Pei Wei Asian Diner opening in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I hadn’t heard of Pei Wei Asian Diner but it’s a Chinese fast food place and according to Wikipedia it’s owned by PF Chang’s which makes sense why it’s opening up in Kuwait and why it’s also Alshaya that’s bringing it. No idea yet when and where it will open just that they’ve got the franchise and it’s coming to Kuwait.

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  1. meh says:

    aaaaaaaandddddddddd.. its another restaurant. #surprise

  2. yousef5 says:

    You know what… I’m starting to get sick of all these frozen food fast food sit in restaurants here in Kuwait. These bastardized cuisine restaurants are not that good, and they’re unhealthy because of all the frozen and fatting content of the food they serve.

    Someone needs to open up a restaurant that uses fresh, local ingredients, and have affordable prices, and show people what a good restaurant is all about. I mean, why don’t we have many of those restaurants here? 90% of the restaurants here in Kuwait are imported from the US or other counties and they’re fricking frozen fast food shit and people just LOVE it and it boggles my mind. I can’t believe some people actually like restaurants like these more than home made food!!!

    I’m totally going to open a fresh local meat and produce produced food restaurant.

  3. vampire says:

    yousef5,, what’s the harm in eating “frozen” food?! “

    • yousef5 says:

      1. Countless preservatives added the food to keep it edible when it’s defrosted.
      2. Loss of almost all vitamin value of the food.
      3. Loss of most taste. The difference between fresh food and frozen food is astronomical.
      4. The food becomes very dry, which is the main reason why most chicken/meat dishes are drowned in sauces.

      • Deqor8 says:

        That’s weird everytime I eat at those places my food is piping hot not frozen :-P

      • fa says:

        If you want fresh food that doesn’t need preservatives to be shipped over here I think you need to move to a country that is actually capable of having some agriculture

      • Rahul says:

        Yousef has a very valid point, do not understand people getting so excited in eating out from the Chains serving frozen processed food

    • Deqor8 says:

      Cld crack ur teeth I suppose :)

  4. Spartan says:

    mark..just dont review them when they open..just in case :P

  5. waleed says:

    Now the only thing they need is a bad review from you :)

  6. mm hmm says:

    mmmm someone needs to bring panda express! yum!

  7. 7amood says:

    it is PF changs little brother. it offers the same recipes and entrees albeit in a shorter menu.

    what distinguishes it from pf chang is that this is a self service restaurant. you place your order by the entrance, and you pick up your food when they call your number.

    it works best for those going on their lunch breaks, as the food is prepared in 5-7mins and is just as good as pf changs minus the waiting time and formality.

    alshay3 should stop brining restaurants to kuwait.. la3et chboodna!

    • anon says:

      1) They’ll stop bringing restaurants when they stop making money

      2) They open and expand different brands but the restaurants get the most publicity even though they’re an insignificant part of the company, people in Kuwait love eating slightly more than shopping I guess

      3) There are a lot more shay3 stores outside Kuwait than in Kuwait

  8. Rocks says:

    Its just a cheaper version pf changs as in lower costs. Its not bad i tried in florida and liked it.

  9. DeQor8 says:

    I actually like it MORE than PF Chang’s … when I’m home I go at least 3 or 4 times :)

  10. Sara says:

    Its a faster version Chinese food than what we are used to, You get in and there is a huge menue hanged on the wall, you go to the counter and place your order and pay. Pick your table and wait for your food to come with the waiter. Its fast, delicious and fresh, you can actaully see the mountains of chopped vigies waiting to be added to your noodles. In the states everything is revealed and uncovered so you actually see them cooking your food.
    Doest get NOTfrozen more than that!

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