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Internet in Kuwait vs Lebanon

If you want to appreciate your internet connection in Kuwait all you need to do is spend a few days in Lebanon. Most internet connections there are 256Kbps or 512Kbps and it’s just really really horrible. But there is some good news and that’s starting next month everyone’s connection in Lebanon is going to get a huge boost. Check the old and new speed/prices above to get an idea on how it compares with Kuwait.

You’ll notice with the new speed and prices, internet in Lebanon is actually going to be cheaper than Kuwait but what I want to highlight here is the download caps. Those caps listed above are the monthly download caps NOT daily ones. Imagine having a 2Mbps internet connection with just a 20GB monthly cap! I got pissed when my 2Mbps connection here in Kuwait got capped at 85GB a month but it’s like 4 times as bad in Lebanon. It really sucks.

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I’m in turkey and with a 1Mbps connection, my download rate can reach 800 kbps, as opposed to Kuwait, where with the same connection my maximum download rate is 200 kbps. I’m looking forward to the internet improving in Kuwait, we need to catch up!

hello mark … thats good news for lebanon for the time being … can you please post where you got this information from ??

I guess I can’t really appreciate it no matter what. I used to study in the states and my connection speed was 50M bps. I paid less than 50 dollars a month for that… Its true that I did not get the full 50 M bps because its shared… I still got the about 40M bps, thats 80% of what I purchased which seems reasonably good. On the other hand in kuwait I have a 6 M bps connection and it seems that I don’t even go beyond the 1M bps mark… its probably because the whole country is sharing it ;p, it really sucks, I really miss the old days!

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