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More Highlights from the Kuwait Car Show

Yesterday I posted some highlights, here are more:

– Ferrari F1 car on display
– Ford GT on display
– New Jaguar XK on display
– Audi RS4 on display
– Carrera GT on display
– Mazda RX8 on display
– Audi Q7 SUV on display (hidden in private room)
– Eleanor on display (Gone in 60 Seconds)
– Porsche Cayman on display
– New Subaru Impreza STI (Not for sale)
– Mitsubishi Evolution IX
– Renautl Megane Turbo
– Hummer H3
– BMW M5

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mark…i went on wednesday to the motor show but i didnt c the q7 suv nor did i c eleanor, so can u tell me where they r located (at the show)

the Q7 is located in a private room behind the Lambo’s. You need to ask the salesman to show you it. The eleanor I didn’t see today but I will be going back tomorrow for a better look.

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