drop by and see what they had.

The shop has pillows, quilts and mattresses. They had a few brands the most popular being Tempur and Temprakon. Now one reason I felt like coming to this store was because Some Contrast posted they had a small private room (pictured above) in which you could try the pillows which is what I ended up doing. I got around 4 different types of pillows and tried them while lying down which is much better than just trying to feel the stuff in your hands. In the end I ended up getting the Temprakon Ergomagic which is a very comfy pillow (picture and details on their website). It’s a down pillow with a three layered core, one layer is a comfort foam which provides support for the head and neck, the other two layers are foam inserts which are used to control the height of the pillow. If the three layers combined are too high for you, you remove one of the inserts. If it’s still too high you remove another insert. Very practical.

Nat on the other hand got the same pillow as Yousef from Some Contrast which is the Tempur Symphony (pictured above). I tried it and also it was very comfy I didn’t think it was high enough for me since I like high pillows. The Tempur material feels very organic since it takes your shape and molds around it. I tried the Tempur mattress and it felt like the bed was alive since however you moved it slowly takes your form.

Anyway if you’re interested, The Bed Boutique is located at Tilal Complex. Their phone number is 22256171.

Update: Was just reading about the brand Temprakon on their website and it’s even better than I had thought. Their pillows and quilts are made with NASA’s OUTLAST material which is used in the NASA space suits. They’re the only manufacturer in the world allowed to use the OUTLAST material to make pillows and quilts.

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  1. Desert Girl says:

    I have never been able to get into the Tempur pillows, although I have the matress pads which are pretty good.

    I wish someone would bring the eggshell foam matress pads to Kuwait. They rock.

    I’ve heard that Alshaya is bringing Bed, Bath, and Beyond to Kuwait.

  2. asfdsg says:


  3. Yousef says:

    You’re so going to enjoy them!

    I saw the one u got and tried it and I thought it was too high for me, the tempur on the other hand is just awesome! The way it adjust itself to your head’s shape and weight is amazing. My friend however thought it’s too low for him and got yours. What’s more amazing is that they only get better with time.

    Tip: don’t cover them for at least a week, they need to be properly aired to lose that ‘new’ smell.

  4. Some dude says:

    Now with this new purchase you are 1 step closer to being a NASA employee XD

  5. Mohammed says:


  6. noneya says:

    Nice Post..Such little things as pillows and bedding can make a big impact on a person health. A good pillow is like gold.

  7. Desert Girl says:

    Wait, I just re-read your post. Are you sure it is the pillow and nothing you have done to piss off your wife? :) (Go, Nat!) Webcam Mark…

  8. Nat says:

    The Tempur one i got was KD 44. The Temprakon Ergomagic Mark got was KD 41. They had regular Temprakon down pillows (softer) for around 31 or 32 KD.

    haha nice one desert girl. No he didn’t piss me off yet but we got back up pillows if he ever does :p

  9. TanGo says:

    There is also one shop at AlMuthanna complex [mezzanine floor] who sells Tempur lumbar support, seat wedges, etc.. for like KD22. This shop has been there for years but they have a poor collection!

  10. Kuwait says:

    Wait… you get to sleep for OVER 9 hours?

    I get that much sleep in 3 days maybe :|

  11. Desert Girl says:

    Nat – dayam! That’s a lot of money. They wanted 90KD for the matress topper and I ordered one from the States for 1/3 of the price.

    I dunno, I just need my feather pillows. I can’t get my head around the Tempur type (ha ha). Gimme goose down any day.

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