Pay your traffic violations online

Post by Mark

I don’t know when this happened but you can now pay for your traffic violations online. Thats pretty cool. [Link]

Thanks Vampire

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  1. vampire says:

    it’s a beta as i know

  2. steve_leb says:

    i have just payed a friends Traffic Violations… and printed a Invoice for him.. verry fast easy and smooth

  3. Armani_Exchange says:

    You’re the Man vampire :>

  4. lfc-q8 says:

    i dont trust MoI with with my knet or visa

  5. holla says:

    i couldn’t pay my speed cam ones and i am sure you cannot pay traffic light violations, so wtf is even the point?
    what is it just for parking tickets or something?

  6. chr0nik says:

    Its good for us expats who dont have to see thos fuckin cops faces :D

  7. Rejoy says:

    I just paid my ‘double parking’ ticket which appeared after 4 years of the incident, in 2002 I parked my own car behind my company car in the parking lot of our showroom near sunsity shuwaikh. One man in his normal clothes (not uniform i mean) came and stuck this bill, i came running out of showroom and requested him, he was like you are blocking some other car and that’s mamnou’a. I was like hey thats my car only, i am not blocking anybody else.. He was not interested to listen to me and just walked away.
    This ticket never came all these years, recently i was checking online so this one from 2002 appeared there.

    Holla you are right;
    You can only pay minor bills. I tried to pay my speed ticket, it didn’t accept that. I will have to go there in person. I have 70 KD total from two speeding in ghazali street.
    They don’t want to put me behind bars or something rt?
    I think, I will go and pay there.

  8. EniGma says:

    Cool! It’s a pretty new service cuz they didn’t have it as recently as 2 days ago.
    If its a beta as Vampire mentioned, then they’ll probably be have all services in a short time.

    9ara7a I wouldn’t try it. If its as unreliable as MTC, and without custome service, then I’d rather go to khedmat el mowa6in and pay there and avoid a headache.

  9. vampire says:

    even in the citizen’s services “‘khedmat elmowa6en” u won’t be able to pay for speedings and red lights…

  10. Marzouq says:

    I tried to use the link but it gave me a gateway timeout message for some reason!

  11. TweeZ says:

    damn…i didnt realize I have so much violations!

  12. TweeZ says:

    MAN, fuck this! Now I can’t gezz or do anything because of all of this bullshit! It’s not fair how they have that mini SUV witha fuckin camera in it that snaps the shit out of you when you least expect it. The government is making a killing out of violations!

  13. vampire says:

    don’t be a fool … follow the traffic rule
    ehheeheehee (^_^) “`

  14. Marzouq says:

    hahahaha Tweez I know which one your talking about but I dont Gez so I have no issues!

  15. busynow says:

    Fuck i checked and they want to take my driver license for 3 months

  16. holla says:

    heh i was worried about points but i guess they don’t deduct any for speedcams. cool shit.

  17. jane says:

    that is pretty cool , thanks

  18. ravish says:

    Hi there! Thanx for the link; but it’s all in Arabic, is there an English version? It’ll be helpful for us poor in Arabic

  19. manx says:

    does anyone know the website address to where i can check for speeding tickets in kuwait?

  20. Bill says:

    1. The camera system in Kuwait is not very accurate. “If a vehicle speeds past you and it is close to a camera, then he will be missed and you get caught. The shutter speed of the camera is too slow. That is why the US does not use this system.

    2. “If you go to register your car, the person will type your ID # in the computer and he will tell you have tickets” The print out is very vague.” It does not tell you where the ticket was issued. What area it was in. and if you’re lucky it will give you a date… You pay the fines and have to come back 2 hours later and a new person is there. He says you need to pay your tickets. And you give him the paper and he says. “Who is this person who took your money? I don’t know him”. You must pay again. Corrupt…….

  21. iraqdog says:

    yeah i just tried to pay a speeding ticket of 30kd my first ticket i might add and i have no other fines, but when i hit pay it says ERROR please try again so i tried again for like the last 3 days with same result, anyone know ofwhere else i can pay it? someone said you can use the KNET machines? oh yeah by the way, the auto-fine collector machines that are posted on the site, well i went to the one in Fahaheel co-op and guess what? the co-op is still underconstruction and they dont even have a machine, although the site says it is installed and active!!!!!

  22. Ahmed says:

    I tried paying it online but it keep saying “you cannot pay this voilation please check your selection” :/

  23. John says:

    Hi guys,

    I need your advice on this situation. A colleague of mine has a running the red light violation committed twice. The first violation occurred in 2011 but he was able to settle it by paying 50 KD for it at the Traffic Department Fine section. Unfortunately, last Sept 2012, he made the same violation again. He tried to pay via online and also by ATM at the Avenue’s. However, both systems are inaccessible.

    The question is, if he pays directly at the Fines section at the Traffic Department, will he be deported? Will his license be revoked? Will his car be impounded? What will be the consequences?

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