Ubon opening soon

Post by Mark

Ubon, the Thai restaurant which I posted about awhile back looks like it’s opening soon. I saw them bring in the furniture 2 days back and the place seems pretty trendy looking. This will definitely turn into the coolest Thai restaurant in Kuwait.

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  1. Del says:

    Could you post any news about Marina Mall. I heard that it was shut down because of a rape. Is it true?

  2. Acerboy says:

    The best Thai restaurant so far I have been is The Mango Tree!

  3. daily says:

    OK it’s only going to be cool if people can pronounce it properly……so….is it:

    a) YU bon

    b) OOO bon

    c) UH bon


  4. Qster says:

    Best Thai restaurant I’ve been to is a hole in the wall place next to the Train station in Phitsanulok Thailand. I ate shit i never heard off nor do i wanna know whats in it all i know is, it tasted good.

  5. MeMock says:

    b) Oooo bon is the correct answer.

    Do I win a prize?

  6. Longhorn in Kuwait says:

    the Thai place here in Mahboula needs to expand! they got some awesome Tum Yum soup!

  7. sooli says:

    the best thai restaurant in kuwait is phucket thai restaurant next to DoDo and breadtalk in salmiya. the second best is oriental cuisine in dasman.

  8. daily says:

    @MeMock………….good one….:)Now I know and will not let myself down in public ( or are you MOCKing ME and it’s really YOObon)

  9. TW Men says:

    Ubon is the downscale version of Nobu (spelt backward) by the same team that brought Nobu.

    If I’m not mistaken, first Ubon restaurant was opened up in Canary Warf back in 2000.

    I think you got your story wrong.

  10. Pim says:

    I heard Sabaidee Thai Cuisine is openning the third branch in Salmiya, is the the same one behind Alia-Ghalia tower in Mahboula. I have to visit that place, I tried all Thai restaurants in Kuwait but none even as original as this one.

  11. cary says:

    is this place officially open? reviews?

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