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PAWS Third Annual Dog Show

Paws Dog Show

Registration is now open for entry into the third annual dog show. Geo (my dog) participated in the first and second dog show and will be participating in the third one also but I don’t think he will be participating in any of the competitions, maybe just under “Most adorable dog” although its going to be tough category. I would have him compete in the “Most obedient dog” category but with all those dogs around him he will be too distracted to pay any attention to me.

The event will be held on March 7th from 11AM to 4PM at the British Embassy. If you want to attend or register your dog all the forms are on the PAWS website which you can go to by clicking [Here]

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It has been quite some time since you had a post about Geo. I am sure people here are as interested to know his daily routine as myself.

I agree with SWOS, PAWS people are the raciest, hypocritical people i ever came across. I placed an application with them twice, first time they claimed it got lost, second time a mean old lady told me bluntly “we don’t have a dog for you – click” she hung up the phone on me. So, last year I got my 2 puppies, who lives with me (indoors, and have a huge front lawn to play in) from a friend, and i needed some help to house train them, I was really skeptical in calling PAWS for help but I did, guess what, they never answer the phone and when they finally did after my Gizzilion-th time, the person told me they don’t have trainers “few days before, my white-American friend got a trainer from them” !!! … I have no idea how these people get recognized in blogs and magazine (Bazaar and the likes) for their out-standing work with animals!!!! What out-standing work when they refuse to give a dog a happy home and instead give it to someone “westerner” … I guess they have Big Wasta in these magazines/blogs.

i sure agree with u guys, it also shows in the show ring. and they give the best purebred dogs to their friends and foreigners, piece of cake, but when they know ur a kuwaiti or arab,,,they start to take u back and forth, and at the end they come up with the most stupid excuse of all.

this is not the way to run an animal shelter!!

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