Kuwait Times has a new look

Post by Mark

Today I noticed Kuwait Times got redesigned. I used to really hate their old layout since it looked really outdated but the new design is the complete opposite. Their typography and grid layout is very clean and it’s just wayyy more enjoyable to read now. You can check out their new design by viewing their digital edition online [Here]

I also spotted Arab Times ads on buses saying they will be updating their design in the coming few days as well.

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  1. fishma says:

    I must be getting really old coz I can’t see the difference………..oh no.

  2. fishma says:

    OK gotcha :)It’s very cold here, and I’m very old….

  3. meh says:

    and which one fabricates news again?

  4. Mick says:

    Mark, I’m using United Networks and both below sites appear to be Blocked by them. Is it only with UN or with other ISPs here in Q8?

    http://kuwaittimes.net/dailyepaper.php and

  5. Yousuf M says:

    @mick i can see both the articles.I am on KEMS, works just fine.
    Can anyone please tell me what fonts/font family are they using?

  6. ariston says:

    New year… new layout design! :)
    I agree that the new layout is organized(grid) and clean especially the business section, not to mentioned they used big images… and they also make the newspaper size a bit smaller.

    Now, let’s wait and see how the Arab Times do there stuff… =)

  7. Kuwait says:

    Arab Times… copy cats lol

  8. Desert Rain says:

    I hope both papers fix their grammar too, not just the layout.

  9. fishma says:

    Now they need to find some journalists…

  10. John Fernandes says:

    Actually this is done to keep up with international sizes. For Kuwait they have to make it special size in column wise. Even Alseyassah ( Arabic news paper ) will be changing the size. But Arab Times wont change its fonts like how Kuwait Times have done.

  11. Layman says:

    Aren’t there any professionals around who could develop good and accessible websites ?

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