Pizza Italia

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Pizza Italia

Was talking to a friend of mine and he was surprised to hear the Pizza Italia is still open. So incase you guys didn’t know, Pizza Italia IS still open. I know of 2 branches, one in Bayan next to McDonalds, and one in Hawalli nearly opposite Mouhalab Mall. There phone numbers are 538-7798 and 266-7711. They deliver, the Large sized pizza with everything on it (called the God Father) is for only KD1.500

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  1. Shot says:

    there are one in Al-Shaab

  2. Rami says:

    Are they any good though?

  3. Bangkok says:

    pizza italia is good good pizza. good!

  4. crimsondynamo says:

    The one in Ahmadi rocked!

  5. Moey says:

    Pizza Italia is missed.

  6. Bani says:

    Does Pizza Italia still exist?? If someone cud pass their address and contact details please

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