My burger filled weekend

Post by Mark

I spend all week on a very strict diet that includes the likes of grilled chicken, tuna, lots of salad and boiled eggs, but when the weekend comes, the fat person inside me takes over and it’s not a pretty sight. Yesterday I had lunch at Elevation Burger as I said I would last week. But this time, instead of the double patty I went for the triple patty which I realized is the right way to do it and would highly recommend going that route over the double.

Today on the other hand I passed by Cocoa Room to test out their new burger. Every time I fall asleep and dream of burgers and unicorns, the burgers always have one thing in common, they’re thick and juicy. Ever since I’ve know Basil I’ve been asking him to make a thick burger and it seems my wish has finally come true. It’s still in the concept stage but he’s got the most important ingredient perfect right now which is the patty and what a patty… I already told him it’s magical. He’s going to end up having only one burger on the Cocoa Room menu but he’s still deciding between two different kinds although I think he’s leaning towards my favorite which is the one in the picture at the very top of this post. It’s a super thick wagyu patty with aged cheddar cheese and charred onion brought together with a hard crust bun. The second burger above has a similar patty but contains Swiss cheese, onion marmalade and a soft bun instead. When the burger is complete, it’s easily going to be the holy grail of all burgers.

There’s so much good burgers in Kuwait right now that someone needs to officially slap the Burger Land moniker on us. AHT are you listening?

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  1. You are one hell of burger lover. Reading through the post, each line sounds like that of a crazy burger loving freak. lol. All said that burger certainly sounds GOOD and looks as GOOD as well!

  2. Chris says:

    dang..NOW I really wanna come back to Kuwait.. :P

  3. Mithos says:

    I should try that burger :D

  4. Kuwait says:

    Thanks from a fellow-burger-lover :)

  5. Chuknum says:

    Come on Google! its about time you invented something that lets me grab food off the internet!

  6. Abdul says:

    sometimes i hate onions in burgers,

  7. Talal says:

    How do you eat that much!? I don’t watch my weight and I can’t eat that much!!

  8. Summer says:

    I love burgers but don’t you feel that nowadays all burgers in Kuwait kind of taste the same!! They all taste really good!

  9. ariston says:

    sh*t, i’m drooling while typing this… :P

  10. deQor8 says:

    burgers, burgers, burgers … my life revolves around burgers … stuck in China at the moment but I’ll be back soon for some more burgers :)

    Elevation, Shake Shack soon, Cocoa Room’s new burger … the heavens are smiling down upon us .. life is good in a land full of burger bliss

  11. Portly Because of U says:

    Just when I think I’m out…

    You pull me back in.

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