‘Inside the Middle East’ explores Kuwait

Post by Mark

Inside the Middle East airs the first week of every month on the following days and times:

Wednesday: 0930, 1630,
Saturday: 0430, 1830,
Sunday: 1130

(All times GMT)

You can check out behind the scene photos of this episode on their Facebook page [Here]

Update: The report is now online [Link]

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  1. Nixon says:

    Whats it about? politics, economy, food, etc

  2. jungar albatal says:

    That’s what you get when your country becomes another colony of the states. we get a shit load of restaurants (from abroad). all the meats/foods are frozen and filled with preservatives.

  3. Obesity Nation says:

    Obesity is directly linked to a society’s emotional and spiritual deprivation and less to the abundance of American junk food franchises or the inclement weather which makes it difficult for people to enjoy the great outdoors.

    • Al-Marzouq says:

      I think its linked to lack of work of any kind whether its office based or physical…. The change in diet certainly does not help hence obesity becoming an international epidemic. however, when that is compounded with laziness and an extremely sedentary life style like the one we have in Kuwait… well no need to elaborate further

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