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Post by Mark

So a reader sent me a link to her blog where she wanted me to check out this toy gun she found being sold here in Kuwait. I didn’t see what was so interesting about it until I watched the video. Not sure if I find this funny or serious since it goes both ways depending how you look at it. Make sure you have the volume loud. [YouTube]

Thanks Elle

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  1. PedroDashT says:

    ** No Comment **

  2. Tom says:

    Holy Cow! This is totally unacceptable! Anyway i was always against toy guns for kids… and now THIS… I don’t want my son to be a suicide bomber or whatever… please don’t get me wrong…

  3. Babar says:

    Oh my God………….

  4. P says:

    Sorry, but I can’t understand what it’s saying!! Can someone please tell me! Maybe I’m deaf or something…

  5. Othman Al-Othman says:

    LOL. any idea what the brand is?

  6. emmas says:

    This is SO sad. We try so hard to elaborate to the Westerns that the idea of Islam + terrorism is antithetical, yet here we are spreading the idea locally to the kids. So sad.

  7. Buzfairy says:

    Then we wonder why our kids are aggressive :(

  8. Rafeek says:

    This isn’t funny a bit, it needs to be reported to someone from some ministry!

  9. Amir Rana says:

    Now this is just too much.

  10. Kuwait says:

    Had it on full volume in the office… which still isn’t loud enough. What is it? All I heard is a gun firing.

  11. Gilbert says:

    As a DJ, I heard it loud and clear! Damn!

  12. bu ziad says:

    F&C#in Pathetic!!!

  13. moe80s says:

    Mark you should post which store is selling it.. such as that you should inform us where.. no the fake LV stuff :P

    let the people who monitor your blog shut down this…

  14. Elle says:

    hey guys it’s elle. For those who can’t hear what it’s saying, it chants “allah akbar” with the sound of bullets shooting. It is being sold in Salmiya city centre not sure which store but there are only a few toy stores there. It’s so incredibly sad, thanks for posting it mark.

  15. Zack says:

    I can not believe that it took +15 comments to NOTICE that the gun toy is saying: “Allah Akbar”
    Terror and War on Islam even in Toys!
    Kids Brain-Wash ;(
    lol Mark

  16. Zack says:

    I forgot to say that:
    This toy is spread world wide couple of years back.
    maybe the w-w-market is full by now, so that’s why the extra toys is in M.E now. lol really?!

  17. vampire says:


  18. Concerneed says:

    They should get the manufacturer, not only who is selling it. Have them both hanged if possible for manufacturing and spreading such deviant ideologies. Those are criminals in the eyes of God, Society and in my opinion even Animals! These people manufacture and promote death and think they can be Judge and Jury to what’s right and wrong. I see a lot of people going around malls and stores removing Christmas trees and the whole lobbies supporting them, while in the same stores u find it ok or turn the blind eye on what puts the world in terror, ironic a tree can be more dangerous and worthy than this…..

  19. nahin123 says:

    Very disturbing :|
    No Comments

  20. mikoslav says:

    Wow ! Now i know what to get the kids this winter as a present ! Thanks. :)

  21. Babble says:

    Wow.. that’s …. I can’t even comment!

  22. Anon says:

    It’s saying Allah Akbar
    english translation: Allah (God?) is great

  23. Mathai says:

    He didn’t press the trigger long enough, the next track was “Death to America!” :P

  24. Elle says:


    I couldn’t press the trigger for long coz the shop keeper was giving me the evil eye lol and everyone started to circulate. You know the really sad thing is that after we filmed it and were in complete shock, a little kid was telling his mum “yumma, abi!” :S

  25. rune says:

    Guys guys please calm down!

    what is so wrong in saying Allah name.”Allah hu akbar” meaning Allah is great!

    I don’t think there is anything wrong in this.

    Think like this when Israel attacked Lebanon what would a young Muslim Lebanese army man would have said? AMERICA IS GREAT!? LEBANON IS GREAT!? HEZBOLLAH IS GREAT!? MARK IS GREAT!? No Allah is great!

    I am so impressed by the power of media we are ashamed by Allah name? no this is not our fault but what the media is pumping in our mind.

    Do you believe in qaida? acuatlly al qaida only consist of 5 to 10 people wake up people before it is too late

  26. nomak says:

    I find this to be extremely funny, I don’t think any kid would be brain washed by this. If you are concerned about this “toy” brain washing your kid, then you need to take another look at the video games kids play these days.

    tl;dr: if your kid shoots anyone its because of Grand Theft Auto.

  27. Summer says:

    thats scary!
    and congrats to Kuwait and Qatar

  28. NS says:

    WHAT is wrong with Kuwait lately?
    Ban photography
    Ban bikini
    Ban what next?
    Sell fake weapon to children is OK.
    THE Kuwaiti parliament must be sleeping and all they worry about the sexual attraction and false journalism. Read the following first article was published:
    Thursday, November 3. 2005

    So with all these old incidents, Kuwaiti government has NO customs regulation to stop any illegal or on-recalls toys to destroy children. This has nothing to do with Islamic country or other religions. IT has to do with children exposure to violence.

    IF you Google about children toys, hazardous or recalls you will find again and again Kuwait is buying the trash of the West and you are enriching US military without knowing to come by moving the Arab culture backward to the dark ages through it all.

    SUCH toys are not funny as used to be and thanks to the parents who will refuse to buy them or even buy anything else from that store till the government takes an action. Such stories is making FOX news number one again and again sadly.

  29. StuckInThe80's says:

    This is the toy gun they should have used instead in that Bye Bye London scene.

  30. Kulsum says:

    Can’t exactly call it funny. Just disturbing.

  31. Adam says:

    not the least bit funny !! i think the intent is quite clear on this one!

  32. NJ says:

    So Al qaeda are selling toys now to fund their terrorist attacks?.

  33. TweeZ says:

    yeah, why not. YOu think this is bad? Take a look at the religion curriculum of schools these days. Or better yet, listen carefuly to what is being preached in most mosques….especially at the end where people blindly say “ameen” to whatever the imam is saying.

  34. mentabolism says:

    I’m sure the Chinese guy who made this had no terrorist affiliations or intentions and had anything to do with religion. Just trying to make a quick buck with something he thought would sell!

  35. Bu Yousef says:

    I agree with mentabolism. I think the idiot selling it (and the one buying it) should be more aware…

  36. Shiznit says:

    Does it explode at the end ? lol
    that what china came up with .

  37. g says:

    loooooool @ StuckInThe80′

    That was the best video ever!

  38. Nael says:

    There’s nothing wrong to toy guns, I had those when I was a kid, I didn’t end up being a violent shooter.

    But using religion to make a buck… disgusting….

  39. RoXaS says:

    i remember seeing one in Eid al Fitir in a ADD in the newspaper , its called Rashash 9ala7 il Deen ( Salah Al-deen Assault rifle) buy two and get one free . my Reaction was : :P:

  40. Chris says:

    From a business pov it is innovative but morally of course I’m against it. It furthers stereotypes.

  41. Abou Janti says:

    This not acceptable at all . it should be blocked in Kuwait , and stop manufacturing it in China , We do not need more toys like that . in this way we ‘re teaching our kid violence .We had enough wars

  42. Anonn.. says:

    thats messed up >_>

  43. Ramez Adel says:

    how this shit pass from Customs?

  44. emmas says:

    rune, there is nothing wrong with Allahu Akbar. But that fact that the background sound effects is the sounds of bullets, now thats disturbing. The combination of Allahu Akbar + the sound of bullets is just so wrong in so many ways.

  45. Talking about guns, does anyone knows that US finally blocked the WikiLeaks original site for exposing its mass killings (of Civilians and Journalists (NOT Terrorists)) in Iraq???
    Somehow, WikiLeaks is now hosted at
    Also Check the Mass Murder in Iraq by US (videos) in the following link by WikiLeaks..
    Talking about DISTURBING and Journalism, lets share these things as well…

  46. k says:

    should sew them or something …

    TOTALLY INSULTING and offending!

    could you please tell use where this is sold?

  47. k says:

    anyone here who sees this and has or knows someone who could do something plz do!

  48. It’s not funny at all, it’s so messed up!

  49. Kulay says:

    I believe thie is being blown out of proportion, it was a decision made by a Chinese toy manufacturer that thought it might garner a few extra bucks that’s all and kids are alot more resilient than that take a chill pill guys :)

  50. Freedumb says:

    And now the golden question of the day… will the MPs look into this issue??? LOL !! i bet there are things “MORE IMPORTANT” for them to look at, for example……… well anyways, there must be someone responsible for this, it’s like no more responsibility at work.

  51. RC says:

    Just plain and simple.. Stupid…

  52. Squats says:

    Ignorant, pathetic, insulting and a very bad picture and presentation for Islam. What’s the real point of this, just can’t be real, can’t stop mis representing Islam can’t we?.

    Haven’t u guys seen enough of those clips of guys getting killed by car car accidents or what so ever scary stuff and just carelessly adding ”holy quran” as the voice sound. Isn’t that just insulting and irrelevant.

    Yet, it would be really helpful and appreciated if someone could tell the makers of this gun maybe and from where we can get it. If it wasn’t stopped by the ones with authority then let it be stopped by the one with jealousy to their religion. I’ll do the right thing if just someone informed with a bit more info about this.

  53. Squats says:

    Correction: Who are the makers of this and from where it is being sold?

  54. nasser says:

    so not funny

  55. ims85 says:

    It need to be reported!

  56. PFunk says:

    Gonna get everyone I know this for xmas lol. Junior Jihad Set LMAO.

  57. Ronman says:

    extremely disturbing, I’m totally against guns as toys, but this a another level of sick…

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