New Mupi Design

Post by Mark

Mupi Signs are the outdoor adverts you see usually in the middle bank between two roads. I noticed they’re replacing the old tacky looking ones with the newer and I think cooler looking black versions. This should help both the ads and the roads look better.

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  1. Me Like Salmiya says:

    Yeah, they definitely look a lot better..saw them on Gulf Road…

  2. PedroDashT says:

    Saw them today morning while cruising they look allot better but next to the green island they went berserk next to the red light signal with 3 advertise posts right behind each other !

  3. ariston says:

    much better compared to the old ones, and i like the black frame too. =)
    however i think nowadays, only few companies doing their ads on mupi, most of them preferred the mega/maxi and the one in co-op… the bigger the ad, the more visible.

    • Azz says:

      Yeah,,Bigger the better..I noticed one Mercedes one at the exit from Ghazali to the 5th towards Avenues..Looks massive..I wonder how much they paid for it!!

  4. Viber says:

    They should start using screen instead of those signs .. think how much labor they can cut down .. but still it will cost a decent amount of money to get the screens then connect them all together XD

  5. eli says:

    soon all the Megas will changed and eye level LED screens will be introduced in a month period from now..Concord is doing a great job so far

  6. Kassem says:

    HI all, this is the beginning of a new age of outdoor advertising in Kuwait. Hopefully, all panels around Kuwait will be replaced by the Swift Panel design. After that, LED screens will be introduced located at major intersections of Kuwait (mainly Hawally & Kuwait City). Thank you so much Mark for the post.

  7. Phoenix says:

    the billboard business is such a mess in Kuwait.. how many empty billboards do you see on a daily basis on the roads? there must be a better planning of use

    • Mark says:

      they’ve been empty because there was a change of ownership. there is usually a dead period while one company takes over from the other.

  8. Kassem says:

    They’ve been empty because the ownesrship was changed as Mark said…In the Kuwaiti law, when the outdoor ownership is changed, the new operator gets 3 months to prepare himself to resume the business. Concord officially started operating with the installation of the 1st new Mupi.

  9. hammad says:

    this one looks cooler.. i hope they introduce some more new different designs instead of keeping the same one all over kuwait..!!

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