Pimped out Trailblazer

Post by Mark

Pimped out blazer

Alghanim Automotive sent me these pictures of a pimped out Trailblazer. They have an accessorizing arm called Kromozone that specializes in pimpin’ cars and this is their latest creation. I think they should have displayed this car outside Virgin Marina Mall instead of the car they previously had on display which didn’t looked pimped at all. You can check more pictures of the Trailblazer below including some of the inside which is just as pimped.


You can contact Kromozone on 6947719

Update: Here are some better pictures:
Side shot
Inside shot
Front shot

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  1. limited_edition says:

    Thats a cool car! Love the TV screens inside, they look better than the ones in Kuwait airways! =P But, is it legal to drive these pimp’d out cars in Kuwait? I heard, only commercial cars can be multi-coloured and with pix n stuff. Ohh, and i think if they added spinners to the wheels, that would be sweet.

  2. Mark says:

    thats actually a good question, are these cars street legal? I know its extremely difficult to change the color of your car without getting like a million paperwork done. will email them and ask them.

  3. S A F 1 says:

    This baby is legal, the only thing you need to do is register two colors with the traffic dpt. In this case, orange and white.

  4. holla says:

    the trailblazer is such a fugly car, this looks even worse. they need to apply the new yukon makeover to the traliblazer/envoy.

  5. limited_edition says:

    aww holla, you broke the poor lil’ trailvlazer’s feelings!! =P

  6. limited_edition says:

    **correction** trailblazer’s

  7. Marzouq says:

    Yeah its real simple to have multicolored car by registering two colors! The funny thing is in Kuwait you can lower a car and put as large rims as you want, but you cant increase its hieght and put big tires! and the other part which is annoying is the Police Check (fa7se al Fany).. since it came from the dealership they wont do anything to you, but if you fix up a car on your own they will fuck you sideways! hehehehe!

  8. Mark says:

    what do u mean i cant increase the height or put large tires?? I was hoping to do that to the wrangler!

  9. chr0nik says:

    I have seen sumthin similar at the Ford showroom for the Ford Explorer but not 2 colors n it had nice tires with bigass rims n tv screens at the back. The mustang n crown vic were pimped out 2.

  10. holla says:

    limited_ed i think you got it right the first time heh. it’s a fabulous and flaming..vlazer?

  11. Marzouq says:

    If you do that, and the yearly registration comes up and you take it to the police department. And you have a liftkit with large tires(off-road looking).. they will tell you that you cant do that, and tell you to change your car back to normal, and bring it back!

    in the registration paper there is number which tells the height of the vehicle.. and if its really different they will tell you fix it, but thats only if they notice a lift kit.. if its a lowering kit then they dont care!

    For example. the truck in my flickr account isnt legal in kuwait, but its legal in california based on the DMV codes

  12. ada says:

    cheap :S

  13. CyberRowdy says:

    bad color for an suv

  14. SWOS says:

    sorry but the car looks like shit :)

    the color -> is crappy .

  15. KtheKuwaiti says:

    Car looks like crap; and you can have a raised truck .. hint (register it at the rab6a for cars ;) )

  16. Wer3Y says:

    Damn… its soo good i hope its pimped from the inside too… ” interior “

  17. Thamer says:

    “Pimped” cars always look trashy. This thing looks like it came out of a low budget rap video.

  18. Jassim says:

    Well, C’mon guys you should appreciate the workdone in a place like Kuwait . Alghanim is taking great effort in acessories & performance. Though this job was a copy of this link


    And yes, these cars are 100% LEGAL

  19. jaz says:

    I like this… not the car… just the idea of ready-pimped cars.

    Even tho they are shit at pimpin.

  20. Marzouq says:

    K your right about the Rab6a.. but then you cant drive it on the streets!

  21. SWOS says:

    any place in the world could paint the car+change rims+ install some cheap quality screens , whats so special or new about that?

  22. jaz says:

    U get a permit…?

  23. Bader says:

    Anything that comes out of Al Ghanim so called “PIMPED” is waste of space and money. They are charging 450KD for a Magnaflow exhaust system!! OVER PRICED!!! i can get them for 300KD.. visit my website if u really want to “pimp” ur ride out… http://www.mideastperformance.com, by the way, I own a traiblazer… i’ve just gone from slammed with 20s and low pro’s to the process of lifting and stacking sum 33″ under the wheel arches!

  24. Amit says:

    Bader, we have exhaust systems for the TrailBlazer and it only costs K.D 280/-. Who the **** told you that we have a Magnaflow and it is for K.D 450/- ???? Better check before you speak!

  25. Bader says:

    You know whats funny, I had a guy call me up about the remark I made! lol, first of all he pretended to be a customer, then 2ndly decided to act like a genius in tuning (he thought BHP mean more the WHP :/) lastly he started going on about how in kuwait ppl would come beat or even kill ppl for saying what I said. Is this not an opiniated page? IT IS!! so ima say whatever the F*** I want, my numbers on my website, you guys feel like calling again and being lil kids, go ahead.. And btw, the guy who called me, if your readin this, you remember that deal we made? Well come Wednesday and I’ll be mooore then happy to prove you that I CAN in fact get you 20-30bhp EASILY, thats what only 14whp?! lol, bring it!

  26. C.J. says:

    what type of grill is that?

  27. Y a s i r says:

    how much did the outlook (paint) cost ?

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