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New License Plates

new kuwait license plates

Starting Saturday, Kuwait will be issuing new license plates for the cars. I just saw an article in the Daily Star newspaper about it and I think the new plates look better then the current ones we have, but I don’t think they are better then Dubai’s. I just hope the new plates come in the really wide size also because this squarish one looks really weird on my Beemer.

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thats the old dubai plates,now they got them with letters (A,B…..) and no burj al arab on it. But yeah they do have the choice of long/slim or square plates,depending on the car,some cars have the base on the car for the plate slim so u get slim…and the same goes for the square,personally i like the slim one more..

the new abu dhabi license plates win hands down compared the rest of the GCC. they were introduced 1-2 months back, and they look good enough to display in the rear window. i’m gonna try and take some pictures to forward.

South Africa too have number plates with backgrounds/pictures depending on which province(state) the vehicle is registered.but not as colourful as Thai ones.

Ok those look pretty ugly! I dont even know how they came up with the designs!

And they got rid of the plates with the different areas! Now thats funny! You can’t tell where someone lives then! hehehe

as much as license plate is a fashion accessory for the car, this design is good (imo) because you probably have a better chance of noting it down incase your involved in a hit and run sitauation.

one of the big shots High Ranked police officers in the ministry of interior .. owns the Factory for making the plates ..

talk about corruption ..

and yes they are ugly …

and mark .. what kind of beemer u got ?!

i’m against fancy plate, guys the plate is the identity, how some of you want it colourful?

as arabianfox said, it’s very practical in some occasions, it’s easy to read.

i hope it long and slim, it would be perfect to me.

Man your all talking about cool plat numbers where you can actually find choices slim ones wide ones or what ever… you want to feel lucky no matter what your plat number looks like come to OMAN like waw our number plats are YELLOW.

I look at a gorgeous car and shout YAAAK when I reach the back side… Well well well

I agree with Tazz..I arrived in Abu Dhabi in December for winter break and was greeted by the brand new license plate..And it’s gorgeous..TONS better than Dubai’s, which is incredibly dull. And yes, it’s available in wide and slim formats.

I do have one comment, though. Now I’m not some Arabo-centric anti-globalization fanatic or anything, but what’s with this trend in the Gulf of abandoning Arabic (technically Hindi) numerals? Dubai started it, and now everyone’s following in its footsteps..I know it’s more practical probably cheaper, but isn’t there something to be said for pride in one’s culture?

Hey rampurple…by any chance to do own a Yukon or a GMC?? Cause everytime i see a Yukon (especially the new one) i start cracking up, it seriously looks like its got bugz bunny teeth..

about the plates…i can’t decide whether its nice or not just yet, i wanna see it on the carz then i’ll decide… ^_^

i don’t like te Dubai plates. I think it’s weird to have a 5 years old tower as a symbol of a country. don’t you think? if it was something else, it would’ve been nice

Lol no limited_edition. I drive a Audi A4. The license plate hangs ugly on top of the grill! You would think the car is smiling with just one tooth!!! The car is supposed to look aggressive and not goofy.. but maybe that’s just me over obsessing

China – a much bigger population than the Arabic world – don’t even use chinese letters on their plates. They use Roman. Thais use arabic (i.e. 0-9) numerals on their plates despite having their own Thai numbering system. So I wouldn’t worry too much about the arab world abandoning the regional numbers… at least it’ll be easier to distinguish 2 from 3 when some twat’s rear-ened you then zipped off at 200kph.

The Burj has been removed from the Dubai plates as, apparently, the other hotel groups were complaining about the free ‘publicity’.

I dont care what it looks like as long as it gets rid of the stupid distinctions between governorates. It would cut down on harassment of girls in their cars…

The boys from Jahra and Ahmadi chase the girls from 3asma and Hawalli because they think they’re a catch… and the boys from 3asma and Hawalli chase the girls from Jahra and Ahmadi because they think they’re easy

But you’re right.. it should’ve had some landmark like the towers

The designs are crap. However one positive step is droping the governerate names from the plates. I have heard that there is a major second hand price difference in cars from Ahmadi and Jahra to those from Asma. Because even after you buy the second hand car, the governerate is not transferable so anyone from Asma would think twice before they buy a car from Jahra even though its brand new. This move improves resale value for cars and like Zaydoun pointed out, stops harrassments.

Same numebr will be repeted again and again ….

for example

a car with the following number


so this 1920 will be issued again with 2


and then with three ….


and so on ……

now its two months and above number is reached to 5 ………..

now difficult to tack any car ….. coz top number is very small … plus as I said ….. same number is going to be repeted …. and if it goes till


then imagin………… 345 cars with the same number in town …….

what a silly system they introduced !!!!

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