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Porsche Kuwait recently launched a local website and they’ve been advertising it kinda heavily in the papers and magazines. So I just checked the site out and the coolest thing has to be the fact they have the prices listed. Porsches seem a lot more affordable then I thought they were. I thought the Boxster started at 16,000 but it actually starts at like 13,000 while I used to think the Cayenne started at 22,000 but it actually starts at like 14,500. [Link]

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  1. holla says:

    yeah cuz porsche is made by the same dude that made the original beetle so they all look like crappy beetles to me. the carrera GT is the only good one.

  2. Ozy says:


    You mean Ferdinand Porshche?

    That was back in the 40s while Hitler was around. The Porsche has completely evolved, it has like no resemblance to the current (or the old Beetle) whatsoever.

    Sure it’s not the greatest looking sports car on the road; but to compare it to a beetle is just useless.

  3. Thamer says:

    It’s certainly better than Al Sayer’s awful site.

  4. moocherx says:

    I don’t know much about the local psyche (thanks Him above for that!)…. but I understand from some Kuwaiti friends that Porsches are considered a bit naff these days, amongst the locals.

    So, what’s hot? I saw just 1 Aston Martin the other day (DB9) parked near Maki… as me and my colleagues were stood by it going “cool”, the poor kid owner was sat on the wall by the sea trying to chat up his girlfriend.

    I hope we didn’t prevent him getting laid, or at least a feel of a tit.

  5. KtheKuwaiti says:

    Porsche might seem a bit on the cheap side when comparing base models; but once you start adding options (which should be standard in the first place) the cost just gets higher and higher. And wethere it is or hot or not; its the best sports car bar none (as voted by many magazine/critics). And there is not much that can compare to the handling/driving of a Porsche.

  6. Mark says:

    Yabeela Lamborghini

  7. CyberRowdy says:

    Mark…hows the cayenne’s? are they expensive to maintain?

  8. Hashim says:

    I say Yabeela Carrera GT

  9. Sinan says:

    speakin of Yabeela Lamborghini…they hav NBK stall with a grey gallardo on display at marina right in front of Hallmark

  10. S says:


    I agree with KtheKuwaiti, It might seem cheap but when you add the options and stuff it will reach a much higher price, lol belive me iv been there..

  11. Fonzy says:

    Cayenne for 14,500???? i thought it was for 27! interesting…. time to save up:)

  12. holla says:

    cayenne is the like the bottom end and major embarassment of porsche. even the company admits they made them to boost sales to soccer mums and dumb sandniggers so they can stay afloat and keep making 911’s.

  13. KtheKuwaiti says:

    Interested in the Cayenne?? .. get its much better looking cousin, the Touareg.

  14. talisman says:

    or a Lumina

  15. fadibou says:

    A 10,500 mitsubishi evo can beat most of the standard porsche’s around, so save some cash, get an evo, first level engine upgrade for 2500 kd to make it 340 bhp and you have a ranch of horses.

  16. KtheKuwaiti says:

    2l engine + 340hp + Kuwaiti Weather = Problems.

  17. bo9agr says:

    3.8L engine – 480 bhp – TwinTurbos = 07 Porsche Turbo … eat that Mitsu-Evo

  18. MoMan says:

    People with negative input about the 911’s are only wishy washers, they can talk all they want, but they can only dream about owning one! Mine rocks!

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