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I hate it when people say there isn’t much to do in Kuwait because from my experience there are a ton of cool activities here. One new activity I found out about is Milsim. This has to be one of the coolest things to do in Kuwait and its now going to be something I will do as often as I can.

Milsim is a military simulation that has a lot of strategy and some very cool realistic weapons. Unlike paintball which uses paint pellets, Milsim uses powder pellets. Also unlike the paintball here in Kuwait where you run around hiding behind inflatable balloons, Milsim uses real life locations for their games. I got invited to participate in a game today and I’m now in love with Milsim. Todays location was an abandoned prison in Doha near Entertainment City. They have different locations for different sized groups for example when there are 40 guys they like going and play at an abandoned residential compound that’s around 3 blocks large. Since we were 16 guys they decided on the prison location due to its close combat nature. Judging by the video above it seems they also have a very cool abandoned farm they use.


First thing they do is split everyone into teams, todays mission involved the Marines and Delta Force vs the Taliban’s. I was placed in the Taliban team. We were then briefed on the mission which was the following… Marine One crashed and it was carrying the President of the United States. The Marines were with the president and the game starts off at their crash site. They have 15 minutes to defend their zone and protect the president before the Delta team reinforcement arrives. After an hour into play they would receive a radio call with the location of the landing in which they then have 30 minutes to get to that point and evacuate. As Talibans, our aim was to capture their president or capture a box that contained nuclear keys, if we captured any of the two we would win. Everyone was limited to just 4 magazines and each contained 20 rounds. There are no refills and although the weapons can fire at full auto its highly discouraged because you will run out of ammo very quickly. We also all had 3 lives, if you get shot (anywhere) you have to put your hands over your head and walk to the medical zone where you have to remain for 10 minutes before you go back and join your team.

How was it? A lot of fun that’s for sure and very exhausting. My team ended up losing, not sure how since we had a ex Austrian military guy, a local special forces guy and the Milsim owner, while the opposing team were made up mostly of newbies like me. We even had flares and smoke grenades! Oh well it was still a lot of fun and its something as I said I’m going to do a lot more of.

I took some pictures which you can check out below. The first video on top is a video they created to show the kind of weapons and gameplay style. Unlike paintball their games aren’t only about shooting but its about accomplishing missions and involves strategy. The second video above is one I shot today when me and some guys were getting briefed on how to use the weapons. This is seriously one very cool activity, and they say there isn’t anything to do in Kuwait…

If you’re interested to participate in Milsim its KD10 per person. That includes the weapon, gun magazines, vests, helmet, goggles, water and pelets. I think its actually pretty cheap for what you get. They cater to groups, individuals and even for corporate outings. For contact information you can visit their website at

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84 comments, add your own...

  1. intel says:

    how much?

  2. intel says:

    never mind the d q i just continued reading
    and wow 10 is a great price
    i hate paintball cuz its very expensive

  3. MAD says:

    wow, that brings up a lot of good memories :) back at home we had camps like that for high school graduates “but with real guns and weapons ;) -i miss my AK47 :( guess u know where that place is, but i’m sure I’ll beat the crap of you in guns street fights any time ;) just you wait hehehe

  4. 3azeez says:

    How did they get those BB guns into Kuwait? I tried to get one for my self couple of years back they weren’t allowed.

  5. Abbdulaziz says:

    With all the terror in this world , the last thing that we need is to build a culture of trigger happy teenagers.

  6. intel says:

    @ 3azeez: u need a wasta

  7. Bu Yousef says:

    ‘I hate it when people say there isn’t much to do in Kuwait because from my experience there are a ton of cool activities here’
    Hear, hear. Thank you, Mark.

  8. Mark says:

    3azeez: they r the dealers for RAM products and u could buy from them

  9. Nobu says:

    The pictures look like scenes from the movie “The Hurt Locker”.

  10. e says:

    Is it legal officially permitted?

  11. bu hamad says:

    so um how do u know if u get hit ? and is there protection on the eye ? does it hurt as much as paintball ?

    • James says:

      You can know that you got hot cause u feel it. And yes they give mask and armor. You can’t really compare to paintball cause milsim know use only BB guns witch is the almost the power of paintball except paintball most people use rental guns witch has the same power but at milsim you many people own there guns witch is gaz unlike the rentals that are electric

  12. Kkamal says:

    Do we have to go as a group? Or can i go alone and be included in a group?

    • James says:

      No you don’t really need to go by groupe many people go with only a friend mostly thirds and Friday that’s when people go

  13. Q8alo says:

    I would like to know the answers for bu hamad’s questions as well please

    Screw CoD4 im playing live! which btw reminds me of “Gamer” the movie

  14. Moe says:

    Do you like just book a date Mark or do you just show up?

    How does it work?

  15. Lamborbiker says:

    Hey man can you give me the address for that place?
    And thanks for this awesome website and app I really loved it

  16. tom says:

    mark is it only for 18+ ????

  17. iamthestig says:

    hala guyz
    mark thanks for such a nice post bro, and ppls mark have also given the website. check the website call on their number and get all the info :) i hope its cheap and it doesnt hurt as much as paintball.
    keep it real

  18. Hsain says:

    This is really cool and I’m wondering whether it’s open to public like paintball is, because if it is, I want to organise a group and get down there ASAP!
    Few questions:

    -So seeing as this is in multiple locations, where do you go in the first place to organise a ‘game’?
    -Is there an age limit?
    -Is there minimum to the amount of people?
    -Pain factor; same as paintball? Worse?

    Would like to hear it from you mark before I start giving them calls.

    • James says:

      – you just go to behind shaab park and that’s it
      – the age limit is 12+ (you’ll need to bring your civil id )
      -no there isn’t a minimum
      – you can tell almost the same depending on what kind of gun u get shot with

  19. Frankom says:

    We should have one day out there – all bloggers :)

  20. Holla says:

    Do they give you a discount if you already have a gun? I got a spare WA Beretta GBB laying around.
    Looks like they could also use a copywriter (like the rest of this country) to correct this awful headline: “SOON YOU HAVE the CHANCE to EXPERIENCE this ULTRA REALISTIC SYSTEM, UNDER a PROFESSIONAL and SAFE ENVIRONMENT”
    DO ANYone speak THIS ENGLISH under THIS group??? hahahahhaa!

  21. Hi Guys, thanks for your comments and interest in MILSIM. will be up soon, and it will pretty much answer most of your inquiries.

    We are in the process of opening a permanent scenario field in Shaab, so this will make things a lot more convenient for our clients both Law enforcement/Military and civilian Gamers.

    in regards to our Gaming section its basically swapping ur PS3 or X box control P with a RAM (Real Action Marker) so keeping it as real as it gets!!

    We do not use BB rifles!! RAMS are Markers just like paintball markers except they are magazine fed just like the real thing.

    its also very important to mention that we only cater to adults and that is 21+

    And we only sell our Markers to Police and military for civilian clients they are welcome to join us whenever we have a game set up or on field to experience this ultra realistic system that is also extremely safe as we take all the precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

    Please tune in on in about 2 weeks time where it will be up and running.



  22. iamthestig says:

    Frankom good idea bro :)

  23. Can girls play? I want a pink gun.

  24. intel says:

    i hate age limits

  25. Kuwait says:

    Hey let’s hold a 1 hour session on Thursday evening at Marina Mall.

    Mission: Kill all the uglies.

  26. Laila says:

    Do u need any identification like civil IDs to play?

  27. Bruno says:

    There is a paintball company here in Kuwait that plays at the Doha Jailhouse site as well.

    Hopefully there businesses will not intrude on each other.

  28. Sumi says:

    Ohhh…that is COOl…a little Al-Qaeda training campish..but COOL

  29. Mark says:

    Bruno its the same company

  30. Bruno says:

    Also because .43 caliber paintballs are not as popular as the standard .68 caliber paintballs that are traditionally used…. they are ridiculously expensive.

    So this milsim place is going to cost a buttload

  31. Hi Bruno, I like how you already over priced us mate!! when we haven’t even declared what we are offering on our field let alone our pricing

    Let me assure you and everyone interested in our gaming facility that our prices will be very affordable and the gaming experience will by far surpass the fee

    PS we will offer both 43 and 68 games



  32. M.Lari says:

    plz cmon do i have to be 21 >>
    need to w8 then for another year or smthing

    why u make it 18+ so wee can play

    Dam this thing is way cooler than paintball


  33. Missg says:

    So violence is a cool pastime!!!! How sad, rather than promoting sports, arts etc.. killing is the new ‘fun’ and how sad that educated people (i am assuming Mark is educated) is promoting this as a way to spend time and have fun.

  34. Mark says:

    Missg, these are not real guns and they don’t use real bullets. No one gets killed.

  35. Borat says:

    I know you hate it when they say there is nothing much to do in Kuwait,but what about nightlife?

  36. TweeZ says:

    BIN GA7BA!

  37. Missg as Mark said MILSIM is not a violent game (we do not harm neither each other, nor animals, nor the environment)its a tactical and strategic game that is based on fictional scenarios.

    it develops team work, discipline and is a great work out.

    it also brings people to understand what are woman and men in the armed forces go through everyday to keep you and me safe and sound from harms way that may be anywhere whether its domestic or global.

    the men and woman of Law enforcement and the military are not violent people that have a death wish or thrive on killing they are the best of our society and are putting their lives on the line every day to protect us and our families.

    I hope i was able to explain my point of view.



  38. Theq8tyGodfather says:

    I recommend not to have people bring their own guns to the game since someone might get the wrong idea and actually bring a real gun …

  39. Amar says:

    I think a lot of us have a ton of questions. Milsim Kuwait, would it be possible to get a FAQ up on your website sooner (while your website is being developed), or post it somewhere. I know it would help us out quite extensively, I believe a lot of people here are excited about this and you will probably get a lot of calls on the same questions.

    Items like:

    -Cost, Location, Booking Method, Gear Provided, Necessary Safety, Documents Required (Civil ID, Passoport) etc..

  40. Nemo says:

    Sounds cool wanna try it

  41. Faisal says:

    Guys, regarding this, I called them
    and they said its not for Commercial use,
    now its only for POLICE+ARMY forces

    they are planning to open one after Ramadan,
    in Al-shaab park on the Gulf road

    hope this info help you all

  42. Hamachi says:

    wow I liked the prison pics, I wonder who was imprisoned there and how was it for them !!

  43. charmander says:

    damn i need to wait 5 more years to try this out :((
    just as i getting adrenaline pumped in my blood from excitement then i noticed 21+ age limit =/

  44. Q8Sam says:

    Awsome !!!! its gonna be loads of fun :D i hate speedball :P paintballing

  45. desert sky says:

    I did paintballing with these guys at that prison last year.It was great fun and painful.

  46. oh wow !! that looks really cool ! am already in love with paintball (even if it gets me bruised) but this gotta be the new hot thing now !

  47. Rayboy says:

    hi mark, i had mentioned to you about milsim kuwait some weeks ago….!

  48. TweeZ says:


    this “game” is not open for the public so lets not cum in our pants, yet.

  49. MissG says:

    It has nothig to do with real guns!!! it is the concept!

  50. Yousef Alharoun says:

    it shouldn’t require an age limit!!

  51. GRAY says:

    @ MissG: I know what are you trying to point out sir/Madam… and i respect what you are trying to say about this game. but to be fair… MilSIm is not about violence…its about educating people about guns. it promotes discipline to one self, it enhances your people handling skill and it teaches to respect people in the armed forces and not to fear them.

    I my self have been doing milsim since 1999 and it thought me to control my temper, it thought me to respect everyone, because in the game anybody can take you out. it thought me a great deal about patience… which can be applied to many things in our everyday lives. it also thought me about trust, teamwork and people handling skills… in this game its not all about shooting…its about planning, coordination and believing on your teammate to execute the move that all of you have agreed on… and again, you can use that on day to day activities.

    i am a civilian and not a soldier… and here is a link of my team…consisted of mostly professionals. here is the link of my team…

    But in fairness to you also missG, mark should put a disclaimer or something. he is just excited about the whole thing i guess… right mark?

    Promoting Love and Respect!



  52. Mark says:

    Gray that looks awesome! I love the second picture, looks like a militia!

  53. Hi Gray,

    Said like a true MILSIM guy, its about discipline,Respect and a team work culture.

    For everyone that is interested in MILSIM Kuwait we are currently not open for the public however you will not have to wait for long, we are opening a field within 2 – 3 months and will continue to do out door outings simultaneously with that.


    MILSIM Kuwait

  54. Mathai says:

    wow Gray! you guys look hard core!

  55. GRAY says:

    @Mark: hehehe…the 2nd picture was taken after a 2 day Bivouac which around 250 players joined…around 20 teams roughly. a militia huh? hehehe…well it does look like that huh? hehehe. our team have a couple of uniforms…we wear it according to the terrain of the event… we currently have 5 sets. the 2nd picture is our Jungle type 1.

    @Milsim Kuwait: Thanks sir, let me know if you need a couple more players…me and my brother would be more than glad to join you guys.

    @Marthai: hehehe…yeah, Milsim and airsoft is my life…hehehe. almost all Filipino Milsim players are hardcore players… we are pretty serious with our hobby.

  56. Humor says:

    Cater to years 21 and above .
    Opening in three months.
    I’ll be going off to college in about 3 months.
    I’ll be 18.
    Brb committing suicide.

  57. mick says:

    @Gray – “and here is a link of my team…consisted of mostly professionals.” are they members of the Swat Team or local PNPs?

    @MILSIM KUWAIT -“For everyone that is interested in MILSIM Kuwait we are currently not open for the public…” – you have to be in the military/ to join?

  58. mick says:

    @MILSIM KUWAIT – it was mentioned in earlier post that you only cater to adults or 21+ years of age. I guess the games are open to adults but the actual activity is restricted civilians?

  59. GRAY says:

    @mick – what i mean of professionals are…like businessmen, doctors, engineers, artists, IT specialists…like along those professions. but we do train together with the PNP SAF, Airport security groups, air force rapid deployment group, coast guard and some special groups of the Philippine marines. why do you ask?

  60. mick says:

    @Gray – i see, i thought what you meant by professional was all are either member of the SWAT team or the PNP. Curious lang kaya ko naitanong. I believe you are based in Kuwait right now? good thing you are allowed to train with the PNP, Airport security groups despite being a civilian?

    I would like to know more about this since am really interested in this kind of training.

  61. Mick, we will be providing our MILSIM facility to civilians too but after Ramadan so Mid September onwards. MILSIM will be open for woman and men of 21 years of age and over as per Kuwaits Law.

    Other services will be provided to guys and girls between 13 – 18 and a different service as well for kids under 12.



  62. mick says:

    @MILSIM – Thanks for the infos and am looking forward to it.

  63. Nouf says:

    Though it seems violent by “concept”

    but I think our ppl need to be trained in such fields, no one knows what gonna happen really

    at least guys quit flirting girls n be men! (with all respect) it’s shocking to c Gays in Kuwait
    maybe this game would help them get over stupid stuff they do

    thumbs up for this


  64. Sarah says:

    omggg!@@ this is like call of duty but REAL! enzain can girls play wala bs shabab?

  65. Hi Sarah,

    Of course girls can join in!!!

  66. Hassan says:

    Hi everyone,
    I played with these guys…i played with those guys. Just wanted to say that this is alot of fun…its a new experience specially when the accuracy is palying a major role here and these guns are DEAD ACCURATE. When will u have ur website up and runing?

  67. Hi Hassan,

    Thanks for ur feedback, the website is actually ready but im not launching it till i have a specific opening date for our field, but hypothetically speaking im looking at opening in early October.


  68. Hassan says:

    Hey Milsim,
    Would be cool to see u this winter at sandballers. Um…why dont u arrange an event with sandballers this winter? would be pretty cool.

  69. MILSIM Kuwait has officially opened in Shaab Park Baghdad street

    please visit for more info or call 6568-0661

    our operating hours are 4pm – 12mn

  70. fahad says:

    its for all ages?

    • We cater for 18 plus however if the player is 15 and is accompanied by their legal guardian a legal waiver is completed and signed before allowing the teens to participate in any Milsim activity

  71. fahad says:

    ohhhh ok

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