Pro Kart + Head cam

Post by Mark

A reader made the video above of him and his friends racing at the Pro Kart track. [YouTube]

Thanks Pedro

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  1. Zack says:

    No offense, but this is so boring and no-fun compared to driving a 500-WHP Car!
    Mark wanna take a ride in my 850HP Car?

    • Frederic says:

      Unless it’s a drag race, you can’t do shit in Kuwait, Pro Carting is fun, could do it anytime you feel like it.

  2. L says:

    In Kuwait, some take all the roads as a racing track and use their vehicle as a sports car! They speed and hit innocent people!

    • J says:

      The hit people.. but they dont necessarily have to be innocent. You could speed, spin and crash into a van full of child molesters or rapists.

  3. SAD says:

    and you can crash with the go-cart and break your spine and die.

  4. Haitham says:

    I’m in interested in knowing what kind of camera and mount was used. I’m looking for a good set to use when I go riding.

  5. PedroDashT says:

    i used a GoPro Hero HD Motorsports camera with the suction mounted on the helmet

    • Haitham says:

      I guess the answer would be obvious, but I don’t often trust suction mounts. Is it very secure and have you had any problems with it?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wtf first 4 comments :S

  7. Hellraiser says:

    Thats lame 4 strokes engines! The least they can do is offer 2 strokes, the the fun begins… sounds like lawn mowers to me!

  8. F says:

    Ive heard about this track but where is it located ? Looks fun.

  9. Louka says:

    where exactly is this track?

  10. Anas says:

    Dude, your racing line is wayy off and your driving wayy too slow. Let me borrow ur camera and will make a video driving the proper way.

    • PedroDashT says:

      You Are Michael Schumacher of ProKarting :P

      i have been to that track twice at night and this and the tires f**k up everything u can’t hit the turn next to the curb because tires will just kill you :P

      and the Karts in pro karting needs updating cause each Kart has its own performance

  11. Hellraiser says:

    Track location is opposite 360 mall.

  12. q8racing says:

    mark lets set a race Pedro Vs Anas

    on saturday the 15th

    now we have the timming system instaled with the

    new yellow lighting

    choose a time …winner gets a free helmet .

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