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Post by Mark

I passed by the new Lulu Hypermarket that opened up recently. The place is huge and I found a ton of stuff that I hadn’t seen before. I do all my shopping at Sultan Center since they have a lot of imported US and UK products but I will probably be adding Lulu to the list now. This is just an example of what I found at the first fridge once I walked in: Diet Coke “caffeine free”, Diet Coke with lemon, Diet Coke with cherry, Fanta Zero orange and Fanta Zero lemon, Sprite Zero, and Dr Pepper Zero. They also had a whole variety of Tropicana juices I hadn’t seen before (and for a reasonable KD1.600) and even the UK brand Innocent. I didn’t take any pictures after that fridge since there were “No Photography” signs everywhere (not sure why). I did manage to snap a picture of a strange fruit I found, hadn’t seen one like it before (pictured at bottom of post).

To get to Lulu you take the 40th and then exit on the 208 heading towards the Wataniya Airways airport. It’s located on the main road so you won’t miss it. Check out some more pictures below.

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  1. queen says:

    that’s jackfruit if i am not mistaken:-/

  2. Adrian says:

    It IS a jackfruit!!

  3. Jyoti says:

    This is JackFruit for sure.

  4. Mark says:

    I was trying to remember the name and I couldn’t but you’re right its jack fruit.

  5. Nand says:

    Thats a jackfruit and all the mellus eat it for Breakfast, Lench end dinner with lots and lots of coconut…….”Spelling mistakes are intentional”…..

  6. Danderma says:


    My hands are itching! I want to go over there NOW and grab some! OMG OMG OMG

  7. Randy says:

    directions are kinda sketchy. so on 40 exit 208 from or to Kuwait City?

  8. Mark says:

    both ways. If you’re coming from Ahmadi on the 40th u take the 208 exit and if you’re coming from kuwait city you also take the 208 exit.

  9. Sara says:

    Sometimes I wonder .. what are we going to do without you Mark!

  10. haneyl says:

    yes .. visited the place yesterday …. gotta bunch of imation dvd’s for 900 fills ….. n got snaps of beef tongue (first time im seeing it in a shopping center) which was gross ….. n overall the place was much more better than the shuwaik lulu …. the best part was we could take our trolleys to the electronic departments …….. n … why is it that its rare to see a wii controller with the wii demo units ..sheesh …..

  11. Jacqui says:

    It’s in the same area as Qurain Markets (Aswaq Al Qurain)

  12. Frankom says:

    yeah why not lets add it to the list :)

  13. Kuwait says:

    Yes, that area IS Aswaq Al Qurain or Qurain Markets.

  14. vampire says:

    do Al-Rai btranch carrying thr same merchants?

    i’m in Abu Dhabi now and all the things u mentioned, i found in LuLu here. LuLu > Sultan

  15. Moshii says:

    Is this their third branch now? I know two branches never knew they were opening one more

  16. xboclibe says:

    i went on the 2nd day and the lifts were also stuck i was likke wtf …rofl so i left after buying some drinks :\

  17. seouldout says:

    Word to the wise. I often shop at the Lulu on 5th Ring Road. That branch has a lot of imported U.K. and U.S. foodstuffs, but not as much as Sultan. Many, if not most, of the Lulu customers are South Asians, who look for a good value. I recall never seeing them buy any of these U.K. and U.S. items, which means that they’d often be heavily discounted. For example, the same U.K. muesli sold at the Sultan for 2 KD was often half that price at Lulu. And the 5th Ring Rd Lulu is also close to both the Carrefour and Géant hypermarts at the Avenues and 360° Malls, respectively.

    Lulu also has the best produce section of any market. 360° has the best cheese assortment. Carrefour branded goods – private label Produits libres – from France are very fairly priced.

  18. Mark says:

    Actually I forgot to mention, they had a HUGE cheese section as well in the new branch.

    I never shopped much in the 4th ring road branch since it always seemed packed.

  19. Mathai says:

    @haneyl: was it sliced beef tongue or whole including lower jaw?
    I wonder where I can get them sliced thin Japanese style.

  20. Mariam says:

    hi mark, h r u? where is lulu market i want the direction too it please ?

  21. gabry says:

    Mr M.K Yousef Ali owner of the Lulu Hyper opened another hypermarket just the next week after he opened the one in Kuwait. Lulu now has the highest presence when you take all the countries in middle is a link to his website

  22. gabry says:

    *opened the next one in Oman

  23. haneyl says:

    i dunno man … i din see a lower jaw …. just a dark Grey thing with tiny Lil spots ……..
    oh..n thr was this fisherman’s salad at the olives,cheese n meat section … it had coconut slices n tiny octopuses in it

  24. lensman says:

    That dark grey thing might be tripe…

  25. peter says:

    Wow such positive feedback from Mark, will go there tomorrow. Comparing Lulu with Sultan…especially in the fruits and vegetables section. The Lulu on the 4. ringroad used to sell nearly rotten vegetables. I have complained 3 times, the supervisor blamed always the poor guy on the shop floor but he told me it has to be like that….I like Lulu, except vegetables i buy somewhere else.

  26. poodleberry says:

    Did you see any lucozade in that collection Mark? I know an English girl tried to get it at justask from sultan but they said they couldn’t bring it in. I myself found it in dubai not sure why kuwait haven’t bothered with it yet.

  27. Soloist21 says:

    Mark, thank you soo much for this post! I practically live on tropicana juice while I’m in the UK but I can never find juice half a decent when I come back home!
    Minute Maid orange juice in sultan is good but it’s ridiculously expensive! 4.900 KD!!
    Thanks man I would have never thought of looking in Lulu hyper Market.
    Do you think that the one near the 4th RR might have some aswell?

  28. Barmait says:

    never seen this fruit before! looks interesting though..a spiky watermelon lol..but i guess from the comments I’ve read, it’s called jackfruit

  29. whizbabe says:

    I guess I’m one of those Indians who does buy organic muesli and other premium (if you will) ingredients. I have to say Lulu Shuwaikh has an excellent olive and cheese selection. Haven’t seen the Greek superior black olives anywhere else. I shop at Sultan as well, but have found that Lulu does offer better value on the same goods. In fact the frozen section at Lulu also carries some of Linda Mccartney’s vegan line and I once spotted a PinaColada frozen mix!

  30. herald says:

    THanks for the post, gonna check out Lulu this weekend. Per Sultan, they do rip you off and dont feel shy about it either. I once saw their store manager shopping at Geant!!! Not only are they expensive, but cheap on their employees too. They are convinient though, i live in Salwa. Slowly but surely, the competition is already importing better valued products. Also, wider selection. Oh, and one thing i cant stand, why do they always place the arabic tranlated sticker on the english intructions section where you cant read how some items are meant to be cooked.

  31. NightShift says:

    Mark wrote “I was trying to remember the name and I couldn’t but you’re right its jack fruit.”

    Didn’t you say:
    “…a strange fruit I found, hadn’t seen one like it before (pictured at bottom of post).”

  32. NightShift says:


    Nothing I just think it’s a good fruit I want to buy one

  33. Nand says:

    @poodleberry…you do have tons of lucozade at the new Lulu…but is’nt it an overrated drink!!!!

  34. Eliasoz says:

    This is awesome. I’m disappointed you mentioned so many soda drinks though, don’t you know they’re really bad for your health? :P

    I hope they have my favorite juice, Ocean Spray grapefruit. Sultan Center got it recently but it’s overpriced. Guess I’ll find out :)

  35. AndyQ8 says:

    Many of the same things as everyone else, but for fellow Brits, there are some additions that I haven’t seen elsewhere in Kuwait:

    ‘Real’ British Cadbury’s chocolate (not the nasty powdered milk variety that’s made in Egypt/Australia and sold everywhere)

    Cadbury’s Heroes :)

    Thorntons and Cadbury’s cakes

    Walkers crisps (Worcester Sauce and Prawn Cocktail went straight in the basket!)
    Monster Munch and Wotsits.

    Robinson’s orange, blackcurrant and apple etc. at 460fils. (880fils at Carrefour and Geant / 1.250KD at Sultan)

    Some UK branded yoghurts and desserts (Muller fruit corners etc.)

    @ Poodleberry: yes they have Lucozade, Lucozade Orange and Lucozade Sport (Lucozade and Orange also in large bottles)

    Diet Cherry and Diet Citrus Coke (UK)

    Tango Orange and Apple.

    There was some Wall’s Cornish ice cream, but I bet it’s melted and re-frozen a few times!

    Great selection of Heinz soups.

    Horlicks, various hot chocolates.

    Tons of frozen stuff from Iceland at silly prices.(The supermarket chain, not the country!)
    At least the all have prices in £’s, so you can work out the level of rip-off!

    Some Birds Eye products, but v.expensive.


    Oxo cubes in various flavours.

    3 varieties of Haywards pickled onions – sweet, regular and strong. 990fils, compared to 1.800KD at Sultan (when they’re in stock)

    @Eliasoz: Just be aware how quickly grapefruit juice strips tooth enamel. It can do it quicker that regular Coke or Pepsi!

  36. AndyQ8 says:

    Oh, and one amusing merchandising error: All the dedicated vegetarian products (Quorn etc.) at on the end of the meat display!

  37. Eliasoz says:

    AndyQ8, thanks for the tip. I try to usually brush my teeth after eating/drinking anything with sugar or anything acidic.

  38. Lynn says:

    I’ve been a loyal customer to The Sultan center since I first arrived in Kuwait around 6 years ago. I love the feeling that I can buy most of the groceries that I was used to buying back home. Since I live close to Salmiya store that’s where I do most of my shopping, but I have to say that the Tropicana juice that you mentioned is actually cheaper in Sultan Center, I actually just bought a couple last night for only KD 1.590 per piece; I know its not much of a difference but when you buy them as often as I do it eventually makes a difference to the total bill.

  39. Tee says:

    I can’t believe i took the trip all the way to the new lulu to be scammed like this.
    I always do my shopping in sultan center shuwaikh or the one in hawally; however when i saw this blog i decided to give lulu a try.
    My favorite products i usually buy in sultan, were available in lulu…I thought… if lulu imported it, surely sultan will lower the price..and i end up saving….
    i packed my trolley, since the items where bundled together..on my way to the payment counter, i was flipping the items to find it all with few weeks left before expiry. Capn crunch cereal, All bran kellogg’s cereal, Robinson juice, colman’s mustard, duncan hines cake mix….and others…..
    sultan imported items are always & by far more fresh than that.
    and even if they put items near to expire, they separate it from the shelf and set aside, and a clear sign is posted on it, notifying me about “what i am buying”. Sultan respects me, and respects my decision and surely my health above all.

    Lulu… you just made me more loyal to sultan cetner

  40. AndyQ8 says:

    @Tee: I agree that some of their stuff is a few weeks before expiry, but then look back at Mark’s previous posts about Sultan and their expired goods.
    For me, I was buying items at Lulu that simply weren’t available at Sultan Centre. UK produced Cadburys chocolate, Lucozade etc.
    I also bought a few bottes of Robinsons there. They were also only 6 weeks from expiry. However, they also cost me 60% less than the Sultan Centre. In the case of Apple and Blackcurrant, SC Salmiya was selling at 2.250 and Lulu was 480fils, a massive 79% cheaper!
    If you want to buy items to keep for weeks or months, Sultan is great. However, I’d rather save money. Just depends on your priority I guess.

  41. Tee says:

    @AndyQ8, my priority is my health AndyQ8, regardless of how much i will spend here or there, I will surely pay more to heal from any side effects. Anyhow, the price was not the issue. If Lulu will put a product about to expire, they should have the integrity to also put next to it what shows the customer that IT IS IN FACT NEAR EXPIREY, then leave the decision to me, you and everybody, whether to buy or no.

  42. marwa says:

    lulu is amazing if it open anywhere

  43. Alino says:

    can any one help me to find bovril….
    which store i can find????
    Bovril is sauce type


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