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Introducing the worst radio commercial in the world

Someone finally managed to record the really really cheesy radio commercial warning people not to talk on the phone and drive. If you haven’t heard it yet now you can. [Listen Here]

Thanks Mishari!

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i always crack up at the “crash”

and i bet the “crash” happened because he couldn’t concentrate.. how could he talk on the phone and to her and drive at the same time? men aren’t that multi-tasked :Pp

oh my GAWD!! such an embarrassing thing to hear >_<

Do they have prizes for the worst commercial ever? If so, it’s next to impossible to compete with this one 🙂 Its so bad, its funny. I love the moral guidence part :p

“Then why are you using your mobile when you are driving? Dad. Look out. People are crossing the road. Dad.”


I think the kids jumped in front of the car so they didn’t have to listen to the crap acting. So the driver’s innocent!

what i’ll never understand is why the dad picked up his phone and then just ignored the guy on the line.. and that poor guy.. not only was he ignored but he had to listen to the horrible robotic acting and the “oh my god!” lol

abaih! that reminds me of the listening exams back of high school when we used to listen to those stupid conversations!! yuck!

this isn’t the only one
I’ve heard 2 more

I heard the one where they’re visiting their friend who had a car accident because he was talking while driving
and the other one where they go to get headphone sets

does anybody have the rest?

Where the hell have you all been? This thing’s been playing on the radio for MONTHS!

Anyway, I file it under “so bad it’s good” simply because everyone’s talking about it AND it seems many of us got Bluetooth headsets after laughing at the ads

Therefore, the ad works in that it accomplished what it set out to do 🙂

Just cause an ad is being talked about because it’s shitty it doesn’t mean it’s served it’s purpose. It just means it’s shitty.

I don’t get it…why are they using people with really heavy accents? Couldn’t they afford a proper English speaker?

Out of all the Kuwaitis that can speak perfect english, they choose the worst people possible with no acting skills or anything. Probably the cheapest asshole in the world invested in this commercial and made it into a complete joke that no one will listen to.

OOHHH MY GOD! at least that’s better than 808080 when you call them you have to set for about 10 min listing to retards taking like idiots

no guys its not like this, the funniest shit ever on these three commercials is when he says “I HEARED THAT HE WAS TALKING IN HIS MOBILE” !!!!, wuta hell how the fuck is he gonna talk in his mobile !!, it should be ON HIS MOBILE, i think he was talkin in his mobile and the battery went off thats why he went to the hospital!!!, they not only using screwed up people that doesn’t know how to talk the english accent they using dumfucks that doesn’t know grammar, some agad bedwens !, i bet the paper he read from was spelt all wrong like :-

with tha comblement of the bublic relaition and moral guides debartment

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