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Kuwait Dog Show 2K6

Kuwait Dog Show

Yesterday I went to the first dog show ever held in Kuwait which was organized by PAWS. The event took place in the British Embassy gardens from 2 to 6PM and it was open to everyone even if you didn’t have a dog just as long as you signed up ahead of time and paid the KD2 entrance fee. The weather was perfect a lot of sun and a little cold breeze.

The British embassy is really nice and their garden is huge. There were a lot of stands selling stuff from used books and dvds to sandwiches and and soft drinks. It was Geo’s first time out to a public place since the me stepping on his leg incident over a month ago so he was very excited to be out surrounded by other dogs and children. I have to say Geo must have been the most playful and friendliest dog there. Their were other friendly dogs at the event but all of them at one point or another got upset by another dog or person and tried to attack/bite or bark back. Geo on the other hand never got upset with anyone.. even the dogs who tried to bite him.

There were easily around 40 to 50 dogs at the event yesterday if not more. You had a lot of good-looking dogs like my favorite which was a Sheepdog and you also had some previously rescued dogs that were mostly mutts. Speaking of rescued dogs, there were a couple of puppies during the event that were wearing “Adopt Me” bandanas, they were puppies and dogs that didn’t have homes and could be adopted by anyone interested in them. Geo had a lot of fun playing with two of them, actually as usual, Geo runs and jumps up and down by himself thinking he is playing with the dogs but they actually just sit there and watch him.

The events were fun to watch, Geo of course as I mentioned yesterday came in second place in the Best Puppy category, the puppy that came first was a German Shepherd and Husky mix and looked really cute. Maybe if Geo was 2 months younger he would have had a better chance at getting first place but yesterday he looked oversized compared to the other puppies. I didn’t get a decent picture of the puppy that came in first but I was checking the PAWS website and I found the puppies picture there, his name is Bear and he in the one on the right [Picture].

The US ARMY K9 unit was there and performed a fun show for everyone. I will talk about that in more detail once I post the video of their show maybe later on today or tomorrow. Anyway overall it was a really fun event and I would for sure participate again next year. I got to meet two Kuwait bloggers at the event, Stallion and iDip, they turned out to be a lot different then I expected them to be.. in a good way of course. I also met 3 readers of the blog, which is always a nice experience. I had a lot of fun and it was really exhausting for everyone but definitely a lot of fun. Check out the pictures from the event. [Pictures]

If you are interested in adopting a dog then check out the PAWS website, they have pictures and information on all the dogs they have available. [Link]

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congrats on geo, really cute dog
i am also glad that u fixed the paragraph long link 🙂
nice shows btw, i am guessing it was u in the last pic, what brank are they?

Congrats on the 2nd place win, i really wanted to go there with my siberian husky,i was going to enter him in the obedience competition but sadly i couldn’nt make it. Oh well, there’s always next year. You know its a shame they only do it once a year, they would have a dog at least once a month. Last year i entered him in a dog show in the hunting and equestrain center, it was sponsered by the owner of the show called “my puppy” i think, well he was the one who made it happen, he was just a puppy and he won 2nd place too.

opps! i meant -they SHOULD have a dog show at least once a month.- and i meant -the owner of the SHOP called “my puppy”.
anyways CHAWZ

It was an honor meeting you and I have to admit the look on your face when I told you who I was was priceless!

Great pics and I agree with you when it comes to Geo being the most playful and the friendlist puppy! I’m still serprised that the dog who won “Best In Show” was the dog that liked being mean to the rest of the dogs!

Yazeed glad u like them, they are limited edition DC Shoes designed by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda. I only wear DC Shoes sneakers, they are very durable and very comfortable since they are made for skaters. Here are my other pair of DC Shoes

Limited: have you been to the store my puppy? Its horrible, its really sad seeing the puppies there, they are placed in very tiny cages and they all look very sad. I went there once and would never go again.

stallion i think all the dogs that came first were rescued dogs, they have wasta lol

me again :P, yeah mark i have been there, i know its a sad and miserable but what can i do am just givin the facts. When am a senator in Kuwait’s national assembly i’ll pass a rule for animal rights and welfare ;)until then all i can do is open my home to animals. (which is’nt making my dad very happy. LOL) g’nite all.

will Limited how can you say like that about the shop you dont know what you r talking about we all have been there its the best in kuwait if you want to talk talk about friday market or you dont know about it if you feel some thing wrong take them to you house huh its better you dont talk at all

fahad the My Puppy dog shop is one of the worst dog shops I have ever seen. Its a disaster and extremely cruel for the animals.

Hey Mark. I am the blonde that had your favorite dog. He is actually a soft coated wheaton terrier– no sheepdog in him. His name is Tazman. I wish we had met – I am the one who contacted you about ad agencies when I first got to Kuwait. Now am working at teshkeel comics as vp mktg and bus development. We are having an event at Virgin on June 1st from 2-6 launching The 99 comic book. Check us out at — we are also hiring like mad if you know anyone is looking around.

Hi there, btw its not the first or second dog show ever held in Kuwait, it might be the 6th ;)im sure about the 5 of`em.

Late congrats for Geo, and i got a few pics of him and his handler in 2007 show if your interested ill be glad to mail them 🙂

Best of luck

i was there maddy looked cute with her dress but she didnt win!!!!but it was a great dog show i enjoyed it

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