KD1,000 fine for barbecue in public locations

Post by Mark

Persons who barbecue at unallowed public locations will be fined KD 1,000, the Director-General of Kuwait Municipality warned yesterday. Ahmad Al-Sebeeh, in a statement to KUNA, indicated that the authority, after realizing that some citizens and residents do not abide by public cleanliness laws because of soft penalties, decided to increase the fine for such a violation from KD 100 to KD 1,000.

There are specific locations for barbecuing in 144 public parks, he said, stressing that grilling is restricted to these places. Municipal teams will monitor such violations, he re-stressed, urging the nationals and expatriates to abstain from inflicting damage on public properties, such as the seaside green spots, with such random barbecuing, dumping of ashes on plants and littering. Beautification of the public spots costs the State millions of dinars for entertainment and well-being of the people, thus these properties must not be target of such harmful acts and conducts. [Source]

How come the fine for BBQing is KD1,000 but running a red light is just KD300?

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  1. Abbass says:

    Its simple … Because after reading ur post about being near the bottom when it comes to the environment, they decided to make a statement 😝 by making the fine KD 1000

  2. Abbass says:

    Also because Kuwaitis run the red lights way more often than expats while it’s the opposite when it comes to BBQing in public

  3. armando says:

    Some one told me once: you can only educate people by hitting them were it hurts, their pockets. The lack of respect to the laws should be dealt with in this manner. I congratulate the Director-General of Kuwait Municipality for his stand, now I just hope there is some one to follow up and implement the law .

  4. Chris says:

    Kuwait’s legislators!

  5. Nawaf says:

    Well the idea is the same with traffic fines, cannot fine them enough, make their life a misery by taking their drivers license and car paper and let them do the leg work.

    IMHO the best way to get things done here in Kuwait and when it comes to the law, is giving everyone a fair warning once, then implement a system to cross check if they have ben warned once, and failed to acknowledge then hit them with a heavy fine no chance of wasta and BS.

  6. moe says:

    About the red light fine at 300 kd, one step at a time Mark.

  7. Othman says:

    “How come the fine for BBQing is KD1,000 but running a red light is just KD300?”

    Two separate entities. He’s not just one big lawmaker running around making all the decisions for every sector.

    • abdou says:

      LOL, summer is here and then ramadan….most people won’t bother bbqing outdoors and then people would just forget about the law and so would the authorities. Remember the mobile phone in car law?

    • Mark says:

      they should also make it a 1000kd fine for driving in the emergency lane

      • Longhorn in Kuwait says:

        +1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and so on and so on!

      • Zeink says:

        oh Mark that fine should be much more than KD 1000!

        • Desert Girl says:

          The Municipality has to pay for grass that is being destroyed by people barbecuing; whereas if someone is killed while speeding down an emergency lane, they don’t have to pay anything. Oh well. Save the grass!

          (And on that note… You know how it goes…. the company with the grass contract is probably charging the municipality 90KD a metre for grass.)

  8. Tina B says:

    Probably its more dangerous to BBQ then to risk the lives of other people by crossing the red light… u never know…. i’m just saying…. it could be…

    Btw, where are these “BBQ designated areas”….

  9. salah says:

    so ur friends “zalamat” dont mess up our gardens and sea fronts

  10. qeight says:

    How come the fine for BBQing is KD1,000 but running a red light is just KD300? – Well you do not need a million dinars to install a red light.

    Moreoever the number of people crossing the red light is far less than people bbq.

    • spydistrict says:

      Can’t be sure about that!

    • SH says:

      I had never seen so many people run a red light till I came here! It will be clearly red and we will be sitting at the lights and 3/4 cars can easily still go through the light! The disregard for the traffic rules here is unbelievable and Im not even going to talk about the extra lanes that impatient people seem to think are their own private lanes on the 30 etc when there is a bit of traffic slowing down to have a look at another accident wondering how it could have happened!!

  11. esz says:

    Mark, don’t forget that if you pass the red light 2 or 3 times, not only you pay KD 300, but you may also get some jail time, I think 1 month or something.

  12. jhonybravo says:

    Well… It is a nice move… as I went to beaches … instead of sand… pieces of coals (worse kids diaper) come under my feet…. can’t walk bare feet….

    But now after this law…. they should install some kind of SIGNS… like…. No BARBECUE ZONE… or BARBECUE NOT ALLOWED

  13. BB says:

    because BBQing increases your cholesterol while a red light only can get you killed…
    looking forward to see this implemented…

  14. JT says:

    The law wont be inforced anyway, so this new doesnt change anything really

    • Mark says:

      That’s the thing. The previous fine was KD300 which was already a deterrent to stop people from bbqing, kd500 is also enough even 100kd is enough.

      But end of the day someone needs to be there giving out fines and it sounds like no one wants to be there on their day off doing that so they’re trying to scare people by just having a ridiculously large fine.

      • JT says:

        You got that right. I think the ministry just sets the law to stir up some news which will only delay people from breaking it only temperarly. After that it becomes old news and forgot, then people get back to what they were doing.

        Thats why I always say, all government jobs should be based on commission. If they dont do their job, they dont eat.

      • JT says:

        BTW, any chance you can make a post about governemtn jobs being based on commission? I think it would be a good idea. And who knows we could have an impact? :P

        • Tim says:

          Gotta be careful of that one! If you make it so police and other officials who can fine you have their pay based on those fines, get ready for much more corruption than what you see now!! They will make stuff up and target those they don’t like just to write tickets.

          • JT says:

            True. I thought about that. As for the police they would need to show some video evidance or video tape the person confessing the law they broke.

  15. Sauce says:

    where else am i supposed to BBQ??? the marina crescent grass area was off the hook

  16. Mark says:

    Also what about the people who go smoke shisha, or just drink tea and chill out on the grass. Those people also litter.

    How about instead of fining people for BBQing they fine people for littering. Some asshole through a bottle of gatorade outside his window this morning while we were waiting at a traffic light. Shouldn’t he get fined as well?

  17. Longhorn in Kuwait says:

    We love walking our dog in the park, but there are always chicken bones and other things on the ground. We are constantly looking at the ground or watching him to make sure he doesn’t put anything in his mouth!

  18. Zeink says:

    Running a red light should be KD 10,000 at least and 6 months improsonment while speeding and reckless driving should be at least KD 100,000 and at least one year in rehab!

  19. Zeink says:

    And yes al these rude, irresponsible people who litter should be fined at least KD 1000 AND have a garbage truck sent to their homes and emptied in them….so they can learn a good lesson!

  20. i guess they were alarmed with the States ranking from the previous post. But not alarmed at the rate of the Road related accidents that happen.

    Sometimes Government do put stress on less pressing issues. Happens to every country. sad reality but, reality nonetheless

  21. Husayn says:

    “There are specific locations for barbecuing in 144 public parks”

    i need a proper road map to these 144 spots !!

  22. Jo says:

    I guess the reason why they don’t fine people who run a red light more than KD300 is because there is another penalty system at play. If i’m not mistaken there these things that are somewhat like ‘strikes’ in baseball. And u have a certain number of strikes. Once you pass that number you have ur license taken away.

  23. Gilbert says:

    So to avoid all these, Don’t be late on your barbecue party!

  24. truth says:

    The fines are ridiculous!

    it’s a company that enjoys a cut from fines, know the man behind it, and then you know how much he is getting from the cut of cameras photos.

    mino ra3i el monagasa emsawi wasta to raise up the fines, and make it sound so not obvious, he made other fines so expensive.

    so, yeah enjoy

  25. marius says:

    one of my first experience in kuwait:
    on the second day of working in kuwait the mandup of my company,take us (me and my friend) to my embassy for some paper work.to welcome us he bought us some drinks.after i finish drinking and i kept the bottle in my hand ,thinking that when we stop i will find a garbage bin and throw it there.
    well ,the mandup grab the bottle from my hands ,open the window and throw it outside ,in traffic… :)

    the problem is not the amount of the fine ,but the lacking of the law enforcing …

    in Romania,from where i am, is forbiden BBQ in public parks…but same problem with the enforcing the law…(except the one for traffic.the police men they hunt us down for the smallest traffic law violation :D )

  26. Desert Girl says:

    Enforcement: Will they install heat-seeking cameras so that whenever anyone lights a fire, it takes their photo?

  27. Baqdonis says:

    Next move should be paying for coop/supermarket plastic bags or force coops and supermarkets so switch to biodegrable plastic ones/brown bags. Kd1/bag. 100 fils wont stop people :)

  28. TweeZ says:

    Now to implement littering fine in Sare3 elma6aa3m!or as I call it, shaar3 elzabaala!

  29. D. says:

    I have nothing against deterrents, but I’m also a big fan of the punishment fitting the crime. This is ludicrous.

  30. Asif says:

    this of the day when Kuwait will not have expats… what would be the fine then!!!

  31. Gilbert says:

    Kuwait is becoming a ‘fine’ city

  32. mido says:

    does it MATTER how much the fines is? Are you guys planning on BBQing there no matter that the fine?

    Im glad this is gonna make kuwait cleaner and more civil.

  33. Roy says:

    This law shoud be forced years ago. I usually walk on the sea front directly infront of AUK to the basketball courts in Marina Mall. The litter there and the families that basically get their kitchens with them should be stopped. Although when i first read the article a while ago I expected a change, nothing changed at all.

  34. Pissed says:

    Another law for Kuwaiti’s to bend!

  35. Joe says:

    expect people to respect this law for a week or so at the news of the 1,000 KD fine, then it’s back to normal.

  36. shieka says:

    clean there sea & brain 1st before other thing that can harm to human being…wake up kuwait!

  37. Stephanie says:

    Hi Mark…did you know that swimming at messilah beach is banned now? I got a flier(yest) stating that “because of pollution, swimming is banned”. So basically,you can dip your toes in the water..but if u wade in deeper…5 coast guards (who look nothing more than 20 years old) jump you and yell away in Arabic! I tried searching about this online, but so far, nothing :-/

    PS: sailing and bar-be-que parties are ok (so far)

  38. Sami says:

    I love it
    the best things baladiya did ever (:

  39. blush says:

    I really don’t get it. Why 1000KD fine for BBQ and no fine at all for throwing the garbage everywhere else except in the garbage bin (which the locals specialise for). What harm is there in BBQ? is it worth 1000KD and also no fine for polluting the sea with the tons of garbage that its even disgusting for the site. I think it should be 4000KD fine for texting and driving then. Lame things they get to pick and make big issue with big fines.

  40. Shanawaz says:

    How to check baladia fines online

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