Jetski in the middle of the road

Post by Mark

I passed this scene earlier today but right after they had managed to put the jetski back on the pickup truck. I didn’t really know what had happened until I spotted this picture on the Al-Mubarkia blog. It fell off in a pretty dangerous location since it happened coming down a bridge so it’s not something you would have spotted ahead of time. [Link]

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  1. pickles says:

    I hope no one got injured. The problem is there isn’t clear law for towing or carrying stuff on your pick-up and its not being re-enforced. I see many people taking left lane and speeding (some deiving recklessly) while towing their boats and jet skies. Same applies for pick-ups and trucks overloading their vehicles. Nah lets worry about real issues instead, ticket the guy with transparent window tint, and ban vinyl stickers.

  2. ibnturab says:

    Obviously the Jetski was just playing Frogger ( just like the folks who live in Jleeb and get dropped off on the 6th.)

  3. Wyn says:

    Agree with pickles. But there is another issue as well. Most of these Jet ski carriers towed behind big SUV’s have tiny wheels & fragile chassis/frame. These carriers are never designed to go above 40/60 km/hr. Always see guys in a hurry at 140… 160…

  4. Kojak says:

    I saw the guys today! Two young guys so sad standing next to their jet with a black pickup truck, avalanche.
    I feel sorry for them!

  5. kwt23 says:

    only in Kuwait, only in kuwait.

  6. YM965 says:

    Whenever I see someone towing anything, I always imagine this happening.

  7. haha! this happened to me back in 1999 ! Thankfully no one was around and no body got injured.

  8. SoulinQ8 says:

    we always see weired things in kuwait

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