List of torrent sites that will be blocked

Post by Mark

This is the list of torrent sites sent out by the MOC to the ISP’s to block (here is a link to yesterdays post in case you missed it). On my offices FastTelco connection most of them are already non accessible.

Thanks MX5

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  1. I HATE MOC says:

    What the hell.. DEMONOID?? i hate our government! Instead of finding ways to improve our internet they do this.. blocking everything on the internet.. segregating everything… censorship… segregation… what next? police brutality in peaceful protests?? because they are “going against Islam… we true muslims have to jihad their protesting a**es???”

  2. K.theKuwaiti says:

    Except for Piratebay .. I haven’t heard/used the others. I find it funny that they banned demonoid .. especially since its a forum now.

  3. Z District says:

    What the hell is this, its turning into an idiots show… they really have no clue what they are doing or what people are doing.. people will get to these sites no matter what.

    Just a bunch of idiots with nothing to do!

  4. hohoo says:

    all are useless except thepiratebay.

    on side note: i have kems in home and when i type thepiratebay in full form the site is blocked


    when i remove the “www.” and just type “” the site become unblocked.

  5. Rakan says:

    We’re slaves .. lower your head .. and humbly accept our fate ..

  6. MX5 says:

    Ur welcome Mark,

    Hohoo, That used to happen with my Fasttelco connection, but not anymore :(

  7. A E R O says:

    Down down down down… on our way to the 15th century !! On boaaard!!

    And the worst part is that people are taking the abuse without a word…

  8. Bo-Bader says:

    You know whats funny, you can’t access from the US. blocked traffic from the US to protest a US court order to handover the IP address of people who access their website. Kind of sad to see governments trying to have power over something that was created to avoid governments control.

  9. Orcwar says:

    Problem solved ;-)

  10. Rakan says:


    One word for you:


  11. Orcwar says:

    Just put the site up for you guys!

    notice the adsense banners…nudge nudge wink wink ?!

  12. mocman says:

    hahahaha this is realy funny…… i wonder how they came up with that list….

  13. .тeяκoυic. says:

    i used mininova :D , Thanx Orcwar.

  14. Ja says:

    Whatever happened to MOC increasing internet prices and all that crap we heard?

  15. lfc-Q8 says:

    the sites i use are not blocked :D

  16. busynow says:

    My isp is kems and all the the sites from the list is blocked
    as hohoo said piratebay work withouth www.

  17. shabbir says:

    you ppl are acting like kids, let them block, not one i say…. block all of them… does it matter… millions of other ways to access a website… never thought in my whole that a blocked website would ever be a problem… grow up guys….

  18. Purgatory says:

    Why do people post ways of gettng around torrents? if you know how to do it, keep it to yourself and do not post it on a forum.

  19. K.theKuwaiti says:

    For every door closed, ten will open.

  20. 3azeez says:

    let me get this straight…
    MOI ban movies and music from coming to kuwait because of censorship.

    We can’t buy pirated movies and music from hawally that dont go through censorship because of piracy laws.

    we cant have music concerts cuz they are haram.

    we can’t see the movies in the cinemas because either they wont bring the good movies or simply they’ll censor the hell out of those movies.

    and now we can’t even download the movies and music?

    what do they want us to do exactly? do what the saudis do every weekend? Drive to bahrain?

  21. MX5 says:

    Ya Purgatory, Its not like ISPs don’t know about proxies.

  22. 3azeez says:

    “We’re slaves .. lower your head .. and humbly accept our fate ..” Rakan.

    Yes I do agree with Mr. Rakan. Thats exactly what it feels like living in my OWN country Kuwait.

    I should shut my mouth and eat tibin.

    at least they’re still showering us with money :|

  23. Ramsey says:

    Thank fuck I leave Kuwait for good next week

  24. crocko rock says:

    Close the internet down

    Segregate Schools

    Ban Valentines


    What’s next guys? I can see banning men from malls soon. Don’t laugh.

  25. Spooner says:, LOL why >>? its just a forum now ! i don’t see any reason why they should/did.

    crocko rock:

    they’re very close to doing that, in muhalab there is a family timings, where guys can’t enter… unless they have a female companion,unfortunately it’s the time we’d like to call lunch.

    Kuwait: Democratic to the bone.

  26. mustafa says:

    i use mininova :D its not blocked

  27. boody says: is blocked by fastelco

  28. Bo-Bader says:


    LOOOL. You reminded me when I was in Kuwait I worked in Hawalli. I used to go with my wife to have lunch at Muhallab maybe once a month. We used to set and laugh at Tejari girls dating and el3agad elle yghazloon LOOOOOOOOL. They pretend to be VIPs and millionaires when they have coffee (Probably they only know cappuccino) LOOOOOOOL.

  29. Aziz says:

    lol MOC are a bunch on idiots that don’t know shit about torrents..

    first of all most of them kuwaiti’s don’t even know about and never use..

    secondly, those are ALL public torrent sites, have they ever heard of private torrent sites ? sites the have download speeds so fast its as equal as a direct download, sites that have pre-times that are less than a minute due! sites that have all and the best content.. all the sites they are banning are public = shit tracker sites..

    i’m not gonna even mention any high level private torrent sites but i wanted to point a huge retarded mistake from the MOC.. now there encouraging users to join private torrent sites and leech even more and faster.. great job..

    thats why i love MOC .. in our brainless community.. i trust =)

  30. Aziz says:

    just wanted to add Demonoid already closed ages ago.. its just a forum with no torrents or anything to do with torrents but just to keep the community alive

    Piratebay has so many lawsuits up its ass by Swedish authorities, it won’t last much longer from the way things are going

    why blocking those two will always remain a MOC mystery..

    how stupid can you get ?

    blocking but not ?

    yet another MOC mystery never to be revealed..

  31. fadidra says:

    why like omg where do live now AFGHANISTAN ?

  32. radiant guy says:

    I don’t use any of those beside I could use a proxy to get to any of them If I wanted to :D

    They are trying to censor everything including BLOGS!

    You are hilarious, pity you don’t have a blog LOL

    crocko rock
    That’s already happened in Muhallab…They don’t allow guys to get in unless they had female company…I knew some guys who had girls from “Tejari” to let them in LOL

  33. MaGiC MaN says:

    This is Intranet, house of holes and bugs/backdoors, Tips and Tricks can do lots of magic for you.
    You Cant block Torrents/Applications with any software or firewall.
    Let me know if you want to access anything that is blocked by your ISP.

  34. Sita says:

    YAY! Thank you MOC for allowing my sites to still run. You are too kind!

  35. Q8expat says:

    makes you wonder why MOC want to do this “blocking thing” after a lot of folks did their renewals for DSL at the “famous” infoconnect…. hmmm… conspiracy.. comes to mind…

  36. Tw3EK says:

    Use a proxy or a VPN like Swissvpn or Relakks. Connect on the site, download the torrent and than u can turn it off…

  37. harlestenator says:

    Thankfully i know longer live in kuwait but now live in australia, and it’s pretty shit that they have now blocked several of the torrent sites i used to use but still can over here luckily. The one thing decent about kuwait’s internet is that most of it’s not capped which is the complete oposite to australia’s internet which is shit! The one thing that most people do in kuwait is download movies, music and lot of GREAT stuff using torrents which is about all i used to do. i think that what the government has decieded to do is shit, and i really feel sorry for all my mates still in kuwait. ah stuff the KUWAITI GOVERNMENT. sorry to all you torrent users and peace out.


  38. MacaholiQ8 says:

    Funny I never use any of those except demonoid which has been terminated. It’s all good.

  39. sulaiman says:

    i hate our goverment they always block sites and now torrents torrents are harmfull you jackasses i hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we use it for downloading movies and games i hate you sooooo much

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