It’s going to get worse

Post by Mark

Police in Kuwait are looking for a man who smashed a woman’s car after she ignored his attempts to draw her attention and to take his mobile number.


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  1. aaa says:

    Put a new category of crimes related to harassment, make it jailable

  2. esz says:

    That’s not new for some guys. My sister’s car did 360 degrees 2 times and flipped because of a f***er who could not get a number. Hamdullah everything is fine. That was 8 years back :/

  3. Summer says:

    That is unacceptable! This is a disgrace on our country. Those people are disrespectful and not disciplined properly.

  4. nothing new here, its been happening since the beginning of humanity.

  5. MyBloogle says:

    the sick thing is, some women actually “seek” that kind of attention, going out specifically for that purpose.

  6. Othman says:

    That’s nothing new. If anything, I’m seeing less of it nowadays than I did years ago.

  7. Desert Girl says:

    True, it has been happening for a long time; however, the difference now is the increased level of aggression/violence that is going along with it.

    Just take the number somewhere pubic, smile, and address the issue later. Better than risking your life being followed around by an often roid-raged gorilla.

    • Abdou says:

      They have always been violent and aggressive. But now they are even more arrogant, because the whole of Kuwait knows that these eve teasers/rapists get little to no punishment thanks to media which reports such cases everyday and spreads it all over blogs and websites. It’s so filthy.

    • LizQ8 says:

      Yes but most of my Kuwaiti friends won’t risk taking numbers in case someone sees them. This could ruin them! I think a harsher sentence is needed! Everyone has cameras. They should film these guys and hand over to Police!

  8. daily says:

    Well with all the porn and freely available skirt on iPhone waiting to be picked up on whoshere, flirtmaps etc, I’m just surprised the guy wasted his time following her.
    Maybe he didn’t have an iPhone.

  9. Qster says:

    Daughter: Mommy how did you and daddy meet?

    Mommy: He smashed a brick in my car nearly causing me head trauma……nothing beats a romantic.

  10. D. says:

    Someone has to be raising these disgusting, entitled, misogynistic buffoons…They aren’t born, they’re made. I’ve heard the excuse “Well, women shouldn’t be out late/dressed like that (with “that” being anything that isn’t a burka)/etc.” several times. If more people would hold these jerks accountable instead of blaming the victims, we’d probably see less of this behavior.

    • Longhorn in Kuwait says:

      I saw a chick at the petrol station this morning(5am in a small range rover) and she was trying to hide herself wearing her hoodie over her head(which is rare because as much money the women spend on their hair around here), you know she was out diong something she shouldn’t be doing.

  11. daily says:

    Yes unfortunately it’s the mothers who are to blame for permitting the behaviour- it begins by allowing them to come home when they like from an early age, sleep til 5pm on a weekend, cook, clean and iron their clothes,serve them their food first, wipe their noses and a lot else, do their homework and lie to the teacher, find a wife for them….need I go on???

  12. Odawg says:

    Lets start a blog that we run for MoI. Now this is the only time i have and will ever endorse snitching!

    Upload license plates, pics of harassment actually videos of the harasment so its actual proof. Then let po po have a list of plates to watch out for. Then again half the cops are the gizzz – they ll just delete it or call their boys to celebrate the fact they made it on the list!!!

    sigggh – good idea turned bad within a paragraph

  13. pumpkin says:

    Living in the dark ages, sorry to say! This kind of behaviour is just getting out of control but as you said ‘daily’, why did he bother?! No need nowadays, just pick up ‘what’ you want in your area with your iphone and Bob’s your uncle! Sick, sick, sick!

  14. Blink says:

    Serves him right. Seriously, how bratty and desperate can you get?

  15. Nael says:

    This is what you get when you combine transformers and twilight.

  16. Wolverine says:

    Unacceptable. It’s really up to the Kuwaiti’s to ensure that law enforcement is drastically improved. The problem is that even if the police catch the culprits, they are easily let go or released during Eid or the liberation day holidays.

    NOBODY should be above the law. Kuwait has the potential to be a great place to live in and it’s honestly in the hands of the Kuwaitis. There are lots of educated, young and world traveled Kuwaiti’s with good civic sense–be catalysts for change and help improve this country.

  17. Slush says:

    An open question: I always read that boys heads are shaved for eve teasing….What good does it do and how is it supposed to deter these guys? they can wear a gutra and no one would know. Secondly dont some guys just go bald for the heck of it? whats the point here?

  18. FUUUUU says:

    I think this happened about 3 weeks ago near tha7ya.

    Unless it’s another “isolated” case as some claim.

  19. Acerboy says:

    Sounds like a desperate guy !

  20. Amal says:

    Wow wow r this man for real ?????

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