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MP Al Saadoon fights on behalf of internet users in Kuwait

Finally some good news regarding the internet caps situation in Kuwait right now. Yesterday member of parliament Ahmed Al-Saadoon spoke about the current internet cap situation and urged the minister of communications to put an end to the new internet laws. I really hope they do. [YouTube]

Thanks Othman

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As a previous employee in an ISP here in Kuwait, The telecom companies always had caps, but the cap was on few abusers before it hits everyone plus they do buy the bandwidth from one of 3 ISPs.

Im sick of people labeling a customer as an abuser. The promise was unlimited, by definition unlimited means that you have no limit. YOU cannot label people abusers based on a hidden criteria or definition or a personal definition created by some individual or corporation. The only one who always had a cap was Zain. If someone is an abuser his line needs to be terminated, why do we have a grey area here ? or is this the area where money generates ? this is not just a reply to your comment this is a concern to all those companies who name their customers abusers. and by the way, these abusers are your target audience without them you wouldve still been on Dail-up. once again its about time someone spoke up like Al Sa3doun !

I totally agree with you, but “abusers” isn’t the reason they put that up, it’s the high cost bandwidth they’d have to buy, ISP i used to work for, the Ministry of Information gets 50 MB per second for one person! I have no idea how much they paid, but i think it’s close to 50,000 KWD.

The problem is it’s all about wasta, even FO if you have wasta you get it for free, if you don’t you pay 300 KD per 1 Kilometer.

I hope they tackle mobile number portability next! I would like to option of transferring my mobile number to Wataniya or Viva!

لو ماصار اللي صار كان السعدون ماقال ان الشركات غير مرخصة بالكويت .. لازم يكون في شي علشان نعرف ان في شي ثاني خلفه خطأ !!

شركات غير مرخصة تبيع ناس وتعلن بالصحف والشوارع امام أعين المسؤولين

وين يصير هالشي غير بالكويت فقط

Hey u dont like Q8 then gtfo
Kidding this is an excellent example of constructive criticism.
Ps thanks al-saadoun

You are the Man!
Finally someone speaks the truth, I pray that all companies get banned by MOC, so they learned the lesson.
I feel something big is gonna happen against these companies:)

That is true Mark. But do you know what is worse than not having internet at all? Having unregulated internet.

The only thing that is “regulated” about our internet, and I use that term very loosely, is the fact that you can’t go to porn sites.

But, the bigger danger in this whole issue is that internet companies in Kuwait are basically operating without permits!

If we are getting our internet illegaly, then that expalins a lot. It also explains why the prices are too high.

Kuwait ISP + unregulated market = Red Lable prices 😉

No,those are resellers. They all lease internet from the 4 main “Unlicensed” ISPs (KEMS, Gulfnet, QNET, FT).

there is nothing wrong with caps. they are implemented all over the world.

that being said, the caps in kuwait are too low and too expensive.

the fact that prices have been driven up means that the companies do not know how to run the business.

they need to clean up their act, get rid of waste, and find new suppliers.

the only thing we know how to run in kuwait are restaurants and shisha cafes.

All over the world? please state at least 3 non-poor countries that have caps and ALL their internet services.
and no, mobile internet does not count here.

one of the biggest and richest countries in the world, canada and U.S., have internet caps. want me to give you a full list?!

But you can choose to not have a cap, and get unlimited access to the internet. That’s not being applied here.

In the states i’ve just subd with Comcast and they do have a cap of 250GB per month, that being said 250 is more than enough for me and my wife, 2GB a day is just highway robbery. And in the states they dont just punish you with lower speed if you go over the 250, they call you and give you at least a chance to expain yourself. In Q8 they just punish you, which in the end is benefits their unlicensed companies and punished the consumer.

I hope he does some good. I am suffering heavily with this stupid 1 GB limit per day. I am so angry I could rip someone’s heart out and eat it.

Not licensed in the sense that there is a monopoly on communications in Kuwait, there is no independent licensing agency (telecom regulatory authority) that allows competitive commercial operations.
These companies exist in the gray area it seems…and now they pissed people off 😛

اقتراح يدور ببالي من فترة طوييييلة.
فصل الاتصالات عن المواصلات. بحيث تكون وزارة المواصلات فعلا المسؤولة عن المواصلات ويتم انشاء هيئة حكومية مستقلة وليست وزارة حق سوالف الاتصالات.
اسوة بالدول اللي حواليننا

unlicensed means they dont have a license, instead they have a no objection (noc) from moc to operate.

I’m surprised no one complained about the overpriced Blackberry Internet Service yet.I pay 1/5 of the price for the full service in my home country.It’s daylight robbery.

I’m actually curious about our ISP employees who are currently working and only now that they know they’re operating and working for a company doesn’t have a permit. What will happen to them? :-O

imagin they stop the internet.. what will happen to Kuwait ?!!

they can stop the internet till ppl pay what they want..
no one can talk to them.. they rule..

The problem in kuwait is that if someone makes a mistake all other people are punished. Totally unfair. Some people abuse downloads all of us are punished. Some people abuse dewaneyas all of us are punished. Some people skip work all of us are punished(fingerprint).

I think this sounds more like that our internet connection would be disconnected. For at least till the so called “Regulated Internet Companies” are brought into action.

I think I’d be okay with the 2 to 8GB daily download limit instead of no internet connection at all for god knows how long.

Remember this is a slow moving government/country.

Long live MP Al- Saadoon. Never really thought there would be a sensible MP like him alive in Kuwait who would fight for our rights.

BTW, the first thing the government should do is impose some heavy fines on the numskull(ISP) who proposed this stupid idea.

How dare these ISP’s rob us ? They’ve taken money for a year and they play with the contract as per their wish.

It’s not like they provide us with super fast cheap internet lines in the first place to cap our speeds. What bloody mornons these guys are, trying to make a quick buck out of our pockets.

I really hope the ISP’s get punished badly for trying to rip us off. If you’ve run out of ideas on increasing your profits ,I’ve got one. Drop your bloody prices, IDIOT’s(ISP’s) !!!!!

Sadoun knows that the main internet provider is MoC, the quality of service and price controlled by MoC ????
Wondering why he did not raise this issue??
why he is against international Fiber cables? Who shall benefit? Who is behind leaking such info to sadoun????

Just Asking ??

This whole thing is a ploy to get more money from net consumers. You’ll see in a month or two they will offer higher priced plans without caps or higher cap limits. I don’t believe the prices will go down anytime soon though. The dsl companies are facing strong competition from the mobile telecoms.

I wish he would also tackle the deception these companies use. Zain advertises and I pay for speeds “up to” 7.2 Mbps. In reality I am lucky to get download speeds of up to 1 Mbps.
I think it is fraud to advertise such speeds and not give them to paying customers. When you ask the people at the booths in the malls they just look at you like, “so what”. Or they tell you “our system is having some problems and we are upgrading it to give better service.”
Yeah right.

the reason why they are getting away with this is because people don’t take action against these companies. You are clearly not getting for what you payed for.

I don’t think there is enough people for now, but it will happen soon for sure. More people are joining the group everyday.

how come that companies in kuwait Not licensed

Kems & QNet working since 90’s

this guy is insane lol

They left the big problems and they are looking for the cap problem.

انا اقول روحوا حلوا مشاكل العبث بالمال العام ابرك و خلوا عنكم الانترنت و موكا موكا

للعلم جميع تراخيص شركات الانترنت و الواير لس رخص منتهية و غير مجددة من سنين ، و ذلك في انتظار انشاء هيئة الاتصالات لوضع لوائح و قوانين لهذه الشركات ، و كما تعلمون بأن موضوع هيئة الاتصالات ريض عليها ، كلما ايي وزير يقول سوف ننشأ هيئة اتصالات و سوف نقوم بذلك ، يتغير و ايي غيره و يعيد كلام اللي قبلة و ما نشوف الا الحجي !!!!

Informed sources within the Ministry of Communications have revealed to Al Watan that the Communications Sector will submit a study for reducing internet service fees.
It has been informed that the sector will do this through the reduction of capacity fees provided to Internet Service Providers monthly via Gulf cables. In return, the providers are expected to provide quality service to consumers, amid a lack of legislation or law that regulate Internet Service Providers.
The sources stated that the study will be submitted to the Minister of Information and the Minister of Communications Sami Al-Nesef over the few coming days.

MP Faisal Al-Mislem disclosed that the Minister of Communication and the Minister of Information Sami Al-Nesef told him that he would follow up on the case regarding the download service at companies that provide internet services, wherein the companies reduced the rate of download without having the approval of subscribers. The companies assigned certain limit for the daily download and when reaching this limit download service will get very slow although the subscription has not expired yet. Al-Mislem said in a press release that he met the minister and discussed the case in which subscribers had unlimited download service before, but the companies recently endorsed new procedures for limiting the daily download service. According to the new procedures all subscribers have a certain limit for daily download and when they reach the limit then the download service will decrease 75 percent. As long as subscribers have valid subscription then the companies do not have the right to suspend or slow down the download service, said Al-Mislem. He also affirmed that the minister expressed understanding about the case and promised to tackle the problem very soon. Al-Mislem added saying that he will follow up the case until adopting convenient solutions.

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