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Kuwait Dog Show 2007

dog show

This years Dog Show will be held once again at the British Embassy Gardens on Friday 16th of March 2007. Last year it was a lot of fun for so we will for sure be going back this year. In last years show Geo won second place in the Best Puppy category and this year we are hoping to win in other categories including Best Tail Wagger, Most Adorable Dog and Most Obedient. These competitions aren’t anything serious its all just a lot of fun. If you have a dog you should try and make it this year. For more information click [Here]

Here is my post of last years event.

Thanks Stallion for reminding me

20 replies on “Kuwait Dog Show 2007”

I’m surprised the Islamists haven’t objected to this event, with dogs being supposedly unclean and all that nonsense..

But then the British Embassy – or any embassy for that matter – is not considered Kuwaiti soil, so they can do whatever they want!

Mark… is it as fun as the movie “Best In Show”?

Are you guys kidding me? a dog show in kuwait on the british embassy land? As if Kuwait has finished all the ideas for show and exhibitions all that was missing is a dog show.. LOOOL…this country cracks me up sometimes… the comlpete and the luxerious problem free and open life in kuwait definitly called for a dog show so our life can be soo complete and missing anything in Kuwait. LOL

what about hodling an awareness compaing about all the maids getting gang raped in Kuwait? or guys dressed as girls and “reporting they were raped” and there is no law against a guy kissing a guy inpublic, LOL…yeah, i can see, we really needed a dog show.. hope no one will try humping those dogs

dude chill out. those dogs are more human than some of the animals that inhabit kuwait so let them fuck each other up and god will sort them out later.

LOL, i don’ have anyhting against dogs by the way, nothing, I just find it amazing to be holding a dog show in Kuwait. Well dog owners enjoy your show. Just keep your eye on your dog.


Is there any chance of finding an at least a little decent shop with dog owner supplies in Kuwait? Your help will be really appreciated!

All the best!

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