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Kuwait in top 10 shocking World Cup moments

I love it how Kuwait always makes it to the most random lists. This time Kuwait is ranked #5 on CNN’s top 10 most shocking moments in the World Cup.

5. France v Kuwait, 1982

France were coasting to victory in this group game in Valladolid, Spain. Leading 3-1 and with the clock ticking, Alain Giresse burst through unchallenged to add a fourth goal.

However, the Kuwaitis claimed they stopped playing because they had heard a whistle, and TV replays clearly picked up the sound of a whistle, presumably blown by somebody in the crowd.

This infuriated Kuwaiti FA president Prince Fahid, who promptly stormed onto the pitch and demanded that his players walked off in protest. Inexplicably, Russian referee Miroslav Stupar bowed to the Kuwaiti protest and chalked off a totally legitimate goal.

To make the situation even more bizarre, France defender Maxime Bossis then went on to score his only international goal in 76 matches to revert the scoreline to its rightful position with just a minute remaining. [CNN Article]

I’ve already mentioned before that I think thats actually one of the coolest moments in the World Cup but I can see how some people might see it otherwise. You can watch a summary of the match in question narrated by Sean Connery by clicking [Here]

14 replies on “Kuwait in top 10 shocking World Cup moments”

You know that the referee of this match was banned from referring ever again after that incident and also the kuwait football confederation was fined huge fines after that incident, i was just watching that a couple of days ago on sky sports the commentator was shocked from what happened that day 😀

“Prince” Fahad? i dont think so..this is kuwait not saudi..

but yeah this moment was pretty awkward…i dont think any other goal has EVER been cancelled due to an official’s intervention hahaha…allah yer7am al sheikh fahad al a7mad..

So apparently it’s really cool to act like a spoilsport? And stamp your feet and throw a temper tantrum until you get your way? That explains a lot…

Agja – Have you actually HEARD about what has been going on with the Kuwaiti sports clubs and FIFA. Foot stamping and temper tantrums indeed. WAAAAAAAAAAAA!

jimbo everyone comes here with a holier than thou attitude…no one is perfect, yet it seems everyone is fast to sit behind their monitor and talks shit about kuwait and kuwaitis…it really baffles me, if all those people bitching about kuwait and its people are so fed up and having such a terrible time, why stay? why not go back to their original countries where the people are angels and where the life conditions are excellent and where the authorities are not corrupt and where the infrastructure is not messed up etc etc etc?

tell me where ur from and ill tell u “how it is” in ur country too…its not rocket science

spartan- thaaaaank you soo much for saying that …i wish i can put your reply in the front page of every local and (foreign) news paper …
that’s soooo right and true …

and haters dont reply plz

Yeah foot stomping huh? please if u dont know what you’re talking about keep ur comments to urself because the french fans did cheat by blowing a whistle!!!!!! by the way its Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmad may he rest in peace not Prince, now he was real man not some european corrupt politician trying to profit off of football in whatever way possible.

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