iPhone 4s for KD219

Post by Mark

Eureka have an offer just for today where you can get the iPhone 4s for just KD219. Eureka usually has a habit of running out of stock 2 minutes after opening so I don’t usually post about their offers except this time they’ve mentioned “unlimited quantity”. [Link]

Update: X-Cite have now also lowered the price of the iPhone 4S and you can buy it online directly from [Here]

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  1. clusterFunk says:

    Bring it on Xcite!

  2. k says:

    For reference, in the US it’s:

    180KWD for 16GB
    206.5KWD for 32GB
    235KWD for 64GB

    w/o taxes

  3. Lucky_Boy says:

    Nice, that’s cheaper than the apple’s store price in UK.

  4. boomup says:

    2 of my colleagues went to fahaheel sanayiah

  5. K says:



  6. Pediatric Dentistry says:

    My sister bought one Yesterday from Xcite , we she opened the box at home she found an AT&T sim card placed in the phone, It was shoking, she called them and asked her to return it and get another one. Could explain why an AT&T sim card is there.

    • Burhan says:

      They are selling them by buying them in bulk from the US (since they are not authorized Apple distributors); so you probably need the AT&T SIM for activation purposes.

      I would be surprised if it wasn’t carrier locked.

      You will run into the same from Eureka/Electrozan as they are in the same boat as X-cite (none are authorized distributors).

      It is safer to buy it yourself directly since Apple is now selling them (officially) unlocked.

    • BlueHedgehog says:

      You’re not alone. There was this day where Eureka had a discount on the 64GB iPhone 4S. So we bought it from them and we found an AT&T SIM card with the phone.

      Anyone else who bought an iPhone 4S get an AT&T SIM card in it?

  7. Wyn says:

    Well, X-cite now has it for 219.900 as well.

    But just a day ago X-cite had a so called crazy deal for 229.900

  8. Pediatric Dentistry says:

    What the hell is going on with my typing..? Full of spelling and grammer mistakes

  9. GWB says:

    Wait a month and it will be under 200 kd. Apple is having problems with the S v.1 and they are trying to unload as many as possible.

  10. Acerboy says:

    There was an offer at Geant with Viva for KD 199.900

  11. Mohammed says:

    On Electrozan’s Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/Electrozan?sk=wall) they state that the price of the iPhone 4S is going to reach 199KD very soon and they say that it will probably reach that price next week, so check out their Facebook Page.

  12. Buzz says:

    Never fall in love with a gadget. 185 KD in month.

  13. M. J. says:

    As I was adding it to my shopping cart in X-Cite, they changed the price to 228 KD! That is just bull wank and irresponsible marketing.

    • narine says:

      I doubt that it’s an intentional price change? They just launched the site the day before yesterday in beta version (you can see it in the url beta.xcite.com), which means there could be a couple of technical issues before it’s operational wihtout faults? I think you should contact them.

  14. Robert says:

    Can I bring my US Iphone to Kuwait and somehow have it work there?

  15. UglyKid says:

    Mark, how is Siri working for you? Can you make it make calls? I’m thinking of upgrading but heard that some of its features are working properly here.

  16. Theq8tyGodfather says:

    I recently dropped by Best and seen the iPhone 4s for 209 Kd (16GB)

    This is just FYI and sorry I can’t remember the prices of the other models I.e. the 32gb and 64gb

  17. Nand says:

    The guy in Eureka says Zain does not support iphone 4S…..is this true??

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