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Instructions: Refunding your Brazil vs Kuwait Club Soccer Tickets

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Step 1: Go to the back entrance of the Keifan soccer stadium.
Step 2: Go to the ticket collector, tell him you want to refund your Brazil vs Kuwait tickets.
Step 3: He will take your phone number, civil ID number and the tickets from you. He will quickly fill out a brief form and then send you to the next window.
Step 4: Guy with black briefcase will give you your money back.

Thats the whole process. It should take you just 2 minutes.

3 replies on “Instructions: Refunding your Brazil vs Kuwait Club Soccer Tickets”

well they were given to me as a gift. doesn’t that make them mine? although the people who gave them to me as a gift are asking for them back lol

will probably have to pay them back now or something

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