Off-roading with some radio controlled cars

Post by Mark

Today I went off-roading with some friends. First in our real cars and then in our radio controlled ones. We had three Tamiya FJ Cruisers, my Tamiya Lunchbox and my Tamiya Frog. It was extremely fun, I bashed the hell out of my Lunchbox and it now needs a major paint job but I don’t care. I took a ton of pictures and so did my brother but I couldn’t put all of them here. There are a few more pictures below though if you hit continue.

Update: My brother just uploaded some photos to his flickr account [Here]

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  1. i don't think it's requierd says:


  2. rustleg says:

    any chance you can upload them to flickr or something? looks like some good photography.

  3. Yea.. high res pictures would be kool..especially a wallpaper size for the second one.. where the van (sorry dunno which one is it) flying!..:D

  4. Gapi says:

    the crawling in the tamiya fj 40 is nice, But need to add some Hip Up option on the car which is not availble in the dealer her in kuwait .

  5. Marzouq says:

    Thats funny your using your car battery to charge the RC batteries! I remember having 3-4 of them and quick charger, so I can keep playing until I broke an axle or a gear! I always kept spare parts with me! lol

  6. boldr says:

    Love the FJ40 mark. I’ve got an 40 that’s a nearly daily drive car… Do you how much it cost the fj from tamiya really would like to have the collection thnx

  7. Gapi says:

    the kit coast about KD 100 – 90
    but remember there is no spare parts always in the dealer that is the bad think
    but the car is ROCKS

  8. STING says:

    where is this place ?

  9. SWOS says:

    the FJ (CR-01) is 95KD from Tamiya in Q8 (Tilal Complex), but u need to get at least the 25KD Tamiya remote, a battery & a charger .

  10. moose says:

    that looks like loads of fun O.O

  11. Teeman says:

    The lunchbox looks so badass! in 2&4

  12. Mark says:

    I dont know where this area is located but its 15 minutes past mina abdulla.

    Gapi: from my experience the dealer has spare parts for new cars and trucks but not for reissues like my lunchbox and frog. You need to pass by their muthana branch though since i dont know if their tilal branch carry any parts.

  13. roxas says:

    how much does rc cars costs theese days? i mean the pro ones and battery and or gas?

  14. Shoegal says:

    For a min I thought it was a real car when I saw the first picture! Sounds really fun :)

  15. Bu Yousef says:

    Great photos… What a day you’ve chosen for this… The weather was perfect.

  16. teach says:

    I can’t see the attraction if you’re not actually IN the car…………….

  17. RT12 says:

    The CR-01 is a great crawler.
    The Hip Up option on the fj, availble at the dealer here in kuwait was not needed. i was there and the RTR(Ready To Run) fj was nice and nimble and comes with everything needed to run it and some spares too,
    RTR FJ =170
    FJ Kit = 95
    all spares & options available in tilal

  18. my friend has a showroom called pro-hobbies if you guys know about it.

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